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Very nice park with surfaces alternating from concrete to blacktop to boardwalk.

Very scenic trail, rocky and difficult at times, will rehike often.

this trail is local for us as we live in rural Franklin county so it's easy to use it's usually always clean it's just a nice simple trail.

If you’re in the Manhattan area, I’d definitely say to give it a go. The Flint Hills don’t get enough credit for how pretty they are.

It’s no mountain trail, but it’s a nice little with plenty to see.

The trail is great! However, on a Saturday afternoon the nearby shooting range was very distracting.

I like the trail itself, but the bugs were out of control. There were spiderwebs, mosquitoes, and ticks everywhere. If the bugs weren’t so bad I’d love to go back out for a trail run, it would be a really fun one to run.

I took my boys here for a short morning hike. It was nice and definitely a great trail for a short kid-friendly hike.

Nice easy trail. We wandered off the trail a couple times to see other sights. Lots of deer tracks and lots of birds.

For the Midwest this trail has a lot going for it. It’s on a reserve with primitive camping spots dotted along this loop that overlooks the Clinton Reservoir, it goes through fields, woods and along the shore line. There’s some fun rocky terrain in quite a few places along with a few water crossings but nothing serious, there’s very little elevation but enough to get a workout. It’s very quiet except for the occasional gun shot (I believe there’s a range across the lake) but I only heard a few rounds and only came across one other couple hiking plus one guy camping. The trail is very well marked in blue, it seems to be well maintained (a tad narrow in places) and I imagine the poison ivy is fairly bad in warmer weather. The trail seems to retain moisture, it was a little muddy and even frozen slick in places but that’s part of the fun I guess. I imagine there’s a lot of wildlife out here too, saw lots of evidence of deer and raccoon so I’m sure there’s more.
I live an hour from here but will definitely make it a day trip next time and hang out longer in one of the camping spots, maybe bring lunch and a hammock?

Good for a relatively pleasant nature fix. Not yet too crowded. The water view is peaceful. Be prepared for noise pollution from 18-wheelers on the nearby highway.

17 days ago

Ran a 3.5 out and back. nice trail for any level from recreation to running/easy hiking. great for family. differently pet friendly and the owners seemed to ensure personal where on the leases but didn't clean up dog poop


20 days ago

Not much of a hiking trail but great camping!

mountain biking
21 days ago

take wrong turn and you could end up on some hard trails. love it. definitely for those in better shape

mountain biking
21 days ago


An excellent trail (unlike anything I’ve seen in Kansas in terms of vegetation and topography) that winds along tall bluffs and through unique rock formations high above a scenic lake. Be sure to take a trash bag along, as the amount of trash I’ve encountered along the trail is truly disgraceful. On a single hike we hauled out 3 plastic bagfuls of trash.

An excellent hike that is more varied than you might expect, with respectable ascents and descents, rock outcrops, and wonderful views from valley and ridge top alike (including views of Manhattan in the distance). I can’t recommend this one enough.

mountain biking
21 days ago

boring if you are a mtb. definitely for the hiker/walker/runner.

mountain biking
21 days ago

need to update markers without affcting the nature aspect. Not limited to just these 3.1 miles. beautiful.

Great for running.

way better then west trail

Nice hike with some great views of the prairies. You can choose to do one of three loops depending how far you want to hike. Plenty of parking.

You can drive to the top if you dont want to do the hike. Not much to see until you’re up there. Pretty cool little stone “castle” to check out with a good view

A friend and I hiked a couple of miles of this trail and then sat at Inspiration Point and watched the sun go down. There were lots of leaves on the ground but the trail was easy to follow and moderate in skill level. I appreciate the people at Camp Horizon leaving their gates open to allow people to hike. I will go back sometime.

Simple historic site but significant regarding the Pony Express. Its worth a little effort to make it to this site.

1 month ago

hiked this for its length and scenery. We saw a bald eagle in flight. Beautiful. There is a section of the trail marked to stay on the trail because of unexploded ordinances. Surprised no one else mentioned that. The trail was really well maintained with benches and trashcans.

I always learn something new every time I visit. Nice visitor’s center and fascinating history lesson.

Nice walking trail. Too bad the visitor center is closed during the winter, as it looks like an interesting place to visit.

I like this trail, but it is cracked in some areas. Not a huge problem though.

1 month ago

Wow! I didn't expect such an interesting trail! First time to hike at this park, and the rock walls, boulder fields, and collapsed caves were a blast to hike through. It was fun to have a trail actually go through features like these. Plenty of highly visible orange blazes on this one. Remember that's it's an out-and-back trail, not a loop, so plan for getting back one way or another. Definitely moderate, but in some areas around the rock walls and cave-like areas, I think it would be more difficult for some people and/or dogs. I had to remove my pack in one narrow rock passage. Nice views of the lake in early December. Will definitely return.

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