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Kentucky Map

Hiked here from Cumberland Falls. Such a beautiful hike with a chance to take a dip and cool off at the falls. Definately needed the rest to finish off the 10.5 miles.

Awesome place with beautiful nature!!!

21 hours ago

between trail marker 3 and 4 there is supposed to be a look out somewhere. I didn't find if. nor did I fine trail marker 4 or 5. I was at 6 before I knew it. didnt set out to hike the whole loop but I don't regret it. hot day, good hike.

Beautiful trail. Saw lots of deer. They weren’t even afraid of us. Perfectly marked trail and beautiful scenery. Brisk walk, nothing too strenuous. A couple of uphill spots make for a great little workout.

Good brisk walking or running trail next to the water. A few great spots to sit next to the lake and relax. A bit grown up and ticks were pretty bad when I went. I don’t recommend shorts and tennis shoes lol. But overall a nice, easy trail.

Not the easiest trail I've been on. Wouldn't recommend for kids, dogs, or elderly. Kinda slippery and getting to the base of the fall, really wasn't a trail at all..

Good hike with a cool finish. The bridge is awesome and you can even hike around to see it from afar as well. Lots of side views to explore, and none of it was too difficult.

To our surprise, there was a nice creek right off of this trail that held a TON of cast off old bricks and rusty old railroad ties, etc. Instead of searching for fossils like we typically do, we were able to find unique, historic stamped bricks. Highly recommend!

The rest of the reviews are true. The view is stellar! The only downside is that it is very hard to find without GPS. There are several side trails which lead to nowhere. If you’re looking for a good camp spot, there are many options along the way! Whether you have a hammock or are a ground dweller (tent), I counted approximately 4 large clearings with fire pits and log seats for large groups. Couldn’t recommend this trail enough! Definitely worth the trek!!! Do not miss this.

Went today and absolutely loved this trail!!! By far one of the easiest trails I've been on. The waterfall was gorgeous!!! Did see one snake, but that is to be expected. There was a couple gorgeous horses where we parked and they let the kids pet them. Beautiful scenery!

Loved it! Went for a field trip in school!

trail running
1 day ago

Not too technical. Well traveled by people and Dogs. Some dogs are not on lead FYI. They were all friendly dogs!

Great warm up trail with some beautiful picture locations!

1 day ago

It was alright, the trail maps (from the park) and trail signs poorly judge the distance to and from different points. Also at several times the trails were quite overgrown with poison ivy. However, the arch itself was beautiful along with the sights through the arch. I would highly suggest taking the final trail to walk across the arch for the higher view of the valley and other ridges!

The trail itself is what received the five star rating. It is well maintained and can be completed by almost anyone. The last part of the trail recording (after Bunches Creek) actually appears to be a jeep trail. The next time I venture on this trail it will probably be as a trail run. As far as Devil's Rock, I am not sure if I saw it or not.

I’ve been to this trail twice this summer and will be heading back in the fall. It’s a quick hitting trail if you’re in a crunch for time, but is also a place you could spend hours enjoying the views and water. We usually get in the creek at the wooden bridge and follow it all the way until the end to start our descent (you’ll know when you’ve hit the end, trust me). You’re gonna need some shoes with grips for this trail because of the wet and at times challenging terrain. This trail is not for the faint of heart, but is definitely achievable. 5/5 recommend.

Great trail if you’re looking to get some exercise in the shade. I hike pretty often and would say the trail is not difficult. Great place to bring a kayak if you are wanting to fill up an entire afternoon on and around the lake.

Beautiful scenery! Trail markings were a little confusing and be prepared to see evidence of the horses that are allowed on the trail.

The scenery and nature never cease to amaze me. One of my favorite views is from the pinnacle overlook.

Staid the night next to the falls!!! Was one of the best night sleeps on a trail I’ve had!!!

Nice easy trail.

Climbing this rock reminded me just how old I’m getting and how heights are starting to be alittle scary lol. All jokes aside this hike was beautiful and the view on top of chained rock was amazing and breathe taking.

This is why I do not care for, or trust alltrails. This is not one trail, it is five. Going clockwise, you start out on the bison way trail (from the bison way trailhead) pick up the sheltowee. Then turn onto the lost branch trail. That will take you to Osborne Bend, turn right on it to take you back to the road. Turn right on the road to get back to the car. Taking or leaving out the side trip up to tower rock.

3 days ago

If there hasn't been a lot of rainfall lately, the falls won't be much of a falls. In that case, it's more about the journey than the destination. There are a lot of fallen trees to go over/under, and since it is an unofficial trail it feels a bit more like you are just exploring in the woods. We hiked on a Saturday after camping nearby. We saw about a dozen other people on the trail as we went. I will probably come back sometime when there is more water flow.

4 days ago

The trails here are very dangerous and slick. I fall and hurt myself. My boyfriend slid almost fall over a cliff and lost his walking stick. If you go here be extremely careful and let someone know where you are going.

4 days ago

Rocky trail so watch where you’re walking. Had it not been a cloudy day, the majority of this trail
would be in the sun. As all Devou parks, the signage has a lot to be desired. At least there are some on this one, though.

4 days ago

I was very disappointed in this trail. The signage is nonexistent (look at my photos to see the poles but no signage). Also the trail is very rocky so you have to watch every step or you’ll twist an ankle.

4 days ago

Definitely easy, not moderate. Gorgeous lake views and colorful foliage in the fall. A fair amount of pokestops along the way.

off road driving
4 days ago

Makes for a great day of riding!

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