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6 hours ago

Took my sister back for a day of hiking while the guys golfed, we loved it. At the point where the stream crosses a solid rock , the trail goes to the left and a 4 wheeler road goes through the creek bed, go to the right, you can actually see the falls from this side. Just be sure to back track to the trail. The view is amazing.

Nice variety of terrain and views of the lake. Recent storm left a lot of debris on the trails.

Nice little trail. Low end half way around had damage to the boardwalk but was passable during our visit.

Awesome caves and beautiful bridges! Sooo worth the hike!

It’s is a very easy beginner trail with wonderful views and sounds.

5 days ago

We took our dogs plenty of room to run tons of open fields and different access points to the lake which is beautiful only thing we didn't like was the amount of mud at the time but it's very private and that made it so nice I wouldn't consider it moderate it was really easy but would love so have seen more access trails to the huge rocks. Overall the parts near the lake are great and if you have dogs it's a must also it seems in the summer time they do horseback riding so very glad we went in the winter so we could let the dogs free. I would do again during the fall in the middle of the week just to let the dogs go wild or if I had a kayak

Good trail. Well cared for. Clear markings.

This was a tough hike not at a easy level. I would rate it moderate level. Beautiful scenery along the lake and mountain laurels.

Nice walk around the lake! We were coming off illness (but needed to stretch our legs) and looking for an easy Sunday hike. Also wanted something relatively dry (no creek crossings) as it wasn't an especially warm day. This checked all the boxes. Minimal elevation changes and obstacles. Easy to follow trail (you take the road back to complete the loop). Expect to see lots of lake views, accessible beach areas, and some rock formations. Also, lots of trash. Like a lot :-(. I'm sure on a summer day it would be a different experience with lots of boat traffic as well, but the lake was fairly quiet on this March day. I had a toddler in a backpack carrier (and a baby in my belly), and an 8 year old on foot - the loop took about 2 hours with plenty of breaks to skip stones and play.

6 days ago

Regular hike of ours. Plenty of beautiful spots. Although, think twice about bringing small children and pets. The last part of trail over looking the lake is very close to the edge of the cliff. Other than that, would totally suggest.

I love paddling the Dix River.

Recent maintenance work on the trail by the USFS has made a big improvement.

Beautiful lakeside early March hike. We found a small beach to stop for a quick lunch and just to enjoy the lake with no boats and no one else around. It’s a super simple hike. You will need a map as the trail is not marked until you get right up on it. There are benches throughout the trail overlooking the lake you need a little break. We also found picnic tables and grills at the end of the trail we didn’t see when we piled up so that was a nice little surprise. Excited to come back in the summer when it warmer to float and grill! ***** There IS lots so trash

If you are looking for a trail with some small hills, and by water- I would recommend this trail! about 5 miles long, good for a walk/run. after a rainy period, be aware that it does flood in some places.

14 days ago

I would highly recommend this trail early spring or fall, the lack of foliage allows peak visibility of lake views. Better chance of water fall in the spring season. The trail was clearly marked with orange blaze, trees had been recently cut out of the path and we thought it was very well maintained. As novice hikers it was a perfect trail for us!

16 days ago

Fun trail to stretch your legs on. When traveling from the Sugar Lake Rd. trail-head, the last mile is pretty difficult and makes up for the easy trail you travel up to that point. Stumbled across a geo-cache on the trail so that was pretty cool. Great views and a lot of little waterfalls, Probably best traveled late fall through early spring. I would imagine the last mile would be pretty grown over and hard to follow once everything greens out.

Short and easy walk. A little muddy the day that we went, but still a cool little spot. We got to see some deer hanging out nearby, which was cool. I’m excited to go back again when the weather is nicer!

Not terrible. I hiked it in the rain and the horses have beat it down pretty well. There are some decent views of the lake but it is mostly just a stroll through the woods. It’s long but there are no big hills. Expect mediocre views of the lake and no technical climbing or heart pumping hills.

Shanty Hollow after several days of heavy rain leaves plenty of mud and two spots where ankle-deep water crossing is required, but there are many rock overhangs to dry out under and the waterfall is much more lively. Definitely take the time to follow some of the side paths for great views and interesting rock formations (some very light climbing is required in a few spots). One of the best short scenic hikes in the area.

The trail begins well as you walk along the lake and small creek. After 3 miles or so you climb a hill to be directed out onto a rural road. After walking by a few rural homes on the road you then walk another few miles through ordinary woods. Overall the hike was so so.

McConnell Springs and a few other local (and some far, when I had the time to drive+explore) parks, trails and other nature sanctuaries have helped me stay sane after moving from the county of small town Kentucky to middle of suburbia in Lexington. If you are in the area, McConnell Springs is awesome for little kids. Forms with details on scavenger hunt are kept up front. It helped keep my friend's kids engaged. Perfect if you don't have a ton of time and just need to see some trees.

Pretty and a peaceful walk!

Gorgeous views in the spring and summer. The lotus blooms across the water make the lake so pretty. Watch out for snakes as I have seen some in the area. You can kayak and canoe here as well but you have to reserve your boat at the nature center register on the hill above.

Great trail! Beautiful scenery spring through fall. Lots of wildlife : Wood ducks, mallards, and even a beaver dam. Gorgeous views of the lake. Be on the lookout for snakes though. There is a gorgeous spillway waterfall at the beginning where you can walk across the water on stones. I have taken my 6 yr old several times. First time he was about 4. It's suitable for all ages.

1 month ago

Great trail. Bringing a fishing pole next time!

Great trail for hiking. there are a few small water falls along the way.

Some spots gets muddy but it's still fun

this is beautiful trail with a few waterfalls. Easy to follow. Really enjoyed this one!

Very pretty, even on a cold day. Just wish it had more signs of where the trails begin or maybe a place to get a map. Will definitely go back though.

I agree that Shanty Hollow is a beautiful trail. We've hiked it with the dog and kids. We've rappelled off of the cliffs and photographed most of it. Unfortunately, there are two things that detract from the enjoyment. We've been finding trash left--fishing supplies & related mostly. In pretty weather, the place is wall-to-wall college students. Many of them bring in nylon hammocks and hang out by the waterfall. That noted, the rocks and cliffs are beautiful. In heavy rains and in the winter, the waterfall is really pretty. There is even a small (really small) canyon just before the waterfall. I'll pick a date for the review, but we've been going there since 1987. Kentucky DFWR used to own it. Now, Western Kentucky University owns it. It isn't daily, but the WKU PD and WCSO do sometimes come out to see if everything is o.k.

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