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For the connivence of the location it is a great small escape. My German Shepherd and I love running the trails and splashing in the creek. We almost forget we are in Elkhart when we are there!

Nice short trail. Bring repellent. All the insects including chiggers will have a feast

Nice trail decent climb nice overall

Great trail for novice backpackers. We only saw a handful of people while we were on the trail, but the camp sites by the lake get full as the day goes on. Very dog friendly.

Great trails!

Very flat but scenic.

This isn't a terribly challenging trail, plan on 2 hours or so to get from trailhead to camp. Great trail for a beginner or if you are taking someone backpacking for the first time. You get a little challenge and a pretty good payoff of lake views. Several easy to find campsites make for a comfortable stay with beautiful Lake views. Enjoy!

trail running
10 days ago

Just discovered this trail on All Trails app and I live close enough to walk there! What a great trail for hiking or trail running. Lots of variation,ups and downs to keep your blood pumping, over many fallen trees on the trail, under them as well. Today the trail was muddy in several spots, difficult at times to know if you were on the actual trail, no markings.....but all that said, I can’t wait to get back over there and do it again!

trail running
14 days ago

I live near here so an annual pass is a must! This is a beautiful park 15 minutes from Downtown Indy, though you’d never know you were so close because of the setting! I run this trail often, it’s about 6.5 miles if you complete the loop. You have some slight elevation, run beside a lake, lots of variation. I’d rate it as a very enjoyable somewhat moderate trail. If you’re experienced more of an easy rating. It’s definitely worth your time to visit Eagle Creek Park and the Red Trail is my favorite of all!

An interesting trail that starts off going down a large hill and over a bridge into an old resort abandoned during the Great Depression. There are many artifacts and descriptive signs, making his a different outing.

17 days ago

great trail, has some good climbs and challenges but nothing too serious. my only gripe is that the trail is not marked real good in some spots. all in all great trail and a beautiful forest to visit

Salamonie State Forest and Dam have plenty of trails hike, with scenic rivers, lakes and cliffs . Not all of the trails tie together. Many are separate and in different locations in the forest. The trail path's are not clearly marked and it can be easy to become disoriented and lose your way. In certain areas you are allowed to fish, hunt and camp. Both primitive and RV. The campgrounds are not very well maintained nor are they anything to marvel at. Overall it's a solid place to visit if you're within an hour travel time. I've been coming here since I was a child and will continue to do so but for no more than the hiking and fishing.

20 days ago

The trail was marked very well. We just had a whole mess of rain, so it was pretty muddy, naturally. We tried to get water from the lake, access can be difficult depending on where you're at. I don't have a reference point, but we changed the name to Siltamonie Lake. Getting water might be difficult.

It is a really good trail to break-in a beginner backpacker or hiker.

23 days ago

The begging and ending of the trail (same route) are mostly plain, either walking parallel to the road or cornfield. I did the trail on a Saturday after about a week of rain and the plain areas of the trail were basically a marsh. The middle chunk of the trail, where the campsites are located are wooded scenic for northern Indiana.

The trail is well marked, possibly a little too well marked taking away a sense of adventure. You're also never too far from the state roads and can hear cars driving by in the distant. With that said the trail was great to get my pup back into backpacking shape and I would suggest to anyone wanting a quick easy camp, or beginners.

Muddy in spots but do-able . Great time , great place !

Good views. Like the dam and the lake.

30 days ago

I’ve been here twice and both times were such a life changing experience. However, the first time I completed this trail, there was a flood. The second time, our technology died and we had to hike in the dark without light. Even though these things happened, this has become a tradition that my friends and I have begun. I highly suggest this trail.

1 month ago

Trail follows the western shoreline if Eagle Creek Reservoir. Trail maps are not available from Indy Parks. Outstanding views of the reservoir. Some low lying areas are extremely wet. Times of heavy rains will probable make portions of the trail underwater. Lots of blowdown on the trail.

on Bloodroot Trail

1 month ago

This is a wonderful trail for a beginner, during the summer and fall months it’s even more fantastic. They have even added more backpacking sites! There’s 7 of them now and all of them have amazing views. There are a few steep hills to climb at the backside of the trail but take your time and you can do it!

A bigger version of the South Overlook Trail. More of trail is through Eagle Creek Park forest.. It partially follows what is called the fitness trail located in the northeast portion of the trail. Exercise equipment available for those that chose to exert themselves even more.

great for picnics. kid friendly.

Beautiful and lots to explore! Will definitely be back.

A lot of fun. Definitely challenging if you are new to hiking or (and) out of shape. I liked how clear the trail was. The lake was very pretty, looking forward to hiking this route again in the spring and fall for more foliage.

Trail is clear and wide. Took advantage of a warm January day after melting snow and rain. Some spots were a little chewed up from horse traffic, but overall a good trail. Few water crossings, but not too deep and decent hills and views. Will definitely do it again.

2 months ago

fun in the snow, saw a super cool waterfall and climbed up inside with the ice.

Great place to get some nature, even if you are in a time crunch. I can easily get a loop in on my lunch break. But mostly I enjoy taking it slow and exploring with the kids and dog. Definitely is an easy trail, not moderate. You are walking on gravel or mulch, but it might as well be a paved surface.

Some of the trails are gravel and some are dirt so those can get muddy, but it's a pretty park with good trails that loop for day hiking. There are benches spread out along with picnic tables. Dogs are allowed and there are even some of those pet waste disposal bag dispensers. Unfortunately not all owners pick up after their dogs so you do have to watch out for it on the trails.

2 months ago

A paved path the wanders along White Lick Creek and thru the woods. Hummel Park is a typical city park with the usual amenities. A playground for the kids. An outdoor performing arts venue. Athletic fields and picnic shelters. There is also a sizeable sledding hill when snow is on the ground. Spotted either a hawk or a falcon perched in the underbush beside a pond, ( I'm no bird expert but I believe it was or the other).

2 months ago

A great resource for this part of the state. The hiking trail was longer, more meandering, and more challenging than I had anticipated, all of which were nice. I first hiked this trail in January 2018, with a full backpack and trekking poles, during snow and cold weather. I saw only a few ice fishermen and one mountain biker when I was there, so lightly populated. I wish I had visited Westwood sooner and will definitely be back.

Theres a great fire tower that you can hike or drive too, really nice in the late summer

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