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1 day ago

Good fun trail, some nice elevation changes to burn the legs . Trail is marked fairly well,I would highly recommend this for a good dayhike.

Great trails!

This isn't a terribly challenging trail, plan on 2 hours or so to get from trailhead to camp. Great trail for a beginner or if you are taking someone backpacking for the first time. You get a little challenge and a pretty good payoff of lake views. Several easy to find campsites make for a comfortable stay with beautiful Lake views. Enjoy!

Have been to this secluded jewel of a location in the Hoosier National inumerable times. Whether camping or a daytrip I absolutely reccomend this beautiful unique trail to anyone in the area or afar. The far side of the trail conceals an astounding giant cave formation halfway up the cliffs. Love it.

7 days ago

I started the Trail on saturday at the trailhead off of SR 462. I went clockwise. The Trail was very muddy in spots. Plenty of water flowing in the creeks (I didn't end up needing my cached water at Cold Friday Road crossing). My first day, I hiked approximately 10 miles to the Chimney Shelter. Next day I hiked out 15-16 miles and finished the trail. There was logging taking place at the Ohio River Shelter. Some notably tougher spots were the climbs after Cold Friday Road. The trail was pure mud around the old iron bridge. Overall, I'd say it was a pretty decent backpacking trip. If your going to backpack it, I'd recommend allowing at least two nights / three days. It was pretty difficult to get it done with one night, which is obviously do'able but you can't really enjoy the trail much having to rush.

A good out and back for running. Not as large of hills as other portions of the Knobstone.

12 days ago

great trail, has some good climbs and challenges but nothing too serious. my only gripe is that the trail is not marked real good in some spots. all in all great trail and a beautiful forest to visit

Salamonie State Forest and Dam have plenty of trails hike, with scenic rivers, lakes and cliffs . Not all of the trails tie together. Many are separate and in different locations in the forest. The trail path's are not clearly marked and it can be easy to become disoriented and lose your way. In certain areas you are allowed to fish, hunt and camp. Both primitive and RV. The campgrounds are not very well maintained nor are they anything to marvel at. Overall it's a solid place to visit if you're within an hour travel time. I've been coming here since I was a child and will continue to do so but for no more than the hiking and fishing.

Loved this hike! It was kid friendly but challenged them on some of the off shoots of the trails to climb rocks and explore. We spent about 2 hours getting lost in all the different areas we could safely climb! Loved the views and waterfalls!

15 days ago

The trail was marked very well. We just had a whole mess of rain, so it was pretty muddy, naturally. We tried to get water from the lake, access can be difficult depending on where you're at. I don't have a reference point, but we changed the name to Siltamonie Lake. Getting water might be difficult.

It is a really good trail to break-in a beginner backpacker or hiker.

15 days ago

Easily accessible trail for a day trip from Indianapolis. I completed the 10 mile loop at a quick pace and saw a handful of other hikers. Quite a bit of elevation variation which was fun. The campsites for backpackers are well marked and near streams.

Others mentioned hiking clockwise. I did not, but would agree with the recommendation if you want to get the “ugly” gravel road section out of the way earlier. To go clockwise do NOT start at the trailhead that says “trail begins here”. Go down the steps on the side of the parking lot where the cars are facing.

Great hike! Took about 2 hours and 15 mins to do this loop at a pretty quick pace with minimal stops. Beautiful scenic loop passing by Lake Monroe. Hillier than expected, but nonetheless an afternoon well spent. Clean, obvious trails.

17 days ago

Enjoy this trail immensely, there are a few small climbs that offer a bit of a challenge and a portion of the trail runs along a creek, which is always nice. The trail offers clean and somewhat secluded backpacking sites for overnight trips.

My one knock of this trial would be that a portion of the trail runs along private property and is on gravel road.

Hiked with our two middle school sons.. it rained for two days nonstop, However still great trail and the boys did great. Went counter clockwise but only made have the hike due to severe weather. Cut halfway by using lower gap road. We will be back and try it again next year.

