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3 hours ago

Hiked this trail yesterday, May 26, in late afternoon on a hot and humid day. On the entry trail, I saw a few hikers and campers, but shortly after taking the right to start the loop, the trail was empty. The initial descent went fast. I did not have any problems with spider webs, although there were some annoying flys that liked dive bombing my head for part of the way. At the bottom of the first descent, I passed a group of husband, wife, kid and the wife was not looking happy and wanted to turn around, presumably because of the kamikaze flys in that area. I pressed on and was soon past the threat.

On one of the ridges up higher, I encountered an area with some open space and very tall trees. Here I spooked a very large bird. On my drive in down the gravel road, I saw an owl, so my first thought was that this too was a large owl, but another flash of it seemed to show a big bushy tail that made me think wild turkey. And then shortly later, i found a hawk feather, so it is still a mystery if i saw a hawk, turkey, or owl, either way it was a huge bird, very impressive.

Later I approached a small stagnant stream where suddenly dozens of frogs, spooked by my approach, began leaping en masse into the water. Then towards the end of the hike, I noticed a 3 foot garter snake slithering away and managed to snap a pic.

Deep towards the final leg of the loop, the trail splits at a really wide portion of trail. I decided to extend my hike a few more miles and take this path less traveled. The trail dead-ended at a random cemetery in the middle of the wilderness. I tried following what looked like a path to regain the trail, but it led me deep into untracked wilderness. I used my phone GPS and the AllTrails app to try to follow where the trail should be, but I ended up just getting cut up by thorn bushes and covered in ticks! Just as I was going to give up and bushwhack back, I noticed the semblance of an old trail, untraveled for several years. It was still hard going, but at least I was able to pick up my pace. I should have looked closer at the map because it did say the trail was (old). I was relieved when I finally made it to the Axiom branch where I promptly removed 3 ticks from my calves and spider webs from my hair. By this point, I just wanted a hot shower and a McDouble, so I double timed it out of there and didn’t look back.

Overall great hike if you ignore my adventurous stupidity made possibly by my overconfidence in gps :)

Went hiking here and was first disappointing because there was hardly any water at the falls. We left to get something to eat and it had rained really hard. Went back later to trail 5 at tunnel falls and was just looking at it with a little bit of water flowing. Then out of nowhere I heard a loud noise and water from the creek started roaring down the falls. It was amazing and breathtaking. The falls became powerful in a matter of seconds. It was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen! You have to see the falls after a good storm to really appreciate it.

it was a very challenging trail but we had a blast!

23 hours ago

Easy trail with a fantastic end view of Lake Monroe. Trail has a lot of variety of scenic view

One of the coolest trails I have ever had the chance to ride.

1 day ago

It's a short trek up to the fire tower. Avoid the horse poop and you'll be good. Views are great!

Great trail! Gets a little confusing where some of them cross. The Fire Tower (not a part of this trail but in the park) has amazing an amazing view. Not for anyone afraid of heights! We plan on going back.

This is my go-to walk with our Lab at least once a week.

Took my 5 yr old daughter wife and 2 dogs to do the outer loop. It was a very easy leisure stroll. I would recommend this loop for anyone in Evansville that just wants to get out of town for a bit.

the waterfall is surprisingly beautiful. it's right by the parking lot though. the trails are poorly labeled and don't actually lead anywhere.

An excellent trail for those adventurers seeking a bit of a challenge with excellent scenery.

3 days ago

Perfect trail end with an excellent view of Lake Michigan. Bring your lunch, there is a nice shaded spot!

I find reviews here confusing. The Clear Creek Trail (paved) and the Rail Trail (unpaved) are not the same thing, though they intersect. And neither is anywhere near Bryan Park!

Great hike, kind of short. Parking is incredibly limited so get there early! We loved wading in the creek when the water wasn’t too deep!

It’s not at all difficult and paved the entire route

5 days ago

My boyfriend and I went the other week and had a blast. Route 3 has the waterfall and has very beautiful scenery! We ended up finding alternative ways to get around obstacles in our way to make it a harder hike. It took us around 2 hours and had a lot of fun.

mountain biking
5 days ago

Definitely for biking, not for hiking. (sorry)

I walk my dog here frequently. Nice loop and scenery around water. A lot of places to stop and give my dog water at a bench or table, a few trash cans along the way for tossing his waste so I’m not carrying it the whole time. Sometimes I wish it was longer but I just loop around 2-3 times.

was a gorgeous walk

ticks were horrible when I was there yesterday. be prepared with bug spray and long sleeves and pants

5 days ago

Fun hike

Trail consists of two loops, Shawnee and Lenape. Colorful prairie plantings, farm fields reverting to nature, birds such as prairie warblers. Tangeman Woods is across St. Rd 46 from property.

6 days ago

I hiked most of this trail this past weekend with some scouts who were prepping for Philmont. The trail was challenging and pushed all of us

We started at Old Forest Road, traveled clockwise, and finished by exiting the gravel road that runs from the Old Iron Bridge (OIB) to the entrance of the horse camp. The trail was nice and well marked, even through the small reroute on the southern end. The trail was slick in many places due to moisture. Water was non-existent existent. The portion on the trail in the reroute that is shared with horses, was destroyed and muddy as heck but, it was pretty short. While the hike was nice, there weren't many views because of the foliage.

One note as you are planning your water caches. The park map shows that water is available near the trail, at the end of the horse camp. This is not accessible for hikers becuase of the steep hillside between the trail and marked water. Even the walk from the trail, up the OIB access road, through the horse camp, isnt reasonable. This source was marked for the horse camp.

We dropped water where the trail crossed Cold Friday Road and again at the Pioneer Picnic Shelter. A third drop near the OIB would be nice if you didn't want to try filtering from the river but, I'm not sure how that would done.

Have fun and be safe.

6 days ago

Favorite park in the area! Great for a quick hike with the kids, easy for my 4 year old but also fun for adults. Walking from the ruins to the river is the best part for kids. Also a fun playground on site.

6 days ago

Lost of horse poop. Decent camping spots once you hit the lake.

Beautiful trail that is scenic. Terrain begins as mostly even then goes along side creeks and ravines. Multiple geocaches along the trail as well. Good for kids and leashed dogs.

Great trail, narrow path and plenty to look at, gorgeous old growth trees that you don’t see often in this area

The canyons were amazing! We had a lovely hike!

Great trail. Especially the quarry trail

Great trip to try out my backpack carrier for my 6 mo old. Nice trail very clean. Will definitely be back

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