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horseback riding
4 days ago

Great trail. Lots of hills. After a rain it would be tough.

9 days ago

We took our dogs plenty of room to run tons of open fields and different access points to the lake which is beautiful only thing we didn't like was the amount of mud at the time but it's very private and that made it so nice I wouldn't consider it moderate it was really easy but would love so have seen more access trails to the huge rocks. Overall the parts near the lake are great and if you have dogs it's a must also it seems in the summer time they do horseback riding so very glad we went in the winter so we could let the dogs free. I would do again during the fall in the middle of the week just to let the dogs go wild or if I had a kayak

24 days ago

I found this trail by accident after a failed attempt to hike Boone Cliffs (Closed). This trail is fun. Lots of elevation changes, trees, and water access. But beware- it can be VERY MUDDY. At least some of the trails are horseback-friendly so be prepared for slippery, muddy parts with the potential to fall on your butt. Neverless, this is one of my favorites.

Not terrible. I hiked it in the rain and the horses have beat it down pretty well. There are some decent views of the lake but it is mostly just a stroll through the woods. It’s long but there are no big hills. Expect mediocre views of the lake and no technical climbing or heart pumping hills.

The trail begins well as you walk along the lake and small creek. After 3 miles or so you climb a hill to be directed out onto a rural road. After walking by a few rural homes on the road you then walk another few miles through ordinary woods. Overall the hike was so so.

road my horse many miles on this trail throughout the years. love it.

Very pretty, even on a cold day. Just wish it had more signs of where the trails begin or maybe a place to get a map. Will definitely go back though.

Marked well. Could be in better shape. Nice trail for a state park.

2 months ago

This is a great loop of you just need to get outside for a bit! Had to shed a few layers—there’s some good, steep hills involved in this one. This trail connects to others so you can make it longer if you want. When I went it was cold and peaceful. Nobody else on the trail!

Kinda of tough but doable

Lots of leaves on the trail. Great views

4 months ago

Not as scenic at the beginning as it is at the end.

Had a really good time driving atvs from S tree campground to turkey foot campground it took nearly six hours and was packed with scenic trails and rock formations had a blast and wil be back.

Nice views while hiking in late fall.

More of a horse trail than human trail.

4 months ago

After reading previous reviews I took two pairs of boots to keep the mud off my shins. I was also sure to carry water for both my dog and I. Trails still muddy even with a layer of leaf litter, but the changing leaves and the pure quiet of the woods were well worth the mudslinging. Wished I had started earlier bc sunset in November is around 4:30pm here - flashlight came in handy! Also wished that I had prepared for staying over night - the trail convergence after mile 3 makes you want to change plans! I was tempted to explore the 2 backcountry campsites, Turntable camp was 0.9 miles ahead, and Sal Hollow camp was 2.2 miles more. Buffalo Trail also crossed 1.5 miles ahead. Will have to explore when the days are longer! Over all, trails were well marked and were just difficult enough that you stayed focused on your steps. I completed the trail in 5 hours with plenty of breaks adjusting my pack and staring at lichens. You can easily extend your hike if you pack well.

I assume this is the Mike Tygart Trail. There are several trails at the lake. Claylick Loop, Carpenters Run and Mike Tygart are the longer trails (+5 mi. - 10 mi.) plus shorter ones. All the trails are fairly well maintained although not always as well marked as they could be, esp where trails cross.

5 months ago

I like this hike a lot. But I got freaked out last week because I heard gunshots. Several and one after another. I know nothing about guns, but the shots fired sounded like the machine guns I play on my PlayStation. So, not just rifles or a shot gun. Is there a gun range around this area? Kind of scary hearing gun shots coming out of nowhere. MAYbe they were further than I thought and just seemed close. I mean. I want to return, but not if some kids are out there messing around or people shooting unauthorized and unprotected. I am ok if it's just a nearby shooting range. Then I know it's well secured. Well, I hope someone replies, cuz I would like to know.

Really nice camp site

Trail needs a little tlc. Some trees down and high grass. Great little hike tho.

6 months ago

Was not able to make it to the trail since we were coming from the south and the ferry was closed. Wasn't sure how else to get to the trail so we went to the trails by the mammoth cave national park visitor center.

6 months ago

Wet. Muddy. Easy trail. Be ready to stop for horses.

6 months ago

Easy backpacking trail. Made it a loop with Buffalo Creek Trail. Muddy and obviously used by horses but not too bad. stream was flooded and not flowing at the stream crossing but luckily there was a spot upstream that wasnt too deep to cross at. There are quite a few down trees to jumpover.

Great place. Once you get into the woods it's nice! Trail is marked well!! Can't hear any road traffic and saw no other hikers. Just turkey and turtles. I will be back!

This is a trail that will get your heart rate up if you keep a steady pace! The elevation change is what i like most about this trail, not to mention some of the ridges that run through it. Overall this is a well kept trail and mediocre scenery along the way, i would recommend this trail for everyone!

6 months ago

Good trail, lots of elevation changes but nothing major. A very nice pond at the end of the trail. Both the trail and pond can use a little TLC and this would make for a very great hike,

Start out at the boat dock where you park your car. Ride down the sidewalk to the floating pier where the trailhead is located. Pace yourself for the first 3 miles as there is some up hill climbing to go through. After that the trail becomes more fun with some moderate fast downhill on narrow single track where you need to watch for soccer ball sized rocks and close trees. Theres a nice shelter that has been around since I was a child to take a lunch break in or even pack your hammock for a relaxing nap with some shade. Continue the trail through winding hills and finish out at the cemetery or walk the rest of the trail to the lodge as theres no riding alloud on that portion. You can park the bikes in front and go inside the Lodge and read up on Jesse Stuart, nearby covered bridges, and more lucal interesting history of this Bluegrass area that small town folk are pleased to live in.

Great scenic trail can't wait to see it in the fall when the leaves change colors.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Scenic view of historic Paintsville Ky. This trail would be beautiful in the fall and you could see all of town. This trail is good for mountain biking and hiking. Mountain Bikers are encouraged to start with Skull Rock Overlook first, because this end of the trail is all downhill.

7 months ago

Beautiful location for possible resort or campgrounds.

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