Awesome but relatively rough for us but enjoyed no doubt. Trails were clear, steap and rocky in places. Just the way we like it.

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4 days ago

Me and my girlfriend walked 5.5 miles total, after checking out everything. There were several ways to go back but we took the WHOLE trail. We had our dog with us and it was a bit challenging at times but overall the perfect hiking experience. River views, breathtaking hills and incredible view points. I would definitely recommend and go again.

This is trail running nirvana. Definitely will be back.

I did only the North Loop which was 7.7 miles including the hike to the trailhead from the parking lot. It was easy but agree not much to see except the woods. Didn't see a soul so it was a peaceful hike.

I would recommend starting with the Sal Hollow trail from Maple Springs Trailhead parking. There was a waterfall at mile 1.5, a cave spring at 2.0 and lots of creek crossings and some really neat mushrooms and fungus. Trail was very muddy from lots of horses and Poison Oak and Ivy were everywhere (late April.) Buffalo Trail and Turnhole Bend Trail were the most boring I have ever been on. Based on the map we thought we could get a views of Green River if we went down to the campsite. No such luck. Just wide flat straight trail and trees/underbrush for over 3 miles. Another review said there was a social trail to the water but I couldn’t find it. We did set up tree hammocks overlooking the forrest decline at Turnhole Bend Campsite to rest and have lunch before heading back. Whole trip was a little over 9 miles.

Did the north loop only. Very easy trail, but not much to see in terms of views. had a wonderful time, it was quiet and never saw another person.

Nice maintained trail. Beautiful spring day. Lots of green moss and blooming flowers.

Amazing ride, especially for beginners.

1 month ago

Beautiful beginner trail.

Pretty easy trail. Washed out in some spots but it wasn’t bad.

awesome trail. really easy for children and old people.

Decent trail, nice view of the Green River.

Long trail, if you want a place where there are few people and a long way to go then this trail is good. However there is a lot of dead leaves and trees along the way making the trail seem repetitive for the miles it has. If you are looking for wildflowers and species this isn’t a top choice, however it still holds a few species that might be worth seeing.

Good hiking trails, but the recorded map and description is not accurate. When I arrived, the state park office was closed and no trail map so, had to rely on the AllTrails map. What I found out was that not only does the map above take up several trails, but there are more trails than the description above mentions . Discovered a more accurate layout of the trails on the Trailforks ap. The section that heads north out on to the peninsula is called The Point Loop trail. When I finally reached the inlet that would have taken me out to the peninsula it appeared to be washed out and I could not find the trail over. The map above also appears to take up the Omega Loop. We did four miles just doing part of the Omega and Waterfall loops and finding our way North to the Point Loop. Got a feeling if you did all three loops would be much more than 7 miles as described above. The trail lakeside up to The Point Loop has some great rock formations. Once, though, the summer vegetation sets in much of the views will be gone.

1 month ago

A great way to kill time if you are waiting around for your ranger guided tour.

2 months ago

Great scenic trail in the winter, spring and fall. I wouldn’t go after a recent rain as the trail becomes pretty muddy. One of my favorite trails in the park!

2 months ago

nice short trail

Though the bridge was out a little less than halfway through, it was still a beautiful hike. The waterfall was running well due to lots of rain. The trail follows the lake and has some great rock formations. Enter the trail at the boat dock and stay left for the fastest way to the waterfall.

This trail is muddy in areas from horses but overall good condition. Good views of hollows and creeks. Easy to moderate hiking.

Great hike for dogs. My dog loved it. It could be a little long but if you follow the map and signs it’s not too bad. There are restrooms a little more than halfway by a parking lot. Will definitely come back again.

3 months ago

Trail was relatively well marked, very well-defined so it was near impossible to wander off trail. Nice elevation changes, trail system was super clean. This was our alternate plan, as we couldn’t hike our originally planned route because the ferry was not running.

Great trail! It can be a little wet

4 months ago

Nice and easy.....short trail but it has so many offshoots that you can exyend your hike to last several hours

I hiked this loop a couple of days before Christmas, so winter is in full swing. No leaves are on the trees so the views of the ridges and Green River was perfect. Started at the trailhead just off the Visitor's Center parking lot and headed down the well marked trail. The trail has many large tree roots and plenty of large rocks, but nothing too strenuous as this is one of the easier trails south of the river. Very beautiful views of the ridge lines and forest make this a very enjoyable hike down to the river. The trail has an overlook of the Green River as it turns and parallels down to the southern bank. It ends at a junction where a hiker can turn up back towards the Visitor's Center at approximately 1.9 miles. Using the Echo Springs trailhead, I passed over the River Styx overlook and hiked to the Springs before turning back and taking the Mammoth Sink trail back to the Visitor Center. Overall my hike measured approximately 4.2 miles. I recommend hiking this in the winter for the views and the solitude, as these trails are very populous during the summer tourist season.

5 months ago

Dog Friendly. New Trees down. unsafe today for Horses.

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