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Indiana Map
9 hours ago

Beautiful scenery with the lake. The trail needs work. As we approached the top corner of the lake the trail basically disappeared, so we made our way back having got a total of 1.4 miles from start to finish.

9 hours ago

TRAIL 2 and 8 SO NOT CONNECT AT NORTH END. Trail 2 is an out and back trail if you go all the way up to the waterfall. you would need to hike back down to trails 5 or 8 to exit trail 2.

TRAIL 2 IS ALSO VERY RUGGED. it is literally in the creekbed of the river. you will get wet, and depending on how much rain there has been it could be nearly impassable at parts. I would not recommend this trail for kids or children.

Having said that, my SO and I did all the trails in the park and trail 2 was the most scenic and the least traveled. The view of the waterfall when you get up to the end of trail 2 is just surreal. I purposed to my SO at the end of trail 2 (base of big clifty) and it was just stunning scenery.

an alternative to get to trail 2 is to park at structure B (oak grove shelter) and then hike trail 5 to 2. this would also be an out and back route

trail running
19 hours ago

I have been running there to train for a Spartan race .It's a good challenge.

20 hours ago

Peaceful and relaxing

Easy trail. Great for a good long walk. Bring mosquito repellent!

1 day ago

Started at 18th street access and walked along levee to the Loop Pond trail. There were homeless camps and graffiti along the levee and trail. There were several spots along the pond to observe wildlife. Saw great blue herons, canadian geese, turtles and fish. Down by the river a downed tree, flood debris, and trash covered the trail. The trail along Silver Creek was inaccessible due to poison ivy. Has potential to be a worthy part of the Ohio River Greenway.

From out of town, found the parking lot mostly empty and the course was clearly marked and mostly paved. Ran a couple of laps.

beautiful place to get away from it all.

Nice trail. Well marked. Very scenic with the water and birds.

could be nice but horses have the trail rutted so bad I can't recommend it.

Pure awesome is what to expect from this trail. It has a lot to offer. The hills are of adequate size to present some challenge. The trees are beautiful and most of the hike is in the shade. There are several creek crossings but with a little effort you can keep your boots dry. The falls is fun. After ending up there the first day we found it so enjoyable we returned on the second day to cool off in the water. We decided that we would buy water shoes to put in our packs for walking on rocky creek bottoms. Remember to apply bug spray with Deet, pack water, and wear good quality hiking shoes.

Great hike! The trail is moderate unless you decide to go through the cave. If you go through you will need a light and hiking shoes. We saw a lot of people in open toes. in this case the open toes lead to a ripped off toe nail. The cave trail is short but rocky. One of the cave entraces is easy to access but getting out of the other side requires a belly crawl. The opening to get out is only about 12" so I would not recommend this adventure for anyone that won't go into a crawl space. The forrest in the park are absolutely beautiful with lots of old growth trees. As always make sure you put on bug spray with deet and take water with you.

3 days ago

Good views of downtown Indy. There are bicycle, kayak, and paddle boat rentals near the fountain as an alternative to walking

3 days ago

Well-maintained and well-trafficked trail that’s good for hiking or trail running. Definitely would consider this to be more easy than moderate

This was my first time really hiking and I loved it here! There are so many trails and so much to see! I will need to go back several times to see it all.

trail running
3 days ago

This is the long trail in Fort Harrison. Beautiful trail with loads of trees and wildlife. Little slick in spots after the rain but not too bad

mountain biking
4 days ago

amazing trail. moderate level. can be 8 mile long, or 10 mile long if you take longer in-built paths. great trail to build up your skill as it offers all types of terrain. check weather before coming as trails are closed after rain for maintenance. love going there regularly.

4 days ago

I recently went on a weekday morning and did have to pay $5 entrance fee. I was walking with my grandpup, and I must say there was a LOT of poison ivy he would “visit” on the trail itself - not just on the sides. Perimeter trail is pretty wide for the most part, except at certain part of west trail in prairie it had not been mown in a long time! The map provided by the park should have an inset of the smaller “nature trails” in more detail. That part is a little confusing - several trails are simply called “nature trail,” they are not numbered or marked very well - and some paths are dead ends.

4 days ago

Fun for a short get away to the woods, plus it’s free!!

5 days ago

Beautiful and very well-kept park.

Shaded trail great for walking your fur babies. Nice little waterfall with a stream along the trail.

Awesome massive trees on the old growth loop—park like forest that are all but gone from the Midwest landscape. The other loop is good, not great, because of the swampy areas and totally different plant life. Love this little gem.

The trails are pretty but definitely need better markings. Especially where trail 2 comes out near the trailside shelter. On the map it looks like it runs parallel to that shelter and the swings further north. There’s a trail marker slightly hidden there that sends you down a creek bed which I’m pretty sure isn’t the actual trail. Then, when 3 and 2 split off there are markers but if you take the trail 2 loop you are in your own for markers until you get to the intersection of the trail leading to campground A. It needs more markers since there are a few side trails that cause you to question which way to go. Trail 3, which was pretty much a straight line and the easiest to follow, had the most markers.

I did use one of the shelter restrooms and it was clean and well stocked. The gate attendant was very friendly.

Great asset to Hendricks County. Rarely busy. Trails aren’t very lengthy but you can do a few of them and get a little more distance in. My dog loves playing in the creek.

I took my dog down on Wednesday of last week. We parked at Cherry Lake and went clockwise. The trail is poorly marked in a couple spots. At the end, we ended up at the park headquarters but were able to get back to our car. Total mileage was 10.85. I loved Bryant Creek Lake. We stopped and had a snack there & enjoyed the view. We only came across 4 people all day. Would definitely recommend.

Good and relaxed. The lake is amazing. Bring floating gear to chill in the lake. Your shoes will take a beating from all the horse shit. It's a horse/walk trail. But had fun.... Cheers

7 days ago

Hiked this trail before finding this app. Trail #3 is a nice trail. It passes through some virgin timber, along several sinkholes, caves, and has plenty of ups and downs. The trail markings where it intersects with Trail #4 can be a bit confusing. Nice trail overall.

7 days ago

Super muddy in certain areas but there is walk-around paths to avoid it. Very beautiful. Some areas were just breathtaking. My 5 year old cane along and loved every minute of it!


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