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Beautiful hike this time of year with leaves starting to change color and falling on the pathway. Hike was very peaceful, not crowded. Good mix of easy terrain and hills for refreshing exercise. I enjoyed the view of the lake through the trees!

I hiked on a cool week day, and did not cross paths with anyone else, including people riding horses. Apart from crossing two streams, one of which was thigh deep, the trail was very muddy and, being a bridle trail, thoroughly pockmarked with hoof prints. For a trail in southeastern Indiana, it wasn’t too bad, but one trip there was enough. I’m not likely to return as it was not that we interesting.

5 days ago

It was wet and muddy, yet nice. challenging hike.

15 days ago

The fire road is lengthy and the less pleasant of the trail but the rest of it is nice. If you like trail running it’s not bad. Still have to keep your eyes open for roots and such. It’s reasonably close to get to from Indy and in general a nice hike. This time of fall with the sudden warmer temps bring a ton of gnats and mosquitoes so be prepared (end of September).

good trail. easy to follow with some common sense. allitle more challenging with swollen creekbeds.

I think that I am really liking this trail. We have already had a water crossing.

I went on 9/19/18 from 1:20pm-5:30pm. Gnats started to annoy the hell out of me around 1/5 of the trailer and they literally made it horrible for me and I really just wanted to get the hell out of there. Other than the gnats and the cobwebs and spiders I ate and displaced which was about 100 of them it was pretty cool. Saw some chipmunks and some squirrels, and also some frogs. Oh and I saw one guy with a HUGE German Shepherd. Lol thank god he was friendly

1 month ago

Enjoyed the trail as this was my first time backpacking.

We followed a well marked trail to a very nice camp site with plenty of options for hanging a hammock. As we explored the nearby creek, we spotted a ring necked snake and a five lined gecko. Couldn’t believe it! This is a lovely park with plentiful trail options. When you leave stop by Hershey’s Drive Inn in Veedersberg for a burger and a malt.

The map provided by Indiana DNR clearly says you can’t connect to 7 from 2, but we were really hoping the map markings from All Trails were right. It’s hard to make yourself go back the way you came after making it to the falls!

been hiking our beloved k.t since 1982

1 month ago

Ticks everywhere. The trail was overgrown and I couldn’t help but get these tiny ticks all over my legs. Bring lots of bug spray!

1 month ago

Very poorly marked trails. Very easy to get lost. Very very overgrown trails. Very steep trails throughout. Definitely wouldn’t recommend to even my worst enemy.

if you're ready for some work 8 to 2 is where it's at. the work comes in getting down to 2 from 8 and the climb back to 8 from 2 is rough. otherwise this is a great choice and worth the waterfall at the end of 2. go past the signs, it's worth it.

1 month ago

Fun backpacking trip with my dad and little sister. The two lakes are gorgeous in early springtime, particularly around evening. The sun sets to the right corner and fog dances across the water. The trail took us over hills, through forests, a river crossing or two, some marshy areas, and a few areas that had been deforested, but overall, solid Indiana countryside. The wildflowers were beautiful, especially the Fire Pinks.

The trail was very good marked and maintained pretty good as well. We went early on a Saturday and just saw one parked car but met no other hikers at all. We saw a few deers, chipmunks and beautiful wildflowers. There were some spider webs but not an awful lot, we experienced worse. The flies were kinda annoying though. The only downside and the reason for not giving this one 5 stars is the amount of flies, mosquitos and that we got attacked by mini ticks. Long pants, long socks and anti tick spray on shoes, socks and pants didn’t hold them back. Besides that it was a really pretty and strenuous trail. I’d suggest to start the loop by going left, then you’ll start out with a couple of climbs and the second half is mostly flat. I’d defiantly do this one again, but I’d check for the mini ticks every couple of hours. Those are nasty!

