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took the OG up and to the lodge on the way back down. wasn't as natural on the way up or down but the views are still worth it.

This trail was beautiful! Hiked with a group of friends and really enjoyed the scenery. As soon as it gets tiring you are rewarded with awesome views!

Easy peasy walk. It’s a big circle around the battlefield with marker plaques along the way with the history. ‘Path’ is along a wooden fences. Criss cross fence could make some beautiful pictures.

This is a great little hike for families and groups with kids. The kids in our group ranged from 4-9 and there was lots to climb on and over with the prize of the falls to play in after the initial hike in. This location can be difficult to find and gps/cell service is spotty, so know where you’re going before you head out there.

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5 days ago

I’m not from the area so I’m not sure if it rained the day before, but the trail (after visiting the Arch) was too boggy to complete the full 2.6 miles. I was bummed about that, BUT the Arch was very cool and I had the place all to myself! Also, I’m part Cherokee, so it was humbling (in a beautiful way) be on a section of the Trail of Tears. Would love to give it try again in drier conditions!

Lots of varying elevation in a trail for this area. High canopy, above a well maintained trail.

The water levels were higher than normal, so the falls were amazing, especially making the scramble to the bottom of the falls for the best view. Was definitely slick and a technical ascent/descent.

watch for the last set of stairs, they can be sketchy.

Took the OG trail to the top of the bridge and came back down Needle’s Eye. Beautiful views!


Beautiful area and a great hike if you don’t mind getting wet because you have to cross the creek to hike the entire trail.

My first trail hike in Kentucky (besides the underground Mamooth Caves visit). I hiked with a friend in March. It was nice, the landscape is beautiful but a bit monotonous. The trail is well maintained and plastic signs are nailed to some trees to keep you on the right path. There is a couple of long hilly ascents that will make you sweat a little bit. If you are interested in tree mushrooms there are plenty, and also lichens. Not particularly good for a picknik as there are virtually no spots where you could confortably sit but I guess the main idea is just to hike. There is a nice stream that was easy to crossed at the moment.

Nice hike, but couldn’t get close to the river because of thick sticky fresh mud. Trail was a bit muddy in spots. Beautiful views though!

great trail

Close enough to Lexington to get hiking in, see waterfalls and explore. The trail to lower waterfalls near river could be marked better.

Short and easy walk. A little muddy the day that we went, but still a cool little spot. We got to see some deer hanging out nearby, which was cool. I’m excited to go back again when the weather is nicer!

Our family loved this hike! We had our 13, 12 and almost 2 year old. Our toddler loved the hike as well! The steps are the hardest part. Definitely worth the view from the bridge.

Love Ravens Run it is a moderate hard trails flowers are beautiful and I’ve saw deer.

very nice trail. I went 2/26/18 after a few weeks of heavy rains. I wasn't able to make it down to the big falls because of the volume of water flowing down the creek. it was much more of a rushing river than a dry creek bed today, but it made for great pictures and scenery. I would rate the majority of the trail easy, but the part that followed the stream was more difficult, especially with the high water levels today.

22 days ago

The path was overflown when we went so it could not be crossed. A lot of the trail is overgrown and the waterfall is on private property. It is a very muddy trail and I would rank it okay at best. May have been better if the river wasn't overflown.

23 days ago

Would have given it a 5 if Eagle Falls had been accessible it wasn’t accessible due to high water levels. Nicely maintained trail and gives you great views of the Cumberland Falls.

Very nice, uncrowded, but can be difficult to find because of unmarked roads.

muddy today!

nice little walk

Great view of surrounding cities, Wow! Left me speechless after sunset.

McConnell Springs and a few other local (and some far, when I had the time to drive+explore) parks, trails and other nature sanctuaries have helped me stay sane after moving from the county of small town Kentucky to middle of suburbia in Lexington. If you are in the area, McConnell Springs is awesome for little kids. Forms with details on scavenger hunt are kept up front. It helped keep my friend's kids engaged. Perfect if you don't have a ton of time and just need to see some trees.

Weather was great. Some parts of trail were almost to muddy to go through. Water in all the streams/creek was running, absolutely beautiful. A lot of people out today.

I am out there a couple times a week. I know all 37 miles of trails and all 3000 acres by heart. It is a beautiful place with a lot of wildlife and scenery and waterfalls. You can see some of my pictures on my blog rebretired.wordpress.com, but I like to hike more than blog.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike and waterfall. Play in the river. Great time. Good hike for kids but watch young kids with the steep drops trails edge. I’ve seen many adults struggle on the hills. If your used to hiking this is easy.

Interesting hike great for kids. Lots of history to be explored. The house ruins are from a Luttrell family is in my wife’s family linage also making that my son’s linage too. I think that makes this hike more special for us.

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