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Super muddy in late spring

A nice relatively short trail. There is a creek bed to cross at the bottom of the valley, but it was dry when I crossed it. The beginning and end of the trail are flat.

Great beginner trail.

on Wild Hyacinth Trail

1 month ago

Nice hike, crosses the creek several times and has a couple little waterfalls. If you plan to do Chinkapin Trail also watch closely for the trail head. It was not marked when I went.

This was a nice hike with enough elevation changes to get some good exercise. There were quite a few mountain bikes but everybody was friendly. The trails could be marked a little better. When the Pawpaw trail merged with the Chikipan trail we could only follow the trail in All Trails. However, when we looped back to this point, we ended up staying on the Chikipan trail and added an extra 1.5 miles. The maps you get when you 1st get into Turkey Run Park leave a lot to be desired for the hiking trails.

I’m an out of town business traveler always seeking local trails. I was working 20 miles north and drive down to the Turkey Run trail head, which (by the way) was not accurately found at first by GPS. Once there, though, I connected to the Louisville Loop, which looks like a pretty expansive tax and donor driven initiative. It’s beautiful, well-marked, mostly concrete, and great for both workouts and sightseeing.

I ran out and back four miles from the trailhead - 8.1 miles total. It was a fun casual run, including stops for a selfie with the big yellow silo and quiet photos of the deer I saw eating wildflowers. There were water fountains about three miles out (the silo) and this appears to be a newer, clean, safe area for running/walking. Side trails for a more backwoods hiking and trail experience are also connected to the loop I ran.

Pros: Safe, smooth, interesting, long distances possible

Cons: None worth noting. Great one time experience.

Protip: Run slow and do a few of the add on nature trails and the loop around the farm with the silo. It’s a beautiful area and just an extra 1/2 mile at most. Don’t run muddy trails!

Great shaded trail so close to town. I think it is closer to easy than moderate but I feel that way about a lot of trails.

Lovely hike! Variety of turns and water.

2 months ago

It’s a great trail. All parts of the trail have a place to separate walkers from cars. Some parts are totally vehicle free. Just be aware that although it is paved, the hills are intense. Counter-clockwise seems slightly less intense than Clockwise. Either hike is a good workout. Look out for deer!

nice walking trail

Easy, short hike thru the trees. Trail often used for trail running.

very hard Trails lots of uphill you can no matter which way you go it seems like it's always a lot of uphill

Decent hike. Done this one 20+ times

3 months ago

I do this one over and over with the kids. I enjoy going left at the start to get my heart pumping on that climb.

We hiked on this trail during the week day, so not a lot of bike traffic. First hike in Kentucky, and we are looking forward to doing more. Trail markers were helpful. Very well maintained.

trail running
3 months ago

lots of beauty. easy to get lost. trails are mostly easy. a few small inclines.

Nice well maintained trail. Half is downhill, the other half is back up hill, and it's pretty steep.

I'm sure this trial is nice. I wouldn't know though. I was able to run about a quarter of a mile of it when I ran into a group with a lab that was off leash. This is bad at Horine. People need to follow instructions or stay out of the park. It's not fair to those without pets trying to enjoy the trails.

Nice trail but very busy with bikers.

Clearly marked and well-maintained, but not very scenic. Would definitely be more fun on a bike with its many short ups and downs and hairpin turns.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Hilly. Clean. Narrow. KYMBA has made a lot of very nice improvements along the way. Especially over creek crossings. If you’re more experienced, this is probably an awesome trail.

Nice forested hike in the Beech trail but then changes to paved flat hike in the prairie trail. Bring a stick to knock down the cobwebs in the summer.

The park and trails are perfect to relax and hike your little heart out.

To the parking lot to the trail head is .7 miles so count that as your doing this trail it was really pretty, Louisville Loop is paved and no shade it so you are half in the woods and about 1.5 miles on the paved trails.

Beautiful scenery. Saw tons of wildlife.

Well maintained path with minimal elevation. Lots of shade as you wind thru the forest. Not too strenuous. Great for the dog and even smaller kids. We added a loop and did 7 miles in less than 3 hours. You do have to share the quite narrow path with cyclists which there were quite a few today since the bike park was closed but all were courteous. Saw one pretty green snake.

Great little trail for Mother’s Day. Wife, kids (14 and 12 yo boys), and I went for a leisurely jaunt, followed by a Boone’s Bottom sojourn for an afternoon of wading in Floyd’s Fork. Wx was clear, light winds, and 90 degrees. Trail was much cooler under the forest canopy; it’s covered except for two places totaling ~100 yds. This trail was perfect for some family bonding. Between the two trails, we consumed nearly a gallon of water, but we were not thirsty when we got back to our truck.

Paw paw was nice, but chinkapin meandered with no purpose, no views, and no places to drop your pack and have lunch. I followed paw paw’s lavender blazes 1.2 miles to chickapin after two days of rain- wish I had worn gaiters- trail was very muddy. Took chinkapin’sorange blazes the 2.2 mile loop back to paw paw at 1.5 miles, which was best place for a picnic. Saw two deer, wild turkey, a cool tree frog, a wood pecker, and maybe 10 orange/black caterpillars. This trail has probably 10 stream crossings, so wear waterproof boots. Although it’s rated moderate, I never had to breathe hard nor did my heart elevate into fat burn zone, much less cardio, despite carrying a 10lb daypack. I brought 52oz water but only needed 32- temps were near 80 but trail completely shaded from the clear-sky sun. I do not recommend this trail except for a solo stroll just to get out- kids will probablynot like the lack of vistas and couples will not be able to stop and rest.

mountain biking
5 months ago

Fun trail. Wish it was a loop, but there are other trails to pick up along the way. Does not drain well, so avoid if it has rained recently.

mountain biking
5 months ago

Uh ... so this Trail was marked as easy, but it was straight uphill and then straight downhill. Not many rocks or roots along the trail so it was fairly smooth, just HILLY. I would describe it as moderate.

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