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Well maintained but there is one sign that is marked incorrectly and I hiked 4 extra miles because of it.

1 month ago

This is one of my favorite condensed trails. I hike it counter-clockwise.

Basically, there is a challenging hill near the start, and a challenging hill at the end. The rest is just fun.

There is a back road with large white rock chunks. This white rock was laid down in about 2014. I can't wait for it to sink into the ground. Also, I have seen rattlers on that white rock stretch, so watch your steps.

The white rock section only lasts for about a mile, and then the trails veers down into the hollow on the left.

I think the is slightly longer than the posted length, a bit closer to 5.

One other thing to listen for in the warmer month is sudden thunder storms. There really is not much shelter on the trail, so check the radar often, too.

1 month ago

What a great hike. Of course it was all muddy and slippery but the kids and I truly did enjoy ourselves. The trail is marked really well especially since their is still snow on the ground.

Not too bad in the snow. However, it would’ve been hard to follow the trail were it not for someone who had walked it a few days before. I would be careful if you’re planning on hiking right after a snowfall.

4 months ago

Moderate hike with forest views. Blazes are faded but reliable, fairly well marked for the attentive hiker. We only saw onle other group of hikers as we were finishing ( on a Wednesday afternoon.)

Fun hike. Muddy after the rain the day before but only in parts. A friendly stray cat joined us the entire walk starting from Lambs Ridge Rd. Less than 2 miles one way. Nobody else on the trail. Also nice scenic ride on Hwy 111 coming from New Albany (other than the power plant across the river). Overall a good 1.5 to 3 hour hike depending on your pace.

Loved this trail!! Perfect for the adventurist.

on Scarce O'Fat Trail

5 months ago

It's a nice 4+ mile loop - not very difficult. The second half is very pretty, you feel like you're in the heart of the forest. However, we were fighting off mosquitoes the entire time so be sure to bring your bug spray!

6 months ago

Really fun trail! My wife and I have hiked it twice now and love the challenge, though I find it easier than it's described here.

It is apparently for members only. I'm glad we didn't have to drive too far to get here.

7 months ago

nice variety of settings until eventually dropping down into a creekbed

Beautiful trail! Good changes of scenery, all in my backyard!

We had a good hike this afternoon but for the life of me when we hit that gravel road I could not find where the trail continues so we doubled back. Novice when it comes to non-state park caliber marked trails I guess. If anyone can clarify how to navigate the fire Road/logging road that everyone's talking about in the comments that would be awesome.

7 months ago

It is labeled as hard, and it is if you aren't used to the hills and even the size of the rocks on the fire road. We did it at night, 2 adults and 3 kids. we made it, but our imaginations really had us moving at times. About mile 3 we were just over it. Got back to the car, hot, sweaty, and ready for bed. Kids passed out within 5 minutes of leaving Bloomington. Probably a trail that is more fun in the daylight. Either way, it was nice.

*Word of advice, however, when reaching the end of the fire road, pay close attention to the trail markers and the trees. They get a bit dicey at that spot. *

We loved this hike. Just rough and long enough for us old guys. Did have some problem finding the trails again once crossing the roads. Other than that it's a great hike.

9 months ago

Good trail.

This is an absolutely gorgeous and serene hike. Not only do you get to experience historical sites, but forest, field, and swamp. From beginning to end the walk took us around 3 hours, and came to a total of 5 miles. Terrain was rugged in parts, and still muddy towards the end of the trail, but it's nothing that a good pair of hiking boots can't handle. The walk is stroller friendly, as long as you have a partner to help through the muddy bits. My only complaint is that you have to cross a busy street to get to the cemetery!

still muddy and trail poorly marked in multiple spots. still some nice views along river and it will be interesting to see how the return to prairie works.

very nice trail. can be wet and muddy at times so be prepared. the fact that the bailey homestead and chelberg farm are connected to this trail add a great historical avenue to the experience.

More horses than humans - soft trail even more so due to heavy equestrian use. At about mile 3 there is a 1.7 mile spur back to parking. It is totally impassable due to flooding; be prepared to back track or hop on to surface streets (hwy 12 near).

Great hike. Half the hike we were climbing a boardwalk and stairs with amazing views. The other half was sand pathways and along the lake. There was a beach house open for bathrooms. My six year old loved running on it.

10 months ago

This is not a hiking trail. This is a walking trail. Basically 4 miles of walking on a wide path in the woods and .7 miles of a narrower path and a little rock skip over a creek ( depending on where you park.). The only reason I can think this is listed as hard is due to the hill you have to walk up and the fact it's 4.7 miles.. If your looking for a nice long walk through the woods this is it, if your looking for a challenge look elsewhere.

10 months ago

Not hard! Moderate, but nice trail.

Walked the trail between rain storms. As expected, its muddy. The trail could be marked better.

Dunes are a good workout, lake view nice. Trail has some down trees.

10 months ago

Good job

Trail is 4.8 miles v. The 4 posted at trailhead. My real issue is the 1 mile of fire road this trail is on. If doing the loop counterclockwise, first couple miles mostly along a ridge after initial steep ascent. Not a bad hike, other than fire road.

Beautiful walk along Lake Michigan with a view of downtown Chicago in the distance. Bring beach chairs or towels. There are flushable toilets at the main entrance. The sand was white and very soft. No shoes are necessary on the beach. The sand dunes are beautiful.

Monday, February 20, 2017

I started this trail at Bailey's Homstead, which leads into Little Calumet.

I had been to Baileys Homstead so many times and just never went the other way. Well, I decided to go the other way! The trail was SO DIVERSE. I was amazed at how many different things I got to see and experience. Woods, a beautiful boardwalk, bridges, a prairie and you come across Bailey's Homstead fully equipped with signs to let you know about the first settlers in Northwest Indiana.

When I went, it was extremely muddy. But we carried on!

The only thing I did not like - the trails are HORRIBLY unlabeled. Even with two different types of maps, we were still confused on which way to go at some points. ESPECIALLY when you get to the paved road. We walked down a street for about a half a mile before we finally figured out that a trail was behind this little gravel parking lot. So be aware!

Overall, it was a pretty trail. I can't wait to visit it during the summer and will return.

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