1 month ago

David and I decided to go even tho the forecast called for more rain. It turned out to be a good day for hiking with no rain. We left the parking lot at the trail head and went on the western loop. We had read that the eastern loop was more flat and dry. The whole trip of 10.8 miles was mostly level with a mild hill here and there. One thing that was relayed to us that was correct was the muddy condition. They have had a lot of rain lately and the trail showed it. There was good water in every creek crossing which is not usual. There was also three small ponds along the way. I carry a filter always and on this hike I could have left the bigger water container at the truck. On this hike I must say that the eastern part of the loop was a lot more muddy. The maintenance personnel had done a good job of keeping the trail open. The night before we hiked this area had a little wind. There was several small limbs across the trail but nothing that caused any trouble for us. The trail had been mowed within the last two or three days so for the most part the trail was in good shape. There are ticks out there. I used deet and did not have one on me. David did not use deet and had at least four. I liked the fact that we had the option of making the trip shorter if we ran out of time. Another good point for this trail is you are in an area that has several wild caves close by. On a future hike we may make this hike in one day then camp and the next day do a cave trip. Lots to do in this area.