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I enjoyed this trail, in the middle of the day, in mid July. The tree canopy provided lots of shade. The trail moves up, down, left, and right which kept it interesting. The lack of trail markers and use of different coloured flags took away some enjoyment as I wasn’t always sure of where I was. I helped a group of boys find their way as well. Not a safe idea with sketchy trail markers. Note also, this park doesn’t have garbage cans. Your asked to carry all your garbage out. Enjoy.

10 hours ago

Walked this trail with me 2 yr old grandson and his mom. Excellent day.

Nice maintained trail.

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14 hours ago

I lived on this trail for 8 years at the 56th St location. Excellent running trail and much of it shaded. I remember there was crime issues at times but never felt unsafe on the trail. Great trail to train for a half or marathon.

23 hours ago

None gorge section is easy-moderate. Gorge section is not difficult but very rugged. Went with my 11 year old daughter without much trouble. We descended the gorge but plan on ascending the gorge the next time around to make it more challenging. Watch your footing while hiking. Many loose rocks and logs. Only hike with 10+ year old child with them following your lead. Overall would rate moderate trail with rugged sections. Definitely worth it and would recommend if you are even out of shape like myself.

I would recommend staying out of the woods in summer due to the bug swarm. The prairie loop was gorgeous. Nice clean, wide trails.

Parts under maintenance and not well traveled - which can be a good thing so it feels like a real adventure!

Hard rain but we persevered. Can’t wait to return and try it dry

2 days ago

This is a great urban walking and biking trail.

Bring bug spray...mosquitos like this park. Nice ravines, streams, ponds. Good to have the GPS trail map b/c lots of trails interconnect... lots of choices...all choices seem good, but good to know where you are so u can stay roughly on the right path.

Beautiful park. Beware... some northern parts are unpassable.... that water body on nw corner of park is spread thru entire north side. if trail gets muddy or is untended and high grass, turn around....it will only get worse and turn into dead end in swamp pond. otherwise, beatiful trails, but bring bug spray!

Surprised that another review said this trail was well-marked a month ago because it certainly wasn't when I went yesterday. I had to stop to check a map more than once and I even had to turn around when the path I was following suddenly ended. There were also a lot of bugs even with bug spray. And my 30 lbs dog was too scared to do the metal stairs and had to be carried. The waterfall was enjoyable though. I would go back but only for the waterfall (not the trail) and only without my dog.

Nice clean trail, some nice views

3 days ago

The trail itself is nice., Good inclines, white diamond blazes on the trees. The trail head sign was slightly covered today. My friend and I hiked it counter clockwise. To hike it clockwise walk down the gravel road a bit and pick up the trail with the sign that is marked “High King Hill”.

If hiking it counter clockwise you’ll come to a shared trail/road that has blazes all along the way and it eventually comes to a T. Go left and you’ll see trail markers on the left. It says it’s the Tecumseh trail but it carried the white diamond blazes and brought us to the bottom of High king hill. A few downed trees at one point which required climbing but nothing hard.

The road in is gravel and had signs that cautioned about flooding. So keep in mind how much rain we’ve had when you’re heading to the trail.

3 days ago

Great views of the river. **Section of stairs was inaccessible right after the river overlook.**

3 days ago

Beautiful trail. Our 9 year old son had a blast on this trail. Several small caves to check out and some beautiful waterfalls. Also very pet friendly

Good hike for the Midwest. Some elevation change below sea level made it a lot more interesting than I would have thought. Overall, relatively easy trail and a recommended trail for beginners and up. When sunny, trail 3 can be extremely scenic.

Trail is nicely paved and easy to navigate. We were not able to make a full loop once in Hawthorne Park due to restrictions on bicycles entering wooded trails. We just had to double-back to get back to the main trail, no big deal!

Great trail! Enjoyed the beautiful views at the tops of the dunes!

Moderate well marked and not busy. , but mid July @ 94 degrees may not be the best time to try it.

4 days ago

Beautiful hike. Many massive rock cliffs. Feet get wet (thankfully, it was hot!) as you wander thru the creek bed. Refreshing waterfalls! Keep your eyes open for the funky mushroom varieties.

Enjoyed the trail. There are a few benches along the river to stop and enjoy the river. Trail does have a lot of dead ends.

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5 days ago

Fun trail and some great views of the lake. Moderate to difficult, trail well marked, lots of light to medium elevation changes and wood plank bridges throughout the trail. Most of the trail has tree cover. A bit deceiving as there is a lot of winding particularly on the back half of the trail. Trail could use a bit of maintenance, some areas have more vegetation on trail...a few trees were down, but only a couple spots where you have to walk through or around. Hit several spider webs but no ticks. A few hikers out, couple trail runners and several on horseback. Ladies at front gate we’re very helpful by sharing the type of traffic on trail. Good to know what to expect in advance. Peaceful yet challenging ride and plan to ride again soon. 100 min ride with several water breaks. Good cardio workout and you will definitely feel the burn in your legs. My son has hiked and backpacked the trail several times, good training for section hikes. Whether you ride or hike, take plenty of water. I have also camped and fished at the park. Well kept and very clean. Good luck, have fun and be safe.

We really enjoyed the hike. We thought the first steep hill was one of the first dunes. Lol it was not. It was challenging but we conquered those 3 Dunes. We came back the next day and did trail 9. Lots of bugs and beautiful scenery on trail 9.

Nice shaded trail! The waterfall was cool! Will definitely return!

6 days ago

I've hiked the trail a few time aover the years. My last trip was July 7-8 with the family. The trail is relatively easy. Both my non- hiking wife and just turned 7 year old got through it without any major complaints. The trail was busy but not crowded and there are lots of decent campsites. The trail have some very nice scenery thanks to the lake views and pine forests. That said, I would argue that the woods are always better in the fall. There were a few spots that we're muddy but, there were always walk-arounds. Most surprisingly, the trail and campsites were clean and nearly devoid of trash. I've seen the area around the lakeside campsites completely trashed before. I suspect there had been a recent clean up effort or, people have finally quit being slobs. lol

The trail was very overgrown in some places and there wasn’t really much as far as “neat scenery” to see. Ticks were terrible and after cutting the hike short a couple miles and taking a dirt road back to my car I found over 30 ticks on myself. Maybe I must have just done this trail at the wrong time of the year, but not sure I’m even up for trying it again at a different time of the year. Ooh and there was horse droppings EVERYWHERE along the trail.

Challenging enough to be interesting without being too long or exhausting on a hot day in July. Saw lots of turtles and one adult northern water snake

I can really only write a short review for this trail, as we mainly trekked off the grid after a few miles. We were attempting a miniature backcountry hike, and literally hiked up and down steep ridges until we popped out at Lake Tarzian. It’s private property, you’re not allowed to camp on the boyscout reserve. But the hike was hard and there were pretty geodes everywhere.

I’ve hiked parts of this trail more than once. There’s a backcountry camping parking lot if you plan on staying the night. Various campsites along the way, some a little too close to the parking lot in my opinion. But the rock formation is cool once you get out to it. Living in Indianapolis, this might be the “closest” difficult backcountry trail. Plan to hike again!

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