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We did a loop here a couple of days ago and enjoyed the hike but didn't actually make it to the falls. If you want to see the falls, take 8 all the way to the end and 7 to falls overlooks. You can (I think) take 2 along the riverbed to view the falls from below, but with dogs along we were worried about them hurting legs between the rocks. Trail 8 it easy after the initial climb up to the ridge. The other trails are more challenging with lots of stairs and climbs up and down. A fun area, but bring a trail map to keep track of where you are at the many trail junctions.

A beautiful hike. We started at the end by the inn and easily followed 8 out, coming back we jumped along several trails by the falls and on the loop back. Take a trail map! The route had some ups and downs and also some rocky areas and stairs We had two dogs along, and the stairs and rocks were challenging for our one with mobility issues in one back leg. But he made it and loved it! Saw a few tiny flowers and many others getting ready to bloom.

Last visited this area 25 years ago. Was much better then because you
could hike along the river gorge and walk right up to the falls. Trail map is poor and markers along the way are largely useless. Map shows Big Clifty visible from both trails 7 and 8,but there is no view from 8 at all. The view from 7 is largely obstructed by trees from the overlook, and the size of the falls can't really be appreciated from above. Very disappointing and there were no park employees around to ask questions of. No park fee though. Won't be back, it's been "improved" too much. Need distance markers to the attractions and not signage strung up on cables over the creeks.

13 days ago

Tends to be busy- go early! Beautiful scenery. The first part of the trail has you hiking up a stream bed, so be ready to get wet!

16 days ago

Very cool trail.

8 is a great trail with lots of views of the gorge below. Clifty creek (trail 2) was running high and swift. I crossed it and did trails 3/4/5/6/7 to see all the falls and make a 9.5 mile loop.

1 month ago

Awesome trail. Have been hiking here since I was a kid. All four of my children were able to hike at least parts of the trail, including our one year-old (We turned around at the ladders that time.). The three year old especially enjoyed climbing up and over the waterfall.
The trail is quite slick in some places, and you'll definitely get wet whether you want to or not. Wear water shoes or sandals with good traction (no flip-flops).

A snow covered hike on a well marked trail. A few creek crossings the resulted in slightly wet boots. Will definitely be back to enjoy this trail in other seasons.

Great short hike for a very cold New Year’s Day. The stream was frozen over so it was great for exploring off the trail a bit.

I have hiked this loop many times. If you have a park map, you have to patch the loop together; To acheive the outer loop, you hike 3,4, and 5. At the end of 5, in order to make it a loop, you have to do a water crossing and scramble up and bank to meet trail 6 (or you can do an additional 1 mile road walk to avoid the crossing). Continue on 6 to 7, then meet up with 8 at the north side of the park. Take 8 all the way along the west side then hook up with 2/3 at the southern end (water crossing). I have measure this to be a 7.5 mile loop. I like this hike because it is very scenic and I can do a quick 7 miles in 2.5 - 3 hours

I have no idea why they call this the "loop trail". If you get the park map, which you should, youll realize this "loop" shown here is a combination of several separate trails. There is no trail called "loop trail" at the park. Basically there are three main trail segments. Trail 8 goes along the west side of the ravine, trail 2 goes up the middle of the ravine, and trail 7, in combination with other trials, covers the east side of the ravine. I know trail 2 is 5 miles so I dont see how going all the way around could be 5 miles, Im sure its more like 8 at least. These trails are rugged-moderate with several great things to see along the east side. I have not traveled trail 8 (west side) but all the main attractions are found on the east side of the ravine on trails 5-7.

I dont know how to create new rails on here but 8 AND 2 ARE COMPLETELY SEPARATE TRAILS!!!! Here are my main take aways of this trail: 1) I can not vouch for 8 because I did not hike it, but trail 2 IS NOT EASY!!! I am an experienced hiker and trail 2 is nearly 5 miles of the most rugged trail Ive ever been on. And in my opinion it is the most rugged trail, per foot, in all of Indiana. Sure, trails like the KT trail are much longer, but for 5 miles this is a butt kicker. This trail is deceptively long because of how rugged it is. Children will slow you down and if you are elderly or handicapped you will NOT BE ABLE TO HIKE THIS TRAIL.
2) If you are traveling north on this trail wanting to see Cliffty Falls you will be "stuck" on trail 2 for the last 15-20 minutes and this is the most rugged area. What I mean by stuck is that the nearby trail 7 & 8 are not accessible so youll see the falls and then return back down trail 2 to leave.
3) Trail 2 is 100% creek bed. So prepare to get wet and prepare for non stop bolder hopping. Just did this trail yesterday and my entire pelvis is sore from the constant twisting and turning your legs are doing trying to stay balanced from rock to rock.
4) This is a beautiful trail with a great water fall at the end. But do not be tricked, you will have to earn the view. THIS TRAIL IS VERY RUGGED!!!!

5 months ago

This is the trail that my children compare all other trails to. This trail is rugged with rock slopes and ridges to bounce off and climb up. There if a creek that runs through a good portion of the trail and admittedly it is just good fun.

5 months ago

Fun short hike. My youngest kid is 5 and he was fine doing this trail unassisted.

Beautiful easy trail

The falls were nearly dry, but it was a nice walk in the woods.

If you combine all of the trails together, the trails are great. If you're individually picking them apart, three stars for each as they're too short. Tackle them all at once and they offer a five-star experience when done together.

5 months ago

fun trail. A little crowded.

5 months ago

Terrific trail. Gets pretty congested in parts, but fun.

McCormick's Creek is one of my favorites in Indiana and this trail is a lot of fun. Love following the creek and hiking up to the waterfall. Pack some water shoes in your backpack and get out in the water!

6 months ago

Loved the cave! :)

6 months ago

well kept trail. in some locations the signage was a bit confusing.

Decent trail, expected more. Thr waterfall is either at the beginning or end depending on which way you start the trail.

6 months ago

Great hike today on trail 3! You will definitely get muddy and wade through ankle deep water at times. I switched early to my water shoes. Also, if you want to go DOWN the ladders go to the right at the trailhead. If you prefer to go UP, go to the left. Some areas don't have great markings as to which fork to take to stay on trail 3. We also got stuck at the ice box having missed the staircase up and out to the suspension bridge which is directly to the left of the descent to the ice box and is easily missed. Lots of stairs on this trail. Beautiful, all-terrain hike though!

6 months ago

I love this park and trails! One of the first hikes I ever did and still at the top of my list! Plenty of rocks, ladders and watery obstacles to traverse here. If you like your hikes to keep you entertained, this is a great one for you! Wear your waterproof hikers, make sure your phone is charge you will want to take a few pictures.

this is one of my favorite places to hike. depending on the trail you take this can be a rough hike or very moderate. the falls are just amazing.

7 months ago

We always go in the Fall, so its usually busy because of the gorgeous colors. It gets a little backed up at the ladders, but it is the hardest trail (with the waterfall too), and that's makes it more fun (in my book)!

Love this place and all the trails

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