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Marshall, Indiana Map

The Shades has the best trails in the state. Prepare to walk in creekbeds and take extra shoes and socks.

easy walking

Beautiful, large variety of difficulty.

24 days ago

Many hiking trails offering great views and beauty all around. The canyons are so much fun to climb in for all ages.

on Shades State Park Trail

1 month ago

The trails are challenging, as there are a lot of staircases and long sections of some of the trails are stream beds, but I LOVE this park! It’s a very fun hike! The campground isn’t huge, so even though it was full, I never felt crowded or as if I couldn’t enjoy the peace of the forests. The scenery is wonderful and well worth the soggy shoes

1 month ago

Trail 4 was the most challenging through the ravine with ladder climbing and stream walking. We enjoyed a sit in the river to cool off.

we hiked a combination of trails 7&8. Some of the trail required navigating creek beds with slippery surfaces. Trail 8 would not be recommended for inexperienced or poorly conditioned hikers.

Challenging, fun, beautiful. Rugged section is well worth the effort. Not too difficult, but highly suggest trekking poles.

Trail 1 is beautiful and not as busy as the popular trail 3. It’s a nice hike to take 1 to 2 to 4 across the covered bridge.

10 months ago

Hiking/Backpacking - Did a bit of hiking on Friday, then backpacked for the night. We noted that the park maps are not correct with the trails. Trail 5 is reverse of the map. Trail 8 does not intersect the backpacking trail twice. We were going to cut off the backpacking trail to 8/7 to get back to the parking lot, but the connection indicated in the map doesn't exist.

Backpacking note... It's kind of like backpack glamping. The backpack campground has large sites with picnic tables and fire rings. There is a shed with firewood for sale, nice pit toilets, trash bins, and running water.

If you combine all of the trails together, the trails are great. If you're individually picking them apart, three stars for each as they're too short. Tackle them all at once and they offer a five-star experience when done together.

11 months ago

I enjoyed my time on this hike but had expectations for it to be a little more difficult. It is considered the most rugged hike that the park has. I only saw one family of two adults and two teenagers on my journey. Has some very nice views and lots of stairs. I wouldn't might going back.

Love this place and all the trails

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Great trail to hike! I was amazed by the views this trail had to offer especially for being in Indiana.

Beautiful place.

The most amazing hike I've ever been on. It was beautiful and unique! Hiking alongside the canyon walls and climbing ladders was so fun! My 5 year old had the most fun exploring and being our trail guide. A little difficult for my 2 year old and I ended up carrying him in the baby carrier for about a third of it. He also got tired towards the end. But it was still super amazing and we will definitely go back!

Did #7 and #11 and part of #6. 7 is absolutely gorgeous and a bit challenging for sure. #11 is short, easy, and fairly boring.

This place was challenging at times. Worth the trip though. Tails were well marked and heavily trafficked. There were a lot of people so it's not the place to go if you wish to be more secluded. State park workers were walking around picking up trash that people left. Seems to be a habit of many visitors. Sad. But will probably come back.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

there are 10 short trails to hike..it is possible to complete in a full day if you are physically fit

Heavy trail traffic, stressed out parents, and people not very mindful of their trash and animals. I stepped in dog crap not once but twice on trails #5 and #9. And to top it off, as I and a few other folks were exiting trail #3 some kids wading in the creek decided to start throwing rocks up at the wall above us. A guy and his young son behind me were almost struck by one of the rocks that hit the trail. Bad day at the park for sure.

Wasn't as scenic as the other trials that turkey run has to offer.

Trial 3 was amazing. Trial 2 is ok. 6,7,11 are super short. Trial 6,7 are neat. Trail 1 is lame.

Not as rugged as I expected but beautiful hike

By far one of the most beautiful places to hike! Trail #3 is rated rugged due to most of the trail being streams and waterfalls running over boulders and rock. I took my kids, one of them 5yrs, and it's easy to navigate with watershoes. Definitely a must see place!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Had a lovely walk in the woods with enough adventure my teens enjoy it, even in the rain.

If you enjoy hiking, you will enjoy the trails at Turkey Run. Lots of variety.
Trail 1 is an easy walk along the river
Trail 2 has an enjoyable section through box canyon.
Trail 3 is the must do short trail in Indiana
Trail 4- the back side of trail 4 is the quiet, river hooping trail.
Trail 5 is a short section where you will see quite a bit of traffic
Trail 8 is a walk in the woods. Less traffic
Trail 9 has two challenging sections through Boulder and Falls Canyon. Your feet will get wet.
Trail 10 is easy walking.

Combine them all for 2-3 hours of fantastic hiking.

Best during the week. This place gets a lot of traffic on the weekends. The winter season in this park is awesome, especially when it has snowed.

Absolutely loved it! Especially during the week when there are no other people are there!

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