1 month ago

This is a nice trail. The trailhead is a bit hard to find, though it is accurately marked on the map here. If you park in the wildlife viewing area, you can access it off the forest road across the road. The actual trailhead parking is back toward town a little ways, but has limited parking. The trail starts boring to be honest, but once you cross the bridge over the creek, it gets much better. The climb up to the ridge is a pretty good climb if you are not used to this type of hike. Once on the top you get some good views of the river and surrounding area as you hike the ridge. At least I did in early spring, I imagine once the trees leaf out, that view is gone. To be fair, I did not hike this entire trail, but pretty close. I chose to find a quiet spot off the trail and enjoy being in the woods. It was pretty quiet, except for the occasional car passing on KY801 below you. It doesn't look that close, but you can almost always hear the traffic. So why did I only give it 4 stars? This is a nice hike on a 4 mile trail with very few others on it, and it is well maintained. But there isn't much to see. If you like green tunnels this is a 5. If you like vistas, this is a 3. I averaged it and made it a 4.