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On a backpacking trip I connected the Buck Creek trail with this loop and I’m glad I did. It was absolutely freezing with snow on the ground but that didn’t stop this trail from being very enjoyable, in fact, the snow made the cliffs and rock formations much more dramatic and the cold kept everyone away, I didn’t see a single soul the whole day. That night I found a grove of hemlocks to camp out under while I watched the super blood moon. It was an unforgettable night at a very nice trail.

3 days ago

Done a few days after a rain. Very muddy but also very beautiful. A lot of large, old trees. 2 of the biggest sycamores I have ever seen. Trail is also a horse trail so watch out for horses and their poop. Saw a few woodpeckers. Will go back in spring.

Really good trail...horse riding trail so quite muddy ...but not anything hard to walk around...also trail is not marked well so def GPS ...

I’ve done this loop a couple times, once descending to the lake and crossing the dam instead of doubling back to the siltstone connector. The only downside to Purple Heart is the condition of the trail on some of the ascents/descents. It has been washed out in places, so watch your footing.

kinda hard to find. I found a side road and it took me to a cemetery. from there I walked to trail 530 and found it that way

Came down on a clean up job and had a blast. Took ATVs from horse lick rd to Dango and really enjoyed it!! Very simple trail but still capable of getting muddy and playing. Would be great for joy riding with family and easy on the kiddos. :)

trail running
1 month ago

I use this trail 3-5 times a week to run or hike with my dogs. It is not a bad trail at all and I have got some beautiful pictures from it. It can get very muddy and overgrown but that's half the fun I think. There are a couple different trails to take depending on what you want to do. The creek can be a fun place to take kids or dogs as well. Watch out for deer and horses too

1 month ago

We took the Yost to Michell Hill trail. It’s about 4 miles total trip of both trails. Beautiful views and would highly recommend it. Couple of steep hills but nothing to bad!

mountain biking
1 month ago

My friend and I take our kids here alot for the fact it's close to home. We've done variations of the trail and it's always been fun. Very good for my 8yo and his 16yo, so it's a good learning trail but also has some fun spots for us.

2 months ago

Its a good day hike. Trail is well marked and maintained but not a lot of great views. Cozy little campsite at the next to the river. Didn't see any wildlife when I went.

Scouted it for horses and it's nice hike but not currently really horse friendly, tree down at the apex that's a little low to ride under and hard to get around. Some areas with bad root holes to watch out for if on horseback. Would be great for a trail run.

Beautiful hike as the leaves are changing. Long enough and short enough. Went with a group, took just under 2 hours.

2 months ago

The welcome center has this trail listed as 2.5 miles at most, so I wasn’t sure what to add in to get to the length others experienced. Path was always easy to follow- took the Yost ridge trail to the Coral Ridge Loop, then back to the welcome center. Went in early November, foliage was beautiful and trail wasn’t very muddy yet. Little bit of elevation, but an easy go overall.

nice trail, gave us a little work out. we went counter clock wise and came out through stlitstone.

great place.

Amazing trail:) was perfect weather:) a few spots were difficult to detect the trail due to leaf cover, but definitely a favorite. Awesome rock formations and lots of creek crossings too:) great time of year if your into mushrooms. Took my 11 year old dog on a leash and with about 3 breaks to soak in the creek she was good to go:) a few pretty steep sections but still a nice easy mild trail:)
We parked at Glady Trail Head and made the loop starting on the trail at that camp spot, it hooks up to the FS road to Leatherwood, came out just a few camping spots down towards the lake from Glady:)

I don't know if it was just really wet right now or a lot of the time but we only made it in about a mile before winching out the 2nd time and turning around. IF it were dry it might have been pretty fun but this special blend of mud all but immobilized me. 3" Lift, 33" mud tires, Rear diff. locked usually gets me around very well.

The trail did not run beside the creak, about 10” from the trail there was a rusty old barb wired fence, and the waterfall at best was 2’! We would not do this trail again!

5-star view at the end of the trail, but I’d give the rest of the trail a 3.5. Very easy, perhaps a little boring. But we’ll go again for that view!

3 months ago

i absolutely loved this trail! the veiw is breathtaking & i love how it gives you options on where you would like to go, you could easily go at least 4 different ways. very relaxing, also i did not see another hiker!

Great trail other than the road walk from the Marina back to the lodge after already walking 8 miles. One of the better marked trails of been on in Kentucky.

I have been riding this trail for over 20 years. It is a fast trail with some good jumps and bigger hills to the south and quick rolling hills to the north. We love it!

5 months ago

Wish I had my water shoes only complaint, water was high crossing streams. Fun trail perfect tranquil time in woods!!!

5 months ago

trails are in awful shape

Easy trail, actually a road used to access fields around the lake , well maintained. No markers and no gps or phone signal. Very secluded and a great place to swim or fish. Many places to get in the water if you search off the beaten path a little

hiked this for the first time today with my daughter. the trail is a little grown over in some places and very open in others. starts out pretty flat for a while then came the long uphill climb. very well marked. we had a great time hiking this trail. very muddy in some spots due to horse traffic. would hike it again.

could be a really neat trail but hilljacks on horses have brutalized it.

on Collie Ridge Loop

5 months ago

Hiked this trail for an overnight camping trip with co-workers from work. Trail is well maintained, with road and gravel sections. Camp ground was very nice and the hike was ok. Once we got set up in camp we spent the afternoon exploring the area and nearby creek. Lots of horse traffic on the trail - causing a few muddy patches but most of the horse riders were considerate to us as we always stepped off the trail for the approaching horses. The campground has horse tie outs, one tent pad and an installed fire ring. There was plenty of nearby downed wood for the night's fire and the nearby creek had good filtered water. All in all it was an enjoyable weekend but there are better trails with better scenery nearby.

The directions through All Trails (free) took me to a trail used primarily for horseback riding. I only hiked a portion of it. I’m sure it is a great trail on a horse, but not so much for hiking. Dodged a lot of horse s#!+. I believe there are other hiking trails at this Wildlife management area, but didn’t have time to search for them.

Nice trail. I do most of my hiking in the west so nice change of scenery for me.

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