2 months ago

Backpacked the full route this past weekend with friends. Loved the trail and terrain. Hats off to the volunteers who've created, maintained, blazed, etc. these trails. Fantastic job. Couple of quick tidbits to pass along, buy the official trail map - I can't imagine how much more difficult it would have been without it. Download the HHC trail guide and take it with you. It has key info regarding places where it would be easy to get lost, and upcoming water. Note that the Pine Rd. exit off 37 no longer exists so you'll have to access the SF HQ from the south (Bloomington) or the north (Martinsville). Stop for a cold drink at the Hickory Shades motel in Belmont, the only vending machine we found on the route.
90 degree days with no breeze to speak of...quite a challenge. I'd like to do it again in the full color of fall.

I’m fit, yet this trail kicked my butt. You’ll need AT LEAST three full days of hiking, unless you are a freak of nature. It’s a lot of fun though and great southern Indiana scenery!

trail 2 is excellent, best trail there especially because it's low traffi,. there is no trespassing signs near the waterfall but no one ever stops us from going to it, and it's safe. my gf and I take trail 2 as warm ups before doing long backcountry packing trips.

2 months ago

Horrible. Not worth it. Trails need to be cleared of brush and many parts are not walkable. Full of poison ivy and ticks. No warnings about how the place has become overrun with ticks until you do a lot of digging on the Hoosier National Forest website. I hope no one gets Lyme Disease here. Please go somewhere else.

Great but long, if you take trail 2 the creek way the rocky trail both beautiful and challenging

Overgrown; covered in poison ivy, stickers and spider webs. Lake campsites are nice though.

The trail is well marked, but is closer to 3 miles instead of the 2.25-2.5 that I've read elsewhere. There's not a lot to look at along the way, but is about the right distance for a family. The fact that there is water, an outhouse and firewood are added benefits for a family trip.

The trail is wide enough to walk side by side in some sections, while in others it's barely a foot wide, with brush rubbing against your legs. where we went under the power lines, the weeds were over our heads and rubbing against us. Despite having only sprayed our knees and below, we all made it out without ticks or chiggers.

Firewood is self-serve, just deposit the $5 fee in the slot. If you can't register up front, the ranger will come collect and register you, but be aware that unlike the firewood fee, the campsite is actually $12.84, because they collect tax.

This trail is a nice feature that would be nice to see at more Indiana DNR properties.

Awesome trail with a cool reward! Maybe 2-3 miles of gravel. Up, down, repeat!

Hiked the whole 11 mile, 1600+ elevation, hills, tight ridge passes, climbs as good as it gets for nontechnical. Red pines at 870, , no droning traffic noises, very very lightly trafficked. Amazing time. Whoever designed this trail must receive a medal. Why 15 reviews? It may not be pet/kid friendly but it is definitely serious hiker friendly.

trail running
2 months ago

This loop is long enough (10+miles) to count as a serious training ground for the mountaineering expedition for which I am in training- a weeklong attempt of Mexico’s Pico de Orizaba. The Low Gap Loop features glorious single track, horse trail, scenic forest canopy, and a stretch of wide gravel service road. There are ponds, stream crossings, interesting rock overhangs and good vertical rise and gain. I do this trail several times per year, and have completed it in pouring rain, intense heat and bitter cold. There’s perhaps no place equal to Low Gap’s combination of challenge and length nearby. Definitely recommended.

Not extremely scenic and the trail was littered with spider webs. Bring plenty of water as well, drank about 3 liters myself on the hike. The overlooks of the lakes however are pretty, and at one end of the trail, you end up walking through an open prairie which is a nice break from the woods.

2 months ago

Went with my wife on her first backpacking trip. Didn’t get full trail in and had spots that were grown over and had to carefully look for blazes. Plan to do myself in the near future.

I love this trail. It is a large amount of traversing over creek rock. As you get closer to the waterfall the creek rock turns to boulders, but is definitely worth the climb. You are not permitted to go below the waterfall, as there are no trespassing signs once you get there, but there is an observation area that gives you a great look. The observation area requires you to climb ladders to get there, but if you can handle the trail up to this point, it should be no problem.

3 months ago

I’ve hiked parts of this trail more than once. There’s a backcountry camping parking lot if you plan on staying the night. Various campsites along the way, some a little too close to the parking lot in my opinion. But the rock formation is cool once you get out to it. Living in Indianapolis, this might be the “closest” difficult backcountry trail. Plan to hike again!

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