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1 day ago

Slightly overgrown. Lots of spider webs and chiggers.

This is my favorite trail in this state park. You go thru a variety of terrain, including meadows, along creeks, and through winding hills.

I don’t love that bikes are allowed on this trail but it’s best to go the opposite direction of them so you can see them coming head on, rather than being surprised from behind.

As with many trails in this park, you can hear traffic and see the roads. This one isn’t horrible as you’re mostly hearing traffic inside the park, but it’s not the best sound to hear when you’re in nature.

Other than that, it’s my new favorite trail that’s close to downtown Indy.

A nice, 4.5 mile hike to get out of the city and get back into nature.

Reasons I don’t love this trail:
- it’s windy and very back-and-forth so during much of the trail, you see where you’re going and that just isn’t a fun feature for me;
- during some of the hike you can hear the car traffic on 465 and surrounding streets and it takes away from the experience of being in nature.

9-8-18 Rode 2mi Saturday and 3mi Sunday with kids. Fun time. Not too difficult even with son on small kids bike.

End part 4-6 miles has cool forest part all trees no ground cover. Can see thru.

trail running
5 days ago

Love it's convenience and location. Great for walking or running, just make sure to pay attention to bikers.


Not sure what's up with the default path for this hike but my recording (apart from the two times my GPS barfed) represents the full loop that combines Trails 4, 2, and 1. I recommend starting at the Porter Rea Cemetery parking lot. Follow Trail 4 counter-clockwise. This puts the biggest climbs early when you are fresh, and leaves the laky bits as a reward at the end of the hike. From the Porter Rea Cemetery parking lot walk down the road a short distance and you will find Trail 4 on your left. Follow Trail 4 until you come to the connecting trail to Trail 2. After going down a straight trail and crossing a bridge you find yourself on Trail 2. Proceed on Trail 2 counter-clockwise to the loop's biggest ascents, Steam Boat Hill (stairs) and Vargo Hill. Eventually Trail 2 will bring you to Trail 1. Follow signs to the Nature Center (crossing the bike trails at a couple points). Conveniently placed bio break there. Keep following Trail 1 counter-clockwise to Trail 2, the retrace yours steps on the connector between Trails 2 and 4. Continuing counter-clockwise on Trail 4 will take you to the Spring House and great views of Worster Lake before returning you to Porter Rea Cemetery. The whole loop as I described it was about 6.5 miles and we did it in under 2.5 hours. Signage is actually pretty clear, contrary to other reports. Only moments of confusion may come when crossing bike trails.

10 days ago

Not a bad hike, just uneventful. Upkeep not great.

Very winding and hilly. NICE!!
$7.00 a vehicle $9.00 out of state.
Definitely worth it.

We set out to do the perimeter 5 mile challenge hike but we ended up doing trails 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 and 10 and lots of back tracking due to trails being poorly marked This really needs to be addressed. Trail 3 was the most enjoyable and fun with the rock climbing, ravines, etc. I also really enjoyed Gypsy Gulch, suspension bridge and covered bridge. Everything was was just ok. We covered almost 7 miles and it was all pretty easy with only a couple strenuous areas. I’m glad we did it and checked it off the list, it’s worth seeing once but wouldn’t go back and do it again.

did the north loop. tons of spider webs the entire way, had to walk with sticks in front of us. trails were rough from the horses. probably won't do this one again

Nice walk along the river with the dogs

15 days ago

Very nice trail to hike. Well maintained. Would be slick with moisture due to packed dirt by the bikes.
Was passed by some bikers and runners but the trail is a mostly open with good visibility.

Less technical than the Town Run Trail Park but also more open and the trail a little wider. On the Town Run, you really have to watch for bikes.

This trail does not stay stagnant for long. Stairs, bridges, hills all come at you randomly. The highway and a railroad are nearby so those sounds are mixed in with nature.

15 days ago

Good workout. Narrow trail as grasses and weeds very prevalent.

mountain biking
16 days ago

A pretty decent trail system given the area. The Dark side loop can be difficult to navigate because it's not always clear which way to go, but if you don't mind exploring a little it pays off. It offers a nice challenge and will push the limits for newer riders. If you ride all the loops it's just under 7 miles. The newly redesigned roller coaster hill is a blast! Ride safe, guys!

My husband and I hiked Camp Creek Trail yesterday with our two dogs. We had a great time! we dont care for asphalt trails but aren't quiet ready for a "difficult" trail yet. This trail had some steeper inclines and spots that were pretty narrow with drop offs right on the other side. It deffinitly was great for giving that backcountry feel but still on a dirt path. We only past one other couple and 3 deer.

16 days ago

I have to go with some other hikers on this one. I gave it only 2 starts for hiking but it would be a great trail for biking.

Well maintained trails that are only wide enough for one person/bike. I was lucky in that every time a bike came on us (all the riders were extremely nice), we had a place to jump off the path. There are many places and blind corners that getting off would have been a issue. The bikes these days are so quiet that they are on you in a blink. We spent the hike listening for bikes which was very difficult the closer you get to 465's noise.

The trail has one direction, so make sure to enter to the Northeast.

trail running
16 days ago

Great trail for running. Very challenging. Yes...I can understand how it may be hard to figure out and somewhat confusing but just stay on the trail and it will take you from beginning to end.
MOST forks are labeled “More Difficult” or “Most Difficult”. The latter is an off-trail “loop” that will eventually drop you back off on the main trail.
If you run/hike/ride all the trail and loops you’re looking at a solid 7+ Miles. And that’s just on the Dark Side...more presently known as the Outback Loop now.
Again. Very challenging for any activity.

Great for a run! Brush can get a little grown-in.

on France Park

16 days ago

I love the France park! one of my favorite places to go!

Just okay, nothing special.

Fun small hike but I'm not sure if I'd recommend. Parts of the trail are grown up(August 2018). I use deet spray but still check for ticks. Only two managed to get on me.

This trail seemed to not be traveled often as there are spiders and web everywhere. I can deal with webs but come on... Not every 5 feet.

I also picked up what I believe to be chiggers bites on my lower legs/ankles. No big deal... It has just made for an itchy couple of days. I hope the next leg of the trail isn't as bad.

The trail isn't really that hard in my opinion. Miles 4 to 5 get a little steep but it doesn't last long.

I'm not sure if I'll ever take this leg of the trail again.

Easily one of my favorite spots. great trails and photography opportunities. Some trails off the beaten path could be marked a little better.

very nice and quiet place for peaceful hiking and photography

rugged trail. breathtaking views. like being in the appalachians

This was a nice quick hike that’s near by, but not spectacular.

Trail is the best marked trail I’ve been on. Easy grade changes, rocky trail.

mountain biking
23 days ago

Luv it here. My bike luvs it here. Good equipment is needed. Real singletrack. I recommend GU :)

These are mostly easy with 2 moderate hikes, very enjoyable. Creek is nearby so definitely will need bug spray to fend off the bugs.

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