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Shaded trail great for walking your fur babies. Nice little waterfall with a stream along the trail.

The trails are pretty but definitely need better markings. Especially where trail 2 comes out near the trailside shelter. On the map it looks like it runs parallel to that shelter and the swings further north. There’s a trail marker slightly hidden there that sends you down a creek bed which I’m pretty sure isn’t the actual trail. Then, when 3 and 2 split off there are markers but if you take the trail 2 loop you are in your own for markers until you get to the intersection of the trail leading to campground A. It needs more markers since there are a few side trails that cause you to question which way to go. Trail 3, which was pretty much a straight line and the easiest to follow, had the most markers.

I did use one of the shelter restrooms and it was clean and well stocked. The gate attendant was very friendly.

Great asset to Hendricks County. Rarely busy. Trails aren’t very lengthy but you can do a few of them and get a little more distance in. My dog loves playing in the creek.

I took my dog down on Wednesday of last week. We parked at Cherry Lake and went clockwise. The trail is poorly marked in a couple spots. At the end, we ended up at the park headquarters but were able to get back to our car. Total mileage was 10.85. I loved Bryant Creek Lake. We stopped and had a snack there & enjoyed the view. We only came across 4 people all day. Would definitely recommend.

Good and relaxed. The lake is amazing. Bring floating gear to chill in the lake. Your shoes will take a beating from all the horse shit. It's a horse/walk trail. But had fun.... Cheers

2 days ago

Hiked this trail before finding this app. Trail #3 is a nice trail. It passes through some virgin timber, along several sinkholes, caves, and has plenty of ups and downs. The trail markings where it intersects with Trail #4 can be a bit confusing. Nice trail overall.

3 days ago

Super muddy in certain areas but there is walk-around paths to avoid it. Very beautiful. Some areas were just breathtaking. My 5 year old cane along and loved every minute of it!


Fairly steep hills in upper course lot, little sun cover for 95%, plan ahead. Short section through woods. Overall decent walk, if you go off the loop there is a frisbee golf course.

Not all trails clearly marked, prepare for mud/ standing water if recently rained, backs up to housing development, decent gradient changes in certain paths

Busy trail, walkers, bikers, runners, little shade during day

I have been coming here my whole life and have always loved visiting. Very quiet with good trails and the views are amazing

4 days ago

Good trail, don't do it after a rain though, trail will be really muddy.

Very solid trails. I’m not sure that it gets much better in flat Indiana. Trail 7 through the wetlands was very nice.

6 days ago

Great trail. Not too many people on a Saturday morning. Not a "hard" trail as stated, closer to a moderate.

This trail, or system of trails, cuts through woods and some paved paths. It’s not really one trail but a series of paths. Nice walk, but it could be better organized.

Great trail! Loved the views. Pretty challenging. We took the trail 7 offshoot to walk along the shore a bit. Would recommend doing that.

9 days ago

We hiked this trail on a sunny Saturday. Trail #3 is a great trail with lots of fun features like the ladders and the creek beds. Trail #3 was crowded but you have to expect that on a summer Saturday. It does have the advantage for much of the trail of being below ground and more moderate in temperature. It was a bit steamy outside so this was appreciated. Trail #9 is less crowded. It does have many stair you have to descend and then climb back up. Turkey Run is a great place to hike with many fun trails. We love to go here.

First of all, Be careful of the wood stairs and wood foot-bridges when it’s wet. They are all very slippery! I almost fell down a thirty foot fight of stairs while it was pouring. I slid down five steps, but luckily I was able to grab the rail with my arm.

Backpacked and camped at the backpacking campground this weekend with my 6yo daughter. The campsites are nice. Water, privy and firewood are available.
No need to request firewood to be delivered as told in the trail description. There are bundles stacked up in a small wood shelter, and there is a slot to drop your money, $5 per bundle.
You must register for your campsite at the main gate and it costs $12 plus tax per night. Seven sites are available and they’re on a first-come-first-serve basis.
The raccoons are aggressive so don’t leave your food or trash out unattended even for a few minutes. I went it to my tent to get my daughter ready for bed, and I heard something fall from the pic-nick table. A raccoon snagged our six pound food bag, and I had to chase him 100ft down the trail and into the woods to get it back!
Friday night there was only one other group of campers. We were the only ones there on Saturday. There’s lots of animal sounds at night, many I couldn’t recognize.
The canoe camp is less than a half mile walk away from the backpacking camp. There is a very nice view of Sugar Creek from there. I was surprised that we didn’t see anyone camped there either night. Though, there was quite a bit of rain this past weekend. As far as registration for The canoe camp, no need to register at the gate as the ranger will come around in the evening to collect fees from the canoe campers. As the park’s trail guide states, there is no limit to how many can camp there, all canoe campers must be accommodated as there are no other camping options.

Nice and easy trails. Was a beautiful hike. Will definitely be coming back.

I wouldn’t go out of the way for this one, but it is a good example if a prairie.

Nice sand trail through the woods. Wonderful in summer.

Great trail with beautiful views of the lake.

10 days ago

The trail was a lot of the same view throughout. Lots of trees and wooden steps. Glad I wore long pants due to the path being narrow and overgrown with weeds. Trees down and in the path requiring you to climb over. For a lot of the hike you can actually see and hear traffic due to the trail being so close to the road. Not my favorite hike, probably wouldn’t pursue it again.

Nice easy paved 1 mile loop trail through wooded park.

Nice summer hike, couple downed trees, TON of spider webs.

Loved the trail, along the creek. TON of spider webs.

A beautiful and scenic route that offers alot of challenges if you are trail running. It will be a part of my regular routine training for knob stone trail.

11 days ago

easy trail to test gear. besides that very disappointing. most of the trail was next to fields and half of what use to be the woods part has been cutt down and is now a field of wood chips.

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