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17 hours ago

Well marked moderate trail.

Indiana High Point

This isn't a terribly challenging trail, plan on 2 hours or so to get from trailhead to camp. Great trail for a beginner or if you are taking someone backpacking for the first time. You get a little challenge and a pretty good payoff of lake views. Several easy to find campsites make for a comfortable stay with beautiful Lake views. Enjoy!

Pack 336 had a blast and learned so much. Great hike.

2 days ago

Great hike for a family. Half of the trail is easy walking. The other half will take more effort.

2 days ago

Enjoyable walk. Trail head is easy to find. Trail is easy to follow. A few small hills along the way.

Have been to this secluded jewel of a location in the Hoosier National inumerable times. Whether camping or a daytrip I absolutely reccomend this beautiful unique trail to anyone in the area or afar. The far side of the trail conceals an astounding giant cave formation halfway up the cliffs. Love it.

do the entire path. I have hiked and biked from the ice cream shop down to George Rodgers Clark and back is 4 miles or more.

My first dunes hike. Was challenging but exciting!

We did a loop here a couple of days ago and enjoyed the hike but didn't actually make it to the falls. If you want to see the falls, take 8 all the way to the end and 7 to falls overlooks. You can (I think) take 2 along the riverbed to view the falls from below, but with dogs along we were worried about them hurting legs between the rocks. Trail 8 it easy after the initial climb up to the ridge. The other trails are more challenging with lots of stairs and climbs up and down. A fun area, but bring a trail map to keep track of where you are at the many trail junctions.

A beautiful hike. We started at the end by the inn and easily followed 8 out, coming back we jumped along several trails by the falls and on the loop back. Take a trail map! The route had some ups and downs and also some rocky areas and stairs We had two dogs along, and the stairs and rocks were challenging for our one with mobility issues in one back leg. But he made it and loved it! Saw a few tiny flowers and many others getting ready to bloom.

trail running
8 days ago

I live near here so an annual pass is a must! This is a beautiful park 15 minutes from Downtown Indy, though you’d never know you were so close because of the setting! I run this trail often, it’s about 6.5 miles if you complete the loop. You have some slight elevation, run beside a lake, lots of variation. I’d rate it as a very enjoyable somewhat moderate trail. If you’re experienced more of an easy rating. It’s definitely worth your time to visit Eagle Creek Park and the Red Trail is my favorite of all!

Last visited this area 25 years ago. Was much better then because you
could hike along the river gorge and walk right up to the falls. Trail map is poor and markers along the way are largely useless. Map shows Big Clifty visible from both trails 7 and 8,but there is no view from 8 at all. The view from 7 is largely obstructed by trees from the overlook, and the size of the falls can't really be appreciated from above. Very disappointing and there were no park employees around to ask questions of. No park fee though. Won't be back, it's been "improved" too much. Need distance markers to the attractions and not signage strung up on cables over the creeks.

An interesting trail that starts off going down a large hill and over a bridge into an old resort abandoned during the Great Depression. There are many artifacts and descriptive signs, making his a different outing.

11 days ago

great trail, has some good climbs and challenges but nothing too serious. my only gripe is that the trail is not marked real good in some spots. all in all great trail and a beautiful forest to visit

Loved this hike! It was kid friendly but challenged them on some of the off shoots of the trails to climb rocks and explore. We spent about 2 hours getting lost in all the different areas we could safely climb! Loved the views and waterfalls!

14 days ago

Nice little trail. Very windy with moderate elevation changes. Hikers do not believe the title at the park, it is NOT difficult. What makes it difficult is that this is shared with bikers and very few follow the one way/yielding rules. All traffic is to go one way and bikers yield to runners and hikers but they dont. Like always, people are what is wrong with the trail. Would be a good workout for a biker with few obstacles but frequent and sudden elevation changes.

14 days ago

Super easy trail though most is near the creek so flooding can be a big problem depending on the time of year. Be prepared for it to be closed or very muddy. Other than that, very easy, wide, flat trail.

Great relaxing trail.

It’s a very peaceful place. Great area to hike. The wooded area of the trail has a lot of roots on the trail. It may be due to all the rain in our area recently. The other area of hiking was a very wide grassy trail. We would definitely do it again. So close to home.

I hiked the Red and Orange trails. Both were nice, but I definitely enjoyed the Red more. The park overall is beautiful and has a good variety of trails! It was pretty busy when I went, but since I’m a solo female hiker I didn’t mind. I will definitely go back.

Interesting farm

We couldn’t ask for a better park nearly in our backyard. The dogs give it 12 paws up!

Love these trails

This trail is mostly covered in gravel, which I'm not a fan of, but did have a few good climbs.

on Fall Creek Trail

21 days ago

The trail is totally flooded today. Come prepared for a nice walk on the road. Wait till the waters recede and I’ll give it 5 stars !

Good views. Like the dam and the lake.

21 days ago

It was pretty muddy because it had rained a lot during the week, but this is still a great park close to Indianapolis.

22 days ago

Pretty flooded with all the rain recently, but that’s to be expected. Very fun trail.

24 days ago

it started as a moderate trail overlooking the sugar Creek but then you come to the huge staircase down into the ravine close to where the stream empties into sugar creek. The rest of the trail is a rugged journey back into the ravines as it gradually ascends back to the top. the whole time going against the stream's currant. we should have done this trail first instead of last. It kicked our butts. great trail!

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