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Indiana Map
1 day ago

Difficult trail from ascent/descent to water availability to navigation.

1 day ago

Indian Lake section much better than Celina Lake section but overall decent hike. Several stream crossings that could be tricky if water high. Long ascent/descent getting to Indian Lake from either side. Muddy in sections due to recent rains. Good backcountry camping spots throughout although it was a little busy 4/21. Avoid gravel road shortcut at all costs and stay on loop.

I love this trail! It’s a beautiful bit of Indiana.

Trail to the north is easy, and it’s the only one mentioned on this app, trail to the south in the woods not mentioned on app was very cool and middle earth like, several elevations and a bit more difficult. Great hike!

2 days ago

A beautiful trail with challenging hills! We hiked from the Deam Trailhead to Delaney Creek in 3 days. Found the trail very well-blazed, easy to stay on track even through the horse and ATV intersections. The trail was well maintained until Spurgeon Hollow, then quite a few downed trees required some clambering around. Look out for fuzzy poison ivy vines crossing the trail in quite a few spots! Overall a very rewarding hike. I’d like to hike it in the fall to see the foliage, but would not want to do that much cardio during the hot summer days. After lots of rain and snow in the months prior to our hike, water was plentiful in almost every seasonal creek on the trail. We could have easily gotten by without caching water, but did leave stashes at hwy 160 and the Elk Creek Trailhead to be sure.

2 days ago

The views are beautiful. markings are a little confusing.

3 days ago

Did the loop CW on 4/21 with an overnight on the west shore of Indian Lake. A few fallen trees and a little muddy in spots but overall very good

3 days ago

This was a challenging, but fun, trail. We started out last Friday and finished Sunday. I must say, the Southern part of the trail is much more difficult than the Northern. At one point West of the Old Iron Bridge, there is no trail. Only thick mud so it was difficult to follow anything and very slow going for about a mile and a half. Friday we hammock camped at the Pioneer shelter and woke up to a downpour. From there, hiking counter clockwise, we hit the detour which includes a road hike for about a mile or so. Once back on the trail it was decent for the rest of the detour. Although. it does take you on a horse trail, which in the rain, is a muddy mess. Night 2 we stayed at the Indian Creek shelter, again in our hammocks and the rain came again. The 9 mile hike out the next day was a breeze. Overall this is a very nice trail with some challenging climbs. Especially in the rain. We didn't need our water drops either day because there was water EVERYWHERE. I will caution you, when we got there Friday morning, everything was dry. So, if you're going and there is not a 100% chance of rain, drop off water.

Chain O’Lakes is one of my favorite state parks in Indiana. Love the elevation changes, the gorgeous sunsets, the birds and the beavers! The dogs and I come here as often as we can.

This is actually 11 trails and a Indiana 50/100mile trail instead of one big loop. Most loops are under a mile but trail 6, 10 & 11 are 2-4miles. There is also the yellow Indiana 50/100 trail which is not on the park’s map.

Most of the trails are packed mud, sand or gravel though sometimes you come across water logged mud patches or areas of leaf and gravel litter. What is nice is that horses are not allowed here so the trails are not destroyed or covered in manure! Lol

I very much enjoyed my hike on this trail. Beautiful woods landscape with in and out routing across various creek beds. I found Bryant Creek Lake to be exceptionally pretty today. There were some confusing spots of where the trail was but overall the markings were well done. I will be visiting this trail again!

It seems like a nice park for sports and playgrounds but the trails are just confusing. Nothing is clearly marked and it’s almost impossible to figure out what trails are for biking versus hiking. Easy to get lost and turned around.

Good hiking and quiet. Great for my dog.

Absolutely love this trail! I do this one almost every week when it’s nice!! ❤️

Nice, lots of flowers and an easy walk, though the Sunday school lesson along the trail were a little weird for me. It is at church though so I guess that’s to be expected?

Nice trail. Easy but with a bit of steeper hill at each end of trail. Lots of various wild flowers/plants starting to come up. 4/17/18

Nice trail. Easy. Part dirt, part gravel. However trail is not as shown in this app. Review trail maps recorded by others in this app for a more accurate trail map.

5 days ago

Great little getaway for an hour during lunch if you work nearby.

5 days ago

Nice trail and scenery. If you’re afraid of snakes though avoid it because there is seriously a billion there including water moccasins.

6 days ago

Very nice trail! Well marked and planned, giving you several options for length of hike. Will be back!

I believe this description and the map are deceptive--there are actually 12 different trails here, of different lengths. You can do all or some of them. Each major trail intersection has a map showing you where you are. I did parts of trails 8, 11, 10, 6, 5 and 3. I'd rate these trails as easy, not moderate. There are several bridges, raised walkways, and many benches, giving opportunities for rest and reflection. It's a lovely place to hike. Some spring wildflowers were blooming and others were about to bloom. Just a little mud today.

Nice short trail. Path is graveled. The final hill going down to the parking lot is steeper and has ravines. The park rates this trail as moderate but other than the last hill, it’s not that bad.

Drove from Ft Wayne to do a photo session with our dogs and we were not disappointed! We’ve gone to all the trails around the city and wanted to go somewhere with more...everything! This was it! The trails were well maintained and well directed. Our dogs had a blast during the session at the waterfall and we had a blast watching them! Will come back, for sure!

Hikers need to be aware that there have been some changes to the trail. Check the Hoosier Hikers Council website for a more recent map.

Awesome trail! Easy to walk, even a couple waterfalls! will go again!

Do this trail at least 2 times a year and is good as long as have not had a hard rain. Low areas of mud. But beautiful views of the lake.

Great trail. Could use a few more signs in certain areas but some great scenery and rock formations. This is a great workout but isn’t crazy difficult. Recommend, but not as a first hike for people.

10 days ago

If you are visiting the city, the canal walk is one of the activities you will not want to miss.

Went here in the middle of winter with some folks and it was beautiful. The fall was frozen and we got to to a lot of exploring. The only draw back was the amount of litter left by careless passersby, but overall a wonderful hike

trail running
10 days ago

Quite a bit of chewed up spots from horse traffic. And there were a few spots where I wasn’t sure if I was still on trail. But, all in all, I had a good time. I’ll be back.

The fall was great, but the trail was terrible. 1/4 mile in it went from “ok pretty cool” to OMG did I enter a landfill, there was trash everywhere, all over the cliffs, in the woods, down the creek. It ruined the hike. I gave it a 3 for the falls, the trail 0

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