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Was mosquito heaven, water was stagnant, other areas were dry.

It’s a nice trail, with a lot of side trails that you can distract yourself with. We had a difficult time finding the path at one point, but as long as you don’t mind meandering for a short while it won’t be an issue.

1 month ago

Simple relaxing little walking paths that connects to a beautiful little picnic table area with a great view of the river and the rushing water.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail, well marked and family friendly!

Even though the waterfall has dried up the hike was still very enjoyable...and pretty. Got lots of great shots!

on Low Hollow

2 months ago

Nice and easy hike with a very clean path. Good for kids. Great easy 2 miler.

2 months ago


Great easy trail. We went with our Cub Scout pack. A nice trail in the shade with ample opportunities to see wildlife.

4 months ago

Great trail for an afternoon walk close to town.

nice easy short trail. several blue holes and a small waterfall. also walked along the greenways trail on top to extend the short walk.

Pros- serene setting, flora, rock formations, lake, waterfall
Cons- litter, unmaintained trail,
Overall- an enjoyable hike but the area/trail has untapped potential.

Very pleasant with several blue holes and a spring. On weekday mornings this time of year I usually have the place to myself.

6 months ago

Short, flat and moderately trafficked. Good for an afternoon hike. A few nice views by the river, but not especially scenic. A few mud bogs even on a dry day.

6 months ago

Shanty Hollow after several days of heavy rain leaves plenty of mud and two spots where ankle-deep water crossing is required, but there are many rock overhangs to dry out under and the waterfall is much more lively. Definitely take the time to follow some of the side paths for great views and interesting rock formations (some very light climbing is required in a few spots). One of the best short scenic hikes in the area.

A simple trail for when you need a break after classes or work. You can also see the beginning of a river system inside of a cave!

I agree that Shanty Hollow is a beautiful trail. We've hiked it with the dog and kids. We've rappelled off of the cliffs and photographed most of it. Unfortunately, there are two things that detract from the enjoyment. We've been finding trash left--fishing supplies & related mostly. In pretty weather, the place is wall-to-wall college students. Many of them bring in nylon hammocks and hang out by the waterfall. That noted, the rocks and cliffs are beautiful. In heavy rains and in the winter, the waterfall is really pretty. There is even a small (really small) canyon just before the waterfall. I'll pick a date for the review, but we've been going there since 1987. Kentucky DFWR used to own it. Now, Western Kentucky University owns it. It isn't daily, but the WKU PD and WCSO do sometimes come out to see if everything is o.k.

We chose this trail because it was a short one as it was very cold out with a wind advisory. I was very impressed with the trails and the park. Even though it's small I loved it and after hiking decided to take the cave tour. It was very much worth the time and money. Great way to spend the day. Good place to take younger children as well as the trails are easy.

9 months ago

I'm a Hilltopper, and having a flat trail to walk was incredible. The area by the river feels like such a hidden gem. Well-maintained, easy to navigate.

11 months ago

Fun afternoon but stay on the trail!

Nice hike, lots of rock formations and a small waterfall. Need to wear boots and some of the trail is challenging with rocks and trees. overall great experience.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

trail is not maintained but its still a nice hike.

mountain biking
Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Nice short bike trail with jumps,drops,fast flowy section some small rock gardens, located in Weldon Peete Park trail is directional depending on the day of the week sign at trail has that info.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Loved the trail but not appropriate for small children. Took a two year old and had to carry most of the way. Also, were shoes made for mud.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Nice easy hike to a small but beautiful waterfall. Short but sweet. Great place to take children.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The first third of the trail may be easy, but with the lack of maintenance and all the rain we've had the rest of the trail should be rated MODERATE DIFFICULTY.

We love it, though. Hiked it this weekend with my 10, 6, 4, and 2yos. It was priceless seeing how excited they were when we reached the falls - they knew they'd worked hard for a great reward.

Beautiful bluffs all along the trail, then the creek and waterfall. You can also see the lake from most of the trail.

Friday, April 14, 2017

My family really enjoyed this hike.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fun hike to the waterfall. Beautiful scenery. The footing around the rocks during some of the small elevation changes could be moderately difficult.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Great scenery, few obstacles, beautiful waterfall.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

This was our first trail, 4yr old and 6yr old and they handled it well...they wanted to climb all over everything. The water is beautiful, the trash we could do without. We did get a bit off the trail due to many side treks but wasn't terrible. Beautiful this time of year!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Nice waterfall at the end when it's been raining. We like trails that have a destination.

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