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Great trail, easy to navigate. Lots of spider webs, but hey, we are in the woods.

There are a couple high grade hills on this trail that are good for sprints or intervals. There are High Grade signs so you know it’s coming. You’ll have to do a couple loops to make it worthwhile.

3 days ago

Quality little hike!

my s.o. took me here for my birthday last year. great views and we had fun. now chain o lakes will always hold a special place in my heart.

4 days ago

one of my favorite trails. so much climbing and exploring to be done on this trail. sites to see the whole way. you are basically climbing up the creek bed and its awesome. be careful some slippery areas. water fall was beautiful I could hang out there all day.

OH MY GOD! Tick city!! Three of us went on this trail and yes, it was beautiful but took a terrible turn towards the end with all the ticks. Beautiful hike but beware!

4 days ago

We did a two day overnight on this trail. Camp sites are nice. Will do again in future.

We were the only hikers out amongst the mountain bikers. It was a great hike, long but peaceful. We had our dog with us and he did great! We will be back.

Good hike with nice shade and a few views of the Ohio river. Nice breeze and shade for a midday hike! Variety of terrain is nice.

Nice happy hike! Crossed bridge and added Rose Island in middle for fun!

Very cool hike in going clockwise on trail #3 the fun and historic look back at the old resort on Rose island! Hike out on pavement is not to be taken lightly if not in good shape!! Liked the history a lot!

This would be such a fun beginner trail running path, but a large portion is closed for several months and August had just way too many spiderwebs, biting bugs and loud cicadas for now. I’d suggest waiting for a less humid day to enjoy this beautiful trail.

This is a truly awful trail. So overgrown, had to relocate lots of spiders, shoo off a stray dog, and it’s nearly impossible to stay on the trail in some places. It’s a shame because the falls is actually pretty.

easy walking

Horrible. Not worth it. Trails need to be cleared of brush and many parts are not walkable. Full of poison ivy and ticks. No warnings about how the place has become overrun with ticks until you do a lot of digging on the Hoosier National Forest website. I hope no one gets Lyme Disease here. Please go somewhere else.

Nice easy trail

8 days ago

This was such a nice and peaceful trail. Everything was so well cared for and well marked. It made for a nice day.

This park is very well maintained and the trails are well marked! We couldn’t record our hike because my phone battery is not stellar, but we hiked 7.6 miles with a combination of 8, 1, 5, 4, & 7. It was a super hot day and we were pleased to find that the Nature Center on the south end of the park is air conditioned with a lovely bird viewing room. We saw all of the falls but I think Tunnel Falls was the best! I liked Little Clifty Falls as well. When the map says the trail is rugged, they’re not kidding. The ruggedness is a great challenge, but be prepared to climb up and down on rock and roots quite a bit. Also, people who are afraid of heights should maybe stay on trail 2, because there are many drop-offs next to the trails up on the ridge. Overall we had a challenging, but rewarding, day in the outdoors!

Nice trail

trail running
10 days ago

Rocky but good

beautiful park, but the trails are not marked very well

Camped out here for a night...beautiful spiders, huge range of insects and daddy longlegs, keep your tent zipped up! August poison Ivy and ticks in abundance, the spiders so thick it's like watching the ground move. Totally overgrown trail with no usage, not many flat spots to camp for over half a mile...with your gear on you. be smart....wait until late fall.

This was a great walk for my crew today. They really enjoyed it and pleasantly surprised

Overgrown; covered in poison ivy, stickers and spider webs. Lake campsites are nice though.

11 days ago

if you like hard hikes. this isnt for you. its boring and standard. good for city folk and the weaker outdoors people.

Loved trail 5. Tunnel Falls was my favorite waterfalls of the day, Caution on the rocks leading up to the tunnel as they are slick. The tunnel is closed to foot traffic from fall to spring. Trail 5 goes around the tunnel also. South end of trail has a 153 step staircase that will give you a great quad workout. There is also a leg of the trail to take you to the creek.

Awesome trail. Well maintained and challenging.

12 days ago

This has become my favorite hike since moving to Indiana! I would agree with some of the other reviews that say that this is a more moderate difficulty. The rocks can be a bit slippery so make sure to wear shoes with good traction!

12 days ago

I loved this trail and will be back. I went counterclockwise because I didn't read the reviews before our trip. However, I took a long rest by the water before going up all the stairs and it was lovely.

Such a great place. So different from many places you will go to trail walk. Lots of great overlooks with beautiful views. I consider this more easy than moderate. All the trails are gravel and very well marked.

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