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Great trail for novice backpackers. We only saw a handful of people while we were on the trail, but the camp sites by the lake get full as the day goes on. Very dog friendly.

Great trails!

This isn't a terribly challenging trail, plan on 2 hours or so to get from trailhead to camp. Great trail for a beginner or if you are taking someone backpacking for the first time. You get a little challenge and a pretty good payoff of lake views. Several easy to find campsites make for a comfortable stay with beautiful Lake views. Enjoy!

Great relaxing trail.

This trail is mostly covered in gravel, which I'm not a fan of, but did have a few good climbs.

23 days ago

It was pretty muddy because it had rained a lot during the week, but this is still a great park close to Indianapolis.

mountain biking
28 days ago

They both easy and very advanced trails for serious bikers. Enjoy some camping and fishing but not a lot of things to do outside of small park. Great for a weekend camping trip, not a serious destination for longer trips.

Great trails!

A lot of fun. Definitely challenging if you are new to hiking or (and) out of shape. I liked how clear the trail was. The lake was very pretty, looking forward to hiking this route again in the spring and fall for more foliage.

Trail is clear and wide. Took advantage of a warm January day after melting snow and rain. Some spots were a little chewed up from horse traffic, but overall a good trail. Few water crossings, but not too deep and decent hills and views. Will definitely do it again.

trail running
1 month ago

Great trail. I love the eastern addition

Very Difficult to navigate. If it wasn't the winter time and the trail wasn't packed down, I'd have no clue where I'm going. The trails also merge in clusters, and there's no way to identify which trail goes where.

I'd give this trail 2 out of 5 starts, but evidently some people navigate much better than I can... Pictures online look great and I must've missed it! Ultimately, the "views" aren't worth the research this trail takes.

nice park, great playground and bike trails

2 months ago

A great resource for this part of the state. The hiking trail was longer, more meandering, and more challenging than I had anticipated, all of which were nice. I first hiked this trail in January 2018, with a full backpack and trekking poles, during snow and cold weather. I saw only a few ice fishermen and one mountain biker when I was there, so lightly populated. I wish I had visited Westwood sooner and will definitely be back.

24 degrees and 2 “ of snow on the ground. Weekend. Still had quite a bit of traffic. Good walk not very challenging that many sites, but still enjoyable

3 months ago

Awesome one nighter on Dec 2 weekend. Beautiful views. Didn't see much wildlife, although we did see an eagle cruising over Lake Monroe. Last weekend of hunting season, we did hear numerous gun shots in the evening and morning. Encountered one hunter who was processing his deer on the trail. I'll do this trail again, but not during hunting season.

Great trails....watch out for the bike riders!

Great trail with awesome lake views !! Easy hike and kid friendly

4 months ago

4 months ago

The trail was beautiful! Well marked. It is also well maintained. We chose a camp site out by the beach. A great weekend!

Hiked in for the weekend and found a great campsite. They're not all easy to find- just look for the fire rings. Wonderful fall weather and great views. The hike in was pretty moderate but felt like it went quickly.

5 months ago

Really fun trail. Pretty easy to walk, and definitely a day well spent. Both the map and the lady in the gatehouse said it was more like 10.5 miles. Went on a perfect Saturday and only saw a handful of other people--although hikers must watch out for mountain bikers. Most of the cyclists encountered were really nice, while two of them nearly mowed my friend and I down. Just gotta be aware. Easy trail to follow and some pretty nice views along the lake. Do it and enjoy!

5 months ago

Great hike! Took my 8 year old son and spent the day fishing at our awesome campsite. The hike itself wasn’t difficult and the change leaves made for a pleasant time. I really enjoyed the old forest pine trees. We caught several bluegill and a bass from the shore.

Trail 3 & 6 were beautiful, moderate trails that led to Hell's point, a large viewing platform. Trail 9 was strenuous with a lot of steep hills, which would have been fine if there had been a nice view. Trail 9 led to a large pasture with no shade, that ran along the Indiana Toll Road...noisy, and not a nice view. I would skip trail 9 in future and replace it with trail 7 bluebird hill, which is also a loop back to trail 3.

Lovely trails that weave in and out of forest and prairie. Easy walk, but beware of the horse manure.

5 months ago

A gentle trail, mostly packed gravel, but certainly has areas without it. The low hills, winding curves, a few deer and a nice gravel road or two makes for an enjoyable trail run.

5 months ago

I’ve only visited two other parks in Indiana, and this one is by far my favorite. It’s far enough from the road that you don’t see asphalt.
Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of markers. You kinda have to navigate yourself well. I ended up at the side of the road cos I followed a mountain bike trail and i thought there would be another in. I just walked on the side of the road until I got back to the car which worked out cos it was a mile and it was hot.
Will be going back and finishing what I had started.

Really great trails, from winding up and down trails on the bluff to scenic walk down by the White River. My new favorite place to hike on the west side of town. But definitely built with bikes in mind. Some horse trails too. There's more than just the loop that is shown on this app. A couple seem to follow the river to parts unknown. So get a map or GPS. Go out and explore!

Good fairly easy mountain biking trail. Had been mowed not too long ago.

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