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2 months ago

The Alcorn Falls are just south of the Sheltowee Trace, east of the area where the Sheltowee goes along the base of hollowed out cliffs. Look to the south of the trail for a couple of nice overlooks particularly where the trail crosses the side creek. I didn't see any trails down to the creek to get to the base of the falls but I saw some old tracks going down the hill near the base of the cliffs. I carefully followed them down the hill to the creek and hiked a few hundred feet to the base of the falls. The rocks at the base of the falls were dangerously slippery.

The area had about a half inch of rain 2 days before I got there and the falls were just a trickle of water. It was pretty scenic when I was there but I don't think with would have been as nice if it was all dried up.