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A really peaceful hike. Must see if you’re in the Omaha area.

Nice easy trail with lots of prairie to see.

Very Scenic! great walk!

Nice trail, watch your footing for rocks and roots.

The weather was cool and sunny. The marsh bottoms were a little wet and muddy. Over it was a great 6 mile hike.

A really easy, paved loop around the lake. It was a nice place to bring the doggo, but be careful! I pulled a tick off him even this late in the year.

It’s been a wet year and many of the trails are not mowed or flooded over. We cut our walk short because we didn’t have anywhere to go!

Very nice morning hike. Quite and relaxing. would rate it easy. would do this again if in the area

challenging and scenic. always a strenuous workout for me.

West Lake Trail is one of my favorites in this part of Iowa. Very scenic hike along the low bluff under a canopy of maples and oaks.

road biking
12 days ago

Very scenic trail. Crushed limestone makes the trail easy on the body. Must-do for bikers is the Taco Ride on Thursday nights.

great. ride

My second-favorite place to hike in the Metro. I've been hiking the trails in here for a decade and there are so many options (different trails, different difficulty levels) that it can feel like you're somewhere different each time. My favorite hike to take Fox Ridge Run all the way to where it ends at a beautiful overlook, then go back, cut across the parking lot and catch Badger Ridge. I then cut down Hidden Valley and take Angel's Dead End back up to Fox Ridge Run. It's a nice little workout. $2.00 entrance fee or $10.00 yearly. $10 will get you a tent site as well!

Best trail I’ve done in the Omaha and beyond area so far

on Walnut Creek Trail

24 days ago

This is one of my neighborhood trails, which is nice because I don’t have to drive to it. I can do a nice 5 mile out and back and see deer, a nice creek, and it’s generally not over-crowded. It is shaded most of the route, with a few less shady spots when it goes near commercial areas.

I used to walk the portion near Greenwood Park, which was also lovely and could be expanded into a walk through Water Works Park.

great ride

great ride have rode several times

28 days ago

This is an easy, somewhat short trail that is well marked and features a wide path (about 6 feet across) and a few short, rocky ledges to stair step up (no scrambles where you would have to use your hands to climb). However, please know that at some points there is a sheer drop of over 100 ft on either side of the path. There have been more than a few cases of people getting too close to the edge for whatever reason and falling to their death. Too many times it was a child who died because they stray too far from mom or dad and just don't realize the risks they take. Don't get me wrong. The trail is very safe and easy to hike. But if you take kids with then make sure they exercise some caution just the same. The trail is short but takes longer to hike than you might think due to the frequent overlooks and interesting rock features along the way.

30 days ago

Steep climbs and descents, but with rocks and/or railroad ties for steps so footing is good. The road was closed due to flooding in several spots so we didn't complete the full loop, but managed to make our own loop on marked trails which was part of the fun. It should not be rated easy, moderate at least.

30 days ago

Easy and enjoyable, right along the river, though most of the view is blocked by trees. May go back when less foliage is on the trees to see what we missed.

trail running
1 month ago

Hard to find trails like this in Iowa. Beautifully maintained, low traffic, and decent elevation.

1 month ago

Many caves to visit , quick tip bring flashlights and head gear if you plan on adventuring inside the caves:)

I went last weekend. the pond is drained and there is a significant amount of work being done around the trail. the paths are mostly closed as of 9/2018. I'm sure they will be open and great in the future but it was a disappointment for now.

Crushed gravel trails. Have your map on you. Trail splits at cross roads and the trail head are not always visible.

1 month ago

A wonderful trail. Glad to have the All Trails map, because of multiple off-shoot trails. Very serene.

Some very steep areas that are great for training and conditioning for long hikes in the mountains. Beautiful autumn colors are already here.

Easy Rail-to-Trail, paved and level. We hiked a section in the middle, going from Valeria to the South Skunk River and back. Quiet, met very few other walkers or bikers. Unfortunately it had rained heavily in recent days and weeks, so there was flooding on both sides of the trail, although the trail was elevated and dry.

I've hiked this trail hundreds of times (once lived nearby). It's a great park for year-round hiking, the season changes keep it interesting. Great for fall color, spring wildflowers, and snowshoeing in winter. Most trips I have encountered wildlife, although less likely on a busy weekend. Normal sightings include deer, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, many bird species, and occasionally bald eagles soaring over the Des Moines River. From mid-June to mid-September, strong bug spray is recommended

I was passing through Dubuque and wanted a short hike. I drove up to the parking lot and it was a short beautiful walk on a paved walkway to the monument and overlook. I would recommend it for the elderly or small children to view the Mississippi. There were steps leading downhill for more trail but I didn't have time. it was a lovely spot.

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