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My favorite park in Indiana. To get to Big Clifty (large waterfall in my photos) you must travel all the way up trail 2, which is the creek bed, to the point where there is a sign saying 'danger do not cross'. From this point, to your right will be a small opening with a hidden wooden ladder to climb. Once you climb up there is a wooden walk way that leads to an overlook to view big Clifty from.

I have fond memories of camping these woods during my teen years in the early eighties when this was all private, so it was a treat to be able to go out and hike this some thirty odd years later. I wasn't able to do all the trails due to some spots being washed out, but it was still very enjoyable. Another great preserve by the Niches Land Trust.

1 day ago

Nice short hike with a lot of opportunity to check out some birds and wildlife. Thanks to the Niches Land Trust for making this area available to everyone.

2 days ago

There is a rugged section to trail that is at least considered moderate.

Heavy trail traffic, stressed out parents, and people not very mindful of their trash and animals. I stepped in dog crap not once but twice on trails #5 and #9. And to top it off, as I and a few other folks were exiting trail #3 some kids wading in the creek decided to start throwing rocks up at the wall above us. A guy and his young son behind me were almost struck by one of the rocks that hit the trail. Bad day at the park for sure.

2 days ago

Visually stunning but very busy, even during the week.

on Trail #3

3 days ago

Excellent overnighter! With everything changing landscape it feels like you're getting multiple trails in one!

4 days ago

A quiet trail that makes you forget you're right in the city. I like to run this trail. Closer to 6 miles. Almost 7 of you add on the loop by the 71st Street entrance.

This is my favorite place to hike and run. Beautiful every season.

horseback riding
4 days ago

So sad that it has been logged. i imagine it was much nicer at some point

trail running
4 days ago

5 days ago

Not much of a trail, really.
Hoosier Hills is on private property and was constructed by Eagle Scouts a long time ago. The "Trail" is accessible by car. More specifically, there is a gravel road next to a corn field that you park. You walk maybe 10 feet and you're there. Once there, there is a fire pit, a picnic table, two bench seats, a mailbox containing a log book and ink pen to write "Your name here, was here at such and such date", and the Cairn stone marking the highest point in Indiana.
There are some small trails leading off in the woods, one to the left which leads to the corn field. One to the front which leads maybe 20 feet back in the woods and another to the right which leads to the one in the center.
Certainly not a hiking trail of any sort, and since it's private property I am not sure if camping is an option, so do it at your own risk. This is more like something to bring the family to for a picnic or if you just want to say you stood at the highest point in Indiana. Not much else, really.

6 days ago

Love the new 2 miles added to the trail. Very peaceful and quiet.