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I think that I am really liking this trail. We have already had a water crossing.

The trail was very good marked and maintained pretty good as well. We went early on a Saturday and just saw one parked car but met no other hikers at all. We saw a few deers, chipmunks and beautiful wildflowers. There were some spider webs but not an awful lot, we experienced worse. The flies were kinda annoying though. The only downside and the reason for not giving this one 5 stars is the amount of flies, mosquitos and that we got attacked by mini ticks. Long pants, long socks and anti tick spray on shoes, socks and pants didn’t hold them back. Besides that it was a really pretty and strenuous trail. I’d suggest to start the loop by going left, then you’ll start out with a couple of climbs and the second half is mostly flat. I’d defiantly do this one again, but I’d check for the mini ticks every couple of hours. Those are nasty!

Hiked the whole 11 mile, 1600+ elevation, hills, tight ridge passes, climbs as good as it gets for nontechnical. Red pines at 870, , no droning traffic noises, very very lightly trafficked. Amazing time. Whoever designed this trail must receive a medal. Why 15 reviews? It may not be pet/kid friendly but it is definitely serious hiker friendly.

I loved this trail, it was pretty well maintained with just a couple trees down. There wasn’t much in the way of scenic outlooks due to the thick canopies. I camped the first day close to the lake and spent the next day hiking the trail and then returning the same day, which was much tougher than I had imagined it would be. This trail promises a hardcore leg workout, which gave me a great sense of accomplishment after I’d given my calves a much needed rest.
Besides a few people loading boats into the lake, I never saw another person for my two days there, which I certainly didn’t mind. Another thing about this trail was that I didn’t notice many areas where someone could setup a camp due to the constant inclines and declines of the hills. I ended up using permethrin and only had two bites while I was there, although I did find three ticks on my shoes as well. The little flies were driving me crazy as they dive-bombed my ears and eyes, but this is pretty much the case on any trail this time of year.

Great trail. May 2018 backpacking trip for our Scout Troop, shakedown hike for an Alaska backcountry trip in July. All the elevation changes had a few of us adults smoked, but the Scouts did awesome! We got caught out in a thunderstorm, but the trail conditions held up nicely. Blazes were reasonably easy to follow. Unfortunately, no real place to camp on the western end of the trail if you have a very large group (17 hikers) like we did), although there's a really pretty spot overlooking the lake if you're just one or two. "HARD" rating well deserved.

Did the Delaney park loop 3-28-18 and even with water and downed trees, it was a blast! I agree with all written, poles a must, water shoes good idea and training! The ridges were beautiful and the trail blazes were wonderful and completely visible. Having a map is really really a good idea though. I did not camp but carried 35 pound pack for a through trip this summer. Great to get a feel for it and cannot wait to get back. Delaney park campground was really nice too. Well worth the training and not for the inexperienced as foot paths are tricky on the ups and downs. Don’t hurry. Enjoy the views and the workout! Again, beware of water crossings- but I do realize I went in the wet season. I simply changed my shoes and it was fine for me to go back and forth. As of now, the lakeside trail part is mid- calf deep- no way around it otherwise. So, I went left first at the trailhead and was glad I did to finish in the water. Well marked, it just seems to take forever to get to the next mile marker because of the terrain but well worth the effort! I’m a fan of Knobstone for sure! Looking forward to the next hike there already. Take plenty of water!

I really enjoyed this trail although it is tough and not for beginners. I highly recommend taking trekking poles. I did not have them and it was still doable but there are several tough areas where they would come in handy! There are a lot of elevation changes. Definitely a difficult trail and like I said before, not for beginners, but it’s beautiful! Word of advice, look for the white marks on trees if you aren’t sure where to go or if you lose the trail for a minute. Some areas can get a little confusing but the white marks on the trees helped keep me on track.

I will say this trail is not for everyone. It's was a great workout. Great elevation changes. I took my dog and he was in heaven . There was plenty of spots for him to cool down and lay in a pool and take a drink of water. I didn't see one other person, so I let him off leash. I'm definitely gonna come back. Some great little spots along the trail to camp that have already been set up. Nice little hidden gem.

We camped at Delaney Park (which is beautiful) with our scout troop. We hiked the Delaney park loop the first day and the Spurgeon Hollow Loop the second day. Both loops were great hikes. The rating of 'Hard' is accurate. There were many downed trees and muddy spots which added to the adventure! There was a section on the southern part of the Spurgeon Loop that was as beautiful a place as I have ever seen! Would recommend this to experienced hikers. Looking forward to hiking the rest of the KT sometime!

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Didn't do the entire section as I was only going for a long day hike. But I have to say I loved this trail! When the weather warms up a little I fully plan to bring my pack and do some overnight hiking. The trail had some tough spots that were hard even without a pack. But it's manageable. And if your looking for a good workout, a quiet isolated place for a few nights, this is perfect. This is a perfect trail for those who respect and enjoy the solitude only Mother Nature can offer. Beautiful place.

it was a good trail, harder than I expected but still not too bad, I went after a couple hard rains so most of it was flooded, but not impassable, as long as you don't mind a little wading

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I have backpacked this loop several times over the years. This trail is typical of what you can expect on the KT. It is wonderful for training for the AT or Philmont. Last completed in June of 2016. It is great to see the northern portion opened again after being closed in 2014 & 2015. It is exactly what you would expect for the KT. Bring trekking poles - while the climbs are not long they do take a toll. Not for the beginning backpacker.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

We hiked this section this spring. My wife was recovering from knee surgery . Would like to go back and try again , now that my wife is fully recovered

We did 11 miles last fall. This trail lets you get warmed up for about the first 4 miles, then after that your getting a work out.

Completed a portion of the trail at Delaney Park. Parts were closed, so we had to make up some of our own route. One of the more challenging trails in Indiana.

A fun day hike and a grat place to play in the woods. This is the section of trail that I most frequent on the KT.

I actually hiked the delaney park loop which is not listed on trails.com. It was not very well maintained and was closed down but I hiked it anyway. You have to search for blazes and it's really easy to get off the trail.

This is loop trail covering 6+ miles. Starting @ the trailhead by the lake the trail is flat & very easy with nice wooded forest. Trail was dry, but my brother, who has hiked this before in the early spring, said that it can be a bit sloppy in places. After close to 2 & 1/2 miles trail makes left turn & begins a steep ascent, which doesn't last too long. Upon arriving on a ridge, you will be glad to hear that most of the rest of the trail will be mostly flat. Eventually you will come to a gravel road & you will go left & continue following the white blazes. At around mile 4 & 1/2, the trail will start to decend. Be careful, lots of places to lose your footing on the way down. Hiking stick is highly recommended. When you arrive back @ the lake, go right onto the trail & it will take you back to parking lot. I would rate this as moderate given the distance, with a short difficult ascent. Enjoyed it tremendously. My brother & I hiked this in October in sunny chilly weather. I was visiting from Western North Carolina.

From Delaney Park to Elk Creek Park, Beautiful and tough, climbs are steep and close. With a heavy backpack makes it a very hard trip. But love it, enjoy it, best keep secret in Indiana. Did not make all the way to Elk Creek, was picked up at highway 56.

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