18 days ago

The begging and ending of the trail (same route) are mostly plain, either walking parallel to the road or cornfield. I did the trail on a Saturday after about a week of rain and the plain areas of the trail were basically a marsh. The middle chunk of the trail, where the campsites are located are wooded scenic for northern Indiana.

The trail is well marked, possibly a little too well marked taking away a sense of adventure. You're also never too far from the state roads and can hear cars driving by in the distant. With that said the trail was great to get my pup back into backpacking shape and I would suggest to anyone wanting a quick easy camp, or beginners.

21 days ago

Had a great time on this trail in Feb.
Had a little trouble with some of the markers but there were quite a few changes because of timber harvest.
Take this trail seriously, it is tough but very pretty

21 days ago

Fun, scenic trail! Great workout too, as there are a lot of very steep hills to climb. Someone scratched in "you are here" markings on the metal signs along the way, which proved to be helpful! We started north, passing the White Tail Trailhead, intending to do the entire outer loop. we missed our first turn to the right and ended up coming back south onto the trail that runs through the middle. But we did continue to head west and did the remainder of the outer loop coming back over the part of trail that we started on. With all the rain we've had, the water was very high and we had difficulty finding a place where we could cross the creek without getting our feet soaked. Otherwise, pretty smooth sailing! I will say the mileage on this map entry is way off. The map the trail provides states the entire loop in 7.7miles, and with the little section we missed, and only retracing one small part of the trail coming back to the entrance, we finished at 6.8miles.

25 days ago

I’ve been here twice and both times were such a life changing experience. However, the first time I completed this trail, there was a flood. The second time, our technology died and we had to hike in the dark without light. Even though these things happened, this has become a tradition that my friends and I have begun. I highly suggest this trail.

We did some trail running yesterday. Obviously, the ground is super saturated at the moment but it was still great to get out and experience this trail.

This is a beautiful trail and an easy hike. Enjoyed the waterfalls.

on Shades State Park Trail

28 days ago

Challenging, fun, beautiful. Rugged section is well worth the effort. Not too difficult, but highly suggest trekking poles.

The trail is rated hard and it is Hard but well worth it. Spent two nights out. The first night we camped just off trail, since we hiked the first 6 miles in the dark. It was cold and wet considering it had snowed earlier in the day and that changed to rain. The next day was perfect at 57 degrees and sunny. Spent that night at the Indian Creek Shelter. From there it was on to the car which was parked at the Trail Head.

The trailhead is not marked as the Trailhead to the AHT. We walked the entire trail counterclockwise. There are several areas of the trail, Northwest side, that are not marked well at all. But from then on it was no problem.

Some of the Trail was detoured due to flooding and some tree harvesting going on. Emerald Ash Borer has reeked havoc on the forest. At times we had to deviate from the trail because of flooding in the low ground around mile 8.

Do this Trail. It is well worth the experience. We plan on going back once all of the AHT is open. The shelters we saw were great. Very comfortable.

30 days ago

It was an enjoyable trail with great scenery and geologic features. But I’m surprised it is rated as rugged. I’m a novice backpacker and I’ve hiked harder “moderates” in Brown County. But I’ll hike it again for the scenery!

on Bloodroot Trail

1 month ago

This is a wonderful trail for a beginner, during the summer and fall months it’s even more fantastic. They have even added more backpacking sites! There’s 7 of them now and all of them have amazing views. There are a few steep hills to climb at the backside of the trail but take your time and you can do it!

1 month ago

Beautiful and lots to explore! Will definitely be back.

50 degree day in January made for a crowd. But this is a beautiful trail and my 4 year old did great!

A lot of fun. Definitely challenging if you are new to hiking or (and) out of shape. I liked how clear the trail was. The lake was very pretty, looking forward to hiking this route again in the spring and fall for more foliage.

Trail is clear and wide. Took advantage of a warm January day after melting snow and rain. Some spots were a little chewed up from horse traffic, but overall a good trail. Few water crossings, but not too deep and decent hills and views. Will definitely do it again.

1 month ago

fun in the snow, saw a super cool waterfall and climbed up inside with the ice.

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