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Iowa Map

Quick and easy Highpoint. There is no hike. The area has a nice display with a registry log, info on other highpoints.

mountain biking
3 days ago

Nice trail. A few small hills. Its an older trail so a bit bumpy in places.

been here several times, always beautiful views and opportunities to see wildlife.

off road driving
5 days ago

Drive through some grass trails that I believe were for hiking. Oh well! The lake is dry due to reconstruction.

Hitchcock is beautiful! There are some amazing views of the Loess Hills and Missouri River Valley if you’re willing to climb. There are lots of trail markers so it’s easy to navigate as well. Hike can be easy or challenging depending on which trail you take. The map has the trails labelled by difficulty which was nice. Overall, a gorgeous scenic hike, good for all skill levels.

10 days ago

Awesome trail to ride on! Connects with many other trails. Shaded, stop at Captain Roy's for food and beer. Takes you to Birdland Marina.

road biking
12 days ago

Awesome trail! By far my favorite.

The trek down to Bridal Veil Falls is mainly down wooden steps. After the falls there is a moderate incline where you can loop off the back of the Hickory Ridge Trail to get back to the parking area. Nice views of the Mississippi River. The canopy keeps temperatures down in the summer time but the bugs can be challenging.

14 days ago

As of June 2018, much of the park is under construction.

Love it did 6 miles

17 days ago

Had a terrific day at WCDSP. We saw one Kentucky warbler and heard several more long the creek. We saw a small group lf cerulean warblers at the north parking lot. This is a wonderful place.

Bring your water and bug spray! Quick, scenic and enjoyable short hike.

Great place for dogs.

Awesome trails for everyone.

29 days ago

This trail is a little hard to follow in a few locations. Just remember, the trail essentially goes around the lake, so if you don't know which way to go, it turns out that taking the option nearest the lake is usually (but not always) going to be the correct way. I got on the wrong trail 2 times during my hike, but within 10 minutes realized I wasn't on the correct trail so quickly backtracked and was okay. Its not that the trail is hard to follow, its that at some intersections there simply are no signs so you don't know which trail to take.

The trail itself is so-so. I liked it because it is hard to find a (hiking) trail longer than, say, 7 miles, in Iowa. The trail itself is just okay in my opinion. My dog got a bloody paw by the end of the hike. Nearly the entire trail is gravel, I think that was why it was tough on her paws. This trail is shared with equestrians, which seems to be very popular at this location judging by the many horses I saw at the part where you need to walk through the equestrian campground. On trail, however, I only saw 5 horses, 1 group of 3 and 1 couple. The vast majority of this hiking trail I was alone, except when I came across areas near parking lots, where many fisherman can be found.

Although this is a loop around the lake, you actually do not see the lake very often. That was okay by me, as it was jam packed with fishing boats anyhow. I did enjoy the hike, but nothing all that special really popped out. I will absolutely be going back to explore some of the other hiking trails at Brushy Creek, and maybe redo this hike as well.

Note: the maps from the Recreation Area itself refers to this trail as the Lake Trail. However, while on the trails, this name is only used in the southern portion south of the dam. For the rest of the trail, the labels/directionals on the trail refer to it as the "All Weather Trail"

Tick Count: 7 on the dog, 3 on me... that was found

Very pretty, make sure you get down and dirty into the caves and find all the small nooks and crannies. Might be hard for someone with asthma or someone who can’t climb a lot of stairs/rocks. Wear shoes that you can get wet but still have traction. Bring flashlights.

Im recently looking for hiking trails in the area, and while this one is great, Ive found the mountain bike trails that are seemingly unmapped through the park to be much longer and better. They offer great views too, just dont get lost and keep an eye out for bikes coming through!

This trail was very disappointing. I mean it had good terrain but it was very short. When I hike, I like to go for 4-6 hours. This trail took less than an hour and I spent more time hiking on the road back to my vehicle. Not to mention it’s the only available hiking trail at Sugar Bottom. For serious and avid hikers, don’t waste your time!

This is quite the popular lake, busy with partiers and boaters/fisherman. I started the trail in the primary parking lot going clockwise around the lake. I saw maybe like 20 people during my hike. The trail itself is very nice. But then I got around almost to the end and you come across the campgrounds. Where to go then? I didn't really like trudging through a busy campground very much. If I were to do this again, I'd do an almost full loop, turn around and retrace the other direction.

Interesting trail, great for trail running.

road biking
1 month ago

Great distance and gravel trail for a small town! Reasons for 3 stars is because there isn't a pedestrian bridge to cross HWY 60. Have to ride up to the overpass where you ride the shoulder of a busy county road. This was my only complaint. The "in town" trail is paved and circles the city. This is hard to follow at times, but overall a great way to spend an hour or so with family.

There wasn't a trail. Misleading. This is more of a park and see site.

road biking
1 month ago

Trail is paved around the lake! We enjoyed the curves and rolling hills this trail had to offer. Beautiful scenery and alot of wildlife!

Jacob Krumm offers 2 loop routes with a connector trail on the far end. This set of trails can be accessed from 2 different points, so you can choose either loop if you just want to do one. I really like these trails very much. Each loop has a different feel to it. The trails are 10-12 feet wide and primarily mowed grass.

The west loop features a small lake. On one side it is mostly wooded and the trail leads up to a nice little overlook. A short spur trail leads up even further if one would like. The other side of the lake the trail goes up to the top of a hill, which is covered in typical Iowa prairie wildflowers.

The short connector trail is very steep in one spot and there is a stream with a bridge and some benches near there as well. It is a nice spot to take a 5 or 10 minute break.

The east loop is primarily Iowa prairies with a wooded section on the east half. There is a nice overlook of some picturesque corn fields and you can see pretty far, with a wind turbine and water tower way off in the distance. There is a little pond near the parking area for the eastern loop as well.

Nicely maintained trail with light traffic. I had a great time hiking here!

trail running
1 month ago

Nice trail for a run. Makes you feel far away from the hustle and bustle. Had to make some detours due to a small area of flooding, but that made it even more scenic.

Relatively flat and wide so not very interesting for hiking, but it's quiet and the trail is long so there's plenty of time for reflection in nature.

Little close to the highway for my liking.

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