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We went earlier this week, the falls were beautiful, nice scenic route. Would love to go back after it rains.

I went yesterday, this trail has incredible scenery and beautiful falls! A perfect light-trail that won't wear you out but gets your blood pumping. I recommend going in the rainy season, as the creek and falls will be more full and flowing!

Great trail! It was raining the first half of our hike but it was worth it. We were worried about the ground being slick but it wasn’t bad at all. Definitely recommend this trail.

This trail is a moderate trail. There are a few waterfalls along the way to Vanhook. There is only one place to sit at a bench to rest and that is at Vanhook falls, but there are some rocks if you don’t mind sitting on them. At times it seems like you should have already made it but once you get there you will know. When I went I didn’t see anyone on the trail. It was a weekday and it was pretty nice out so I’m surprised there wasn’t at least one other person. The hills aren’t bad at all, it’s mainly the length that may tire a few people. Overall, a good hike.

beautiful walk in the woods. fairly easy trail and some gorgeous views.

We hiked this trail yesterday and I have to say it’s now one of my favorites.

Fairly easy hike, but perhaps one of the most beautiful hikes I've done in years. 4 waterfalls, lots of small falls and creek crossings with perfectly placed rocks as stepping stones, well maintained and easy to follow trail, beautiful turquoise water, a couple places that look like they would be great for swimming (though it was too cold still today), stunning views of the Van Hook falls with lots of climbing opportunities to get as close to the water as you want. I can't wait to go back next time I'm driving through KY!

1 month ago

Beautiful trail even in the cold spring/winter weather this year....will be back again!

Great hike with beautiful scenery the whole way. Bridge was awesome and just as enjoyable for adults as it is for kids. My son and I both had a blast.

Kid friendly and a great place for lunch just past the bridge

Loved this little section of Sheltowee Trace!! We walked out to the suspension bridge and back. We walked around the creek and fund some really great camping spots close by. There was a small waterfall along the way which always makes for an exciting hike. Definitely going to use this a starting point for one of our Sheltowee Trace straight through hikes! Walking out was a lot easier than I anticipated it to be. The last ridge is the KILLER and you’ll know when you get there! Happy Hiking

Probably one of the prettiest hikes I’ve been on in a while. The suspension bridge is great, but there is so much more to see!

Really enjoyable hike. About as wet as it gets right now (Whitley county is under flood warnings), so the trail was slick, but doable. I had an 18 month old on my back, and an 8 year old on foot - took about 2 hours round trip with some timeouts for off trail exploration. Path is well marked and clear from most debris (just a couple of downed trees that were very manageable). Four creek crossings (not sure if that's typical), two waterfalls, moss covered rock formations, and a suspension bridge. Great setup for camping on other side of bridge - will be back in warmer temps to make use of it.

3 months ago

Another great hike for Hoss and me,Van Hook falls was frozen over,it was amazing,one of our favorite hikes, icicles were every where,the streams and creeks were frozen,it was a winter wonderland!!!!

3 months ago

A great hike,Hoss came with me and it was beautifull!!! Had fun and huge cliffs and huge rocks everywhere,loved the suspension bridge!!!

Nice moderate forested trail. Waterfall can run dry at times so check on recent rainfall before you go. Watch for a good swimming hole about 3/4 of the way in, just off the trail. The creek is also fun for kids when the water level is good.

There are also some good spots for backcountry camping. It's a short hike for backpacking, but would be good for someone just beginning or for getting young kids into it.

Very enjoyable hike, 4 waterfalls along the way.

beautiful trail!

one of the best hiking trails I've been on

super nice winter hike. cliff lines were layered with icicles, frozen waterfall, & snow covered trail added to beauty

Winding Stair is very lightly traveled, last time I was in the area, it was poorly signed as well.
The entire Rockcastle Narrows/Sheltowee loop is very isolated, and does have a creepy feel to it. I hiked towards VanHook from FR 119 last october and found quite a bit of bear scat and ripped up stumps along VanHook Branch.

Great hike! My 6 and 10 year old daughters and my 5 year old nephew had no problem keeping up and we had a blast. This is a long trail so give yourself plenty of time.

Decent hike. Follows mostly along the lake, which is great, but there’s not a lot else to see. Pretty easy hike overall, we went all the way in and out and it was 8 miles round trip. Nothing technically difficult. Trail is well marked and maintained.

its a nice hike, just not a lot to see.

its a nice hike

it is very isolated and I agree with one pf the other reviews...creepy. Its beautiful once you get down to the river but its very isolated.

4 months ago

This trail should be an out and back and not a loop... sure the trail keeps going, but it’s a 3 mile hike on the paved road back to wherever you parked your car. We didn’t follow the gps maps all the way and parked the car at the official trailhead on the side of the road, so our last three miles was spent walking up the hill from the campground. The beginning of the trail however, was beautiful and fairly easy. This trail really is not well marked so follow the path on AllTrails map! The creek along the way is beautiful!

Did the north end from 1956 to I-75 exit 49. Family of 5 11 yr old and it took us about 3 hours. Lots of scenic views and fairly nice trails.

Varied terrain with lots of pretty views. The falls were beautiful but my favorite part was crossing Cane Creek. The trail was covered with water or leaves in a couple spots because of the season but it was well maintained and easy to follow. Definitely more markers on the way back out than the hike in.

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