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20 hours ago

Did an overnighter on this trail for a bachelor party. Good trail to hike. Saw a few mountain bikers on our hike out. The leaves were still thick on the trees so we couldn’t enjoy some of the views others posted about. Overall a good trip. The map shows streams close by: don’t rely on that for water. Pack it in.

22 hours ago

Nice place for a walk, trail run, or mountain bike ( I think it's okay to bike in here ). I was mainly interested in seeing the Tippecanoe River as it's my understanding that the Native American village that was the source of the warriors that attacked Harrison's troops lived in this area. Doesn't seem entirely likely they would have lived on this lowland prairie since it's wet-ish and prone to flooding. There are certainly many options on either side of the Tippecanoe. The trail was flooded this day and it was too risky trying to pass via the fallen trees and timbers so I bushwacked back through the tall grass and eventually found a gooshy crossing to the trail. A cool part of the State Park!

22 hours ago

Nice trail that has about a 50/50 split of time in shade compared to the sun. When the water is high/recent rain the eastern portion of the trail could be submerged and possible un-passable. During our hike on this trail on 2 occasions we had to use downed trees to cross water with one of the 2 causing me to go shin deep with one of my steps in water.

2 days ago

I hiked this trail on a Saturday and it may have been better on a weekday. The trail was pleasant but it crossed roads several times, and only briefly did we ever get away from the sound of traffic. We did not get a peaceful, quiet trail experience in nature today. It's rated "rugged" but it was easy hiking. I would've rated the trail higher if it didn't have the traffic noise.

Nice trail but the backend was flooded.

I hiked on a cool week day, and did not cross paths with anyone else, including people riding horses. Apart from crossing two streams, one of which was thigh deep, the trail was very muddy and, being a bridle trail, thoroughly pockmarked with hoof prints. For a trail in southeastern Indiana, it wasn’t too bad, but one trip there was enough. I’m not likely to return as it was not that we interesting.

Nice hike. Took the kids 9 year old, 5 yr old and 2 year old in a pack. Challenging for the kiddos a little toward the end but overall very good.

Great morning hike with the kids. Plus the playground at the end is an added bonus!

challenging hike with lots of spider webs. some good views of the lake.

Took my 6 and 4 year old. They did great. The climb was a little steep for them but they handled it great.

This is a well maintained trail. The cave is short, but fun and seems be be a little tighter with each return visit. Creek crossings are simple to navigate. Trail 10 is a good hike if you like hiking in creeks.

This is a great hike but the Easy rating is odd. Trails nine and three are rated very rugged by the park and there are definitely parts that are very rugged. And beautiful!

The trail itself was uneventful and the “Camel’s Back” had alright scenery, but if you go a little off trail a little at Camel’s Back you’ll find a great spot to hammock and relax

First time in Fort Harrison. First time using this app. Enjoyed both. Chipmunks and squirrels and deer, oh my!

Another nice hike. Uphill coming out of the trail was a decent leg burner. My 4 year olds did well and 6 year old had no problem. Easy access from the campground where we stayed.

Relatively new to hiking and now working to expose my kids who are 6 and 4 to the activity, this trail starts off with a light warm up and then gradually gets a bit more challenging (specifically for my kids). The creek bed and water was a great break as we spent a lot of time resting and having fun. Nice trail.

One of my fave hikes in the state park. Not generally very busy and a nice place to go on a hike to escape the city life for a bit.

7 days ago

Nice urban space to go for a run/walk!

Hiked trail 7 and 3 (around 3.5 miles) with five kids ages 5-10. Like others mentioned take the paved path down and do the trail counter clockwise. Nice hike through Rose Island, then on to the rest of trail 3 which gets pretty narrow with a drop off to one side, had to slow the pace to watch our youngest. Otherwise not too difficult.

12 days ago

Hiked the lower portion of this trail starting at Fort Ouiatenon park. Trail begins at Fort parking lot. This was the only public access I saw on 2 mi lower portion I hiked. First 1/2 mi of trail heading North was paved bike path running right alongside South River road. The trail then turns into the woods and runs alongside the Wabash river. Trail here was dirt and sand, sometimes like walking on a beach. It was moist (but not muddy) even though it hadn't rained for at least a week. Imagine it's muddy in rainy seasons. Trail is fairly level and well marked. Scenery is unremarkable, mostly trees and very tall weeds. Occasional views of the river but usually the river is hidden behind tall weeds. Perhaps it would be more visible in early spring or winter. It was a little buggy, but not unpleasant.

I have been hiking this trail for many years. It’s a nice, easy hike and is good for kids (watch them near the lake.) I highly recommend climbing the fire tower.

13 days ago

Nice trail, but it is a bit easier to take the paved path down to Rose Island and the trail back as others have mentioned. Watch for some paw paw fruit on the trail back. They are sweet but have a slightly bitter finish.

Beautiful Indiana trail.

Pleasant, scenic, good distance, firetower is a nice destination

15 days ago

Scenic, pretty easy, good distance. Saw a snake by the lake, but that's to be expected near the water in the woods. Started to rain and we got real muddy real quick, but again, I'd expect no less. Overall was nice.

Nice park. Big enough to explore, but not so difficult or large you have to back a full backpack or worry much about getting lost or anything. Trails are well marked. Lots of wildlife that changes with the seasons (beaver, deer, frogs, lizards, snakes--sun themselves in the afternoon on the east side of Weber lake on trail 6 and trail 2 near the unmarked lake, squirrels, birds, raccoons, glow worms). Nice little attractions on each trail (lakes, firetower, cemetery, railroad tracks, etc.).

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15 days ago

Nice patch of green space to walk or run or bike without having to drive far. Can easily hit these trails instead of pavement after work. Flat and easy trails, depending on the season. Levee trail is always good if you just want to run and get miles in while giving your knees a rest from pavement running. Decent amount of wild life. I've seen deer from time to time. I ran at night and heard, then saw, a small pack of coyotes, which was surprising. They immediately fled when a couple of us approached (they were near my car at the boat ramp). I didn't feel threatened, it was cool to see them after being on the trails dozens of times not knowing they were around. I would advise not to night trail it alone and keep pets on-leash just to be safe though.

The downside is that the trails aren't marked well, but it's not a huge trail system anyways, you can easily wander out to one of the three parking areas (angel mounds lot, angel mounds boat ramp lot, or gravel trail head by the interstate). The other negative is that the trails need to be repaired/better maintained. Half of the year the place is just mud, if not flooded over completely from the river (south end of trails). I'd say from snowfall until July, parts of the trail are giant mud pits. July through leaf fall the trails get a little narrow in places with thorny overgrowth, especially on a bike. October through December are probably the best months to go if you go south of the levee trail.

Short, but nice trail (approx 3 miles total). I think it is more of a moderate than hard trail. Path follows a scenic river with some great rock wall formations. Some elevation and climbing, but manageable. A couple narrow spots that would prohibit small kids. Highlights are honeycomb rock and devils backbone.

I've been hiking these trails for probably 20 yrs, there's no steep inclines, really could use some more trail markers. But overall is a fun trail to hike.

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