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1 month ago

A paved trail in University Park. A small Greenwood city park in the Homecoming subdivision. Nice trail if you only have a few minutes available. 3 different trails that interconnect. A portion of one is currently closed. Appears to need work on wooden walkway.

Very nice paved trail along White River. It is only 1.5 miles from Potter's bridge to Field Drive which would make it only 3 miles out and back. Not sure how this became rated as a 6.8 mile trail. There are quite a few benches to sit and rest. There is a mile marker every 1/4 mile.

3 months ago

No nature views. Trail begins across the street from the iconic home of the Indy 500. I can remember in the 70s campers parked on what is now the trail. It was a prime party spot race weekend. Trail is asphalt part of way and crushed limestone the rest.

3 months ago

No nature views. Trail begins across the street from the iconic home of the Indy 500. I can remember in the 70s campers parked on what is now the trail. It was a prime party spot race weekend. Trail is asphalt part of way and crushed limestone the rest.

These are not lightly travelled roads. They are very busy roads (unless you’re on an Amish dirt path? And that would *not* be a common or advised way to travel especially if not from the area!) “main st” is SR19 and is heavily trafficked, from cars to semis. “Plymouth” is 119 and is a narrow road, not suitable for walking, and would never ride it either; it also has heavy and fast traffic since it’s “kind of” a back road. If you aren’t from the area, it could be nice to drive, but there’s far better roads to take, more scenery and better roads to walk or ride

A paved trail that follows the eastern bank of the White River. The covered bridge that spans the White River was opened in 1871. Parts of the trail are built on what used to be the Interurban Rail Line. The trail is dotted with several old sycamore trees.

my dog got something weird in his foot, but other than that good hike. there is a very small pioneer cemetery.

Loved this trail!! Perfect for the adventurist.

Lovely trails that weave in and out of forest and prairie. Easy walk, but beware of the horse manure.

A number of trails that intersect with one another. Some are forested trails, others are open grass trails. There is a restored wetland area also a swamp area. However they are both dried up due to the lack of rain in central Indiana. Historic site is the pioneer Osborn family cemetery. A designated state nature preserve.

Loved this trail with my dogs!! Especially being able to let them go into the creek to cool off. Will be returning again soon!

We loved this hike. Just rough and long enough for us old guys. Did have some problem finding the trails again once crossing the roads. Other than that it's a great hike.

Nothing really special here but the dozens of ticks I had to pull off me after exiting the loop.

The loop trail on the map here is designated as the blue trail, which is the longest in the park. Two other smaller trails (red and yellow) are intertwined within. Well marked and maintained, this trail system is perfect for the novice and children alike. Beautiful park!

This is an absolutely gorgeous and serene hike. Not only do you get to experience historical sites, but forest, field, and swamp. From beginning to end the walk took us around 3 hours, and came to a total of 5 miles. Terrain was rugged in parts, and still muddy towards the end of the trail, but it's nothing that a good pair of hiking boots can't handle. The walk is stroller friendly, as long as you have a partner to help through the muddy bits. My only complaint is that you have to cross a busy street to get to the cemetery!

still muddy and trail poorly marked in multiple spots. still some nice views along river and it will be interesting to see how the return to prairie works.

very nice trail. can be wet and muddy at times so be prepared. the fact that the bailey homestead and chelberg farm are connected to this trail add a great historical avenue to the experience.

Walked the trail between rain storms. As expected, its muddy. The trail could be marked better.

Monday, February 20, 2017

I started this trail at Bailey's Homstead, which leads into Little Calumet.

I had been to Baileys Homstead so many times and just never went the other way. Well, I decided to go the other way! The trail was SO DIVERSE. I was amazed at how many different things I got to see and experience. Woods, a beautiful boardwalk, bridges, a prairie and you come across Bailey's Homstead fully equipped with signs to let you know about the first settlers in Northwest Indiana.

When I went, it was extremely muddy. But we carried on!

The only thing I did not like - the trails are HORRIBLY unlabeled. Even with two different types of maps, we were still confused on which way to go at some points. ESPECIALLY when you get to the paved road. We walked down a street for about a half a mile before we finally figured out that a trail was behind this little gravel parking lot. So be aware!

Overall, it was a pretty trail. I can't wait to visit it during the summer and will return.

Was there Friday, little soupy in some spots. Great trail

Monday, October 19, 2015

Nice one 1.5 hour, 3.5 mile walk in the woods and fields. It's not remote and if you look and listen you will see power lines and hear trains nearby. But, if you look even closer you will see huge trees that once lined old roads and settlements as well as a lot of wildlife and variety of plants. The Bailley home and cemetary are maintained by the park service and the trails are well maintained. The trail could be more clearly marked at some places.
As of October 2015 there is a section closed that had many wooden steps going through a ravine. And a section goes through a field that apparently used to go by the river instead. I will try to upload a newer track than the one I found here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I enjoy walking here...yes some of the signs seem to throw you off but you can find your way. Can stay wet at times but all and all a good walk. By the way I like loud trains :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Not a bad trail for Northern Indiana. Enjoyed the walk along the river and ridges. Had the same issue as previous reviewer. Came to a Fork and took left leg expecting it to meet with return trail. it did not. Went back to fork and took right leg which end at nature camp. Finally back tracked the way I came. Will try alternate route heading east next time to see if the trails ever meet.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Not Bad little trail, I'm not a fan of how the start of it goes through a prairie OR the fact that there was a LOUD train rolling past said prairie. The trail did eventually go into the woods a bit. As I was walking, I was looking and looking for the trails namesake "The Little Calumet River" and eventually found it. Unfortunately there was a big sign that cautioned people about going in or around the river due to sewage contamination after any rain has occurred. Having read that sign, I decided that it'd be prudent not to go into the river like EVER.

It's kinda sad... the river looked like it could have been a great little place to dip your feet. We humans have such a huge impact on our environment... no-one seems to notice what we ruin in the process of our expansion. But, I digress... this is about the trail and not humanities inevitable ruination of natures beauty.

I enjoyed walking along the narrow trail, which was slightly overgrown unlike the prairie section which was VERY clean, well maintained and recently mowed. Colors were changing (Late September) and the woods were on fire, deep and bright reds, yellows and orange... just wow. Keep walking and you wind up at a small footbridge which crosses over the river and lends a nice photo opportunity. There's a boardwalk which extends maybe a quarter mile at most, clean, maintained as much as is really necessary.

The last part of the trail gets tricky... here's what I don't like - there are no "This Way" signs. I came to a fork... looked left, looked right then, looked at the dogs. They picked left and I just hoped they were correct. They were not, we somehow wound up coming out at the main road (Howe St.) which leads to the trailhead. Not a big deal but I would have loved if I did NOT walk on a relatively busy road for the last 1/2 mile or so of my hike.

I can see coming back here sometime, not as much as I go to the Indiana Dunes (Very Close By), but maybe as a detour on the way TO the dunes.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nice easy trails.

scenic driving
Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This is an excellent way to spend a autunm afternoon.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This is a very nice spot to go for an afternoon hike that is relatively flat. The area provides a glimpse of Northwest Indianas settlement history. The trails are wide compact dirt or bark and some sand, and some benches throughout. This spot has many facets, nice wooded shad, wetland boardwalks, ravines and prairie meadow grasslands. Well worth the afternoon.

22 days ago

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