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Indiana Map

Excellent place to explore. Enjoyed the little waterfall! Nice trails. Easy.

11 hours ago

Great park in Indy. Nice hike down to the river. Nice ruins. Dog friendly. Stone steps. Good area to explore. Saw two fawn playing in the creek, a bonus!

Great park with great amenities in a nice neighborhood.

19 hours ago

Fine walk in the burbs. All paved.

Great trail! Did this in the fall and it was well marked. Took us two hours to complete

Great little hike. Saw 3 deer today.

1 day ago

Lovely surprise close to hotel, for a quick 2 miles before hitting the road. Will def return for a long run!

2 days ago

Nice late fall hike with the wife and 2 dogs. The pretty leaves are long gone, but still good things to look at with the lake and terrain. Enjoyable hike.

3 days ago

Good trail that is close by and easy to get to.

For safety and maintenance reasons, this park should be closed in the winter months. Tons of trees blocking the trail, leaves covering the trail making it very slippery, and not well marked. THIS TRAIL IS 7.2 MILES. The map on alltrails is not accurate in terms of where the trails lead. Several instances of having to walk through a river so be prepared to have your feet soaked.

So hard!!!! Not easy! Who classified these trails? Take a walking stick or two or three! Nice scenery.

5 days ago

This is my favorite quick overnight backpacking trip, it's also great for younger kids. It's 5 miles from the trailhead/parking lot to the spot at the furthest reach of the peninsula. Horses do use this trail so if it's been wet be prepared for some really chopped up soupy areas.

Nice workout. Tough hill to get your blood pumping.

Nice trail. Enjoy the Jasper Mill.

Falls vary depending upon rain. So they're great sometimes and other times you'll find little water flowing. Be sure to cross to the other side to hike. The Falls are right off the road but there's a decent amount of woods to hike on the other side. You can also walk behind the waterfall which is pretty nice. Wear suitable shoes. It can be wet and muddy

Nice, easy quick trail to spend some quiet time in the woods by the water. You may come across someone fishing.

Great scenic hike with a ton of views to see and explore. The trail is easy and please take the second loop on the trail. You don’t want to miss the second waterfall along with a large shallow cave! You can walk inside the cave while being right behind the waterfall.

9 days ago

Great views

The drive to the Highpoint is very scenic. The Highpoint is right next to where you park. The trail is exactly as described. The actual Highpoint spot is very well done with a summit register, marker, and picnic bench. Four stars, because not much else is special about the area other than being Indiana’s tallest point.

For Indianapolis I give it a five star. Great for biking, walking or running. For a beginner biker I’ve taken a few brutal spills but this time of year (Nov) it is a great running trail due to less traffic. Doesn’t hurt that it’s also like 10 min from home. Only 20 min drive from downtown on a weekend.

10 days ago

Nice trail that is easy/moderate. During wet or rainy times, the trail can be slick and muddy in many places. Twice we lost the trail, but that is also easier to do when the ground is leaf covered. We crossed at least 10 streams in total. The lake is visible from most of the trail except for a couple of areas.

My wife and I completed this trail on a 35 degree (at most) day and for the first time on this trail, plenty of water was flowing over the falls. And, due to the cold temps, plenty of ice at the bottoms of the falls. This is one of my favorite hikes in terms of scenery, bluffs, cliffs, rock faces, and similar. Absolutely beautiful area. Overall, this is a easy to moderate trail with only a handful of sketchy areas for the really young or old. Exploring around and off the trail is what makes this trail so fascinating! See our photos here.

Trails 2&3 are pretty well marked, fairly challenging for beginners with a couple of nice hills to get the old muscleS warmed up, however when we moved across the street to trail 1 it is not marked very well. As this was our first time really hiking and not just walking on pavement at a county park we found our selves walking in a circle with no clear path to get off this endless loop. We did and still had an wonderful day am looking forward to returning in the spring when the leaveS come back.

10 days ago

I normally go on more backwoods trails. I went to the nature center that had a bird growing window, and from there hit the trail. This trail had stairs and can be difficult for anyone with knee issues. I found the trail easy, quick, a great place for a photo of the lake with fall colors. It has roots on the path around the lake and there's a small waterfall. (I feel it's an exaggeration to say waterfall). I would do this trail again for the colors and picture opportunities, plus, the nature center with the knowledgeable and friendly rangers. ...if ...its late in the day and you need to fit a hike in, go here.

10 days ago

A good walk to visit the remains of the old Rose Island park.

This trail definitely more rugged than others in the park. The trail is still walkable though and offers some nice scenery with rock formations, creeks, and views of the Ohio River.

on Peninsula Trail

11 days ago

Nice trail. We we’ve been backpacking on this trail twice, once in February and once in August and it was a good experience both times. Park at the Grubb Ridge parking area. From there it’s a fairly easy 1.5-2 hour hike to the shore. There are many ready to go campsites right on the lake. This is a popular camping area and there was quite a bit of trash left behind at some sites. On our February trip we got some rain/slush overnight and the trail gets very muddy quickly.

on Low Gap Trail

11 days ago

The Low Gap is a great trail for quick overnight backpacking trips. While the trail isn’t overly difficult there are some elevation changes that will get your heart rate up. Also, some creek bed hiking (beware of slick smooth rocks). The scenery in the forest is nice, particularly in the fall. I’ve been here several times and have not seen the sort of litter you see at campsites on other trails, which is nice. There are several established campsites in the backcountry area. Look near Gourley and Shipman ridge for some really good spots. There is one thing about the trail that to me really makes it more of a 3.5 star, the infamous overly long gravel road portion of the trail. The large pieces of sharp gravel can hurt your feet even in decent boots. Even with the gravel this is a worthwhile trail and worth repeat visits.

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