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4 months ago

This trail is close to home so I plan on making it part of my weekly routine. The trail is relatively short and flat. It is a mowed area of grass approx 10 feet across. There is at least one small trail that leads one closer to the pond which is the areas main attraction. The pond is visible from Spring through early summer. It was created by glacier bodies many years ago. There are several endangered birds rumored to live here (I heard an unearthly song from one of the larger birds on the pond that was unlike any bird call I’m familiar with) as well as some plant life that is typically not native to the Midwest. I saw a couple of teenage boys arriving shortly before I did and a couple of middle aged women I noted on my way out. It was private enough to enjoy the solitude and be with the stillness of nature while also leaving me feeling relatively safe. The dog owners that frequent the trail are responsible as I didn’t encounter any messes along the way. Great spot to take sunset photos!