Before we used to walk only around the lake on blue loop, and it was way too hot in sunny weather as there is no shade. But yellow loop has a lot of trees around so it much nicer there. We also tried green loop but had to turn back as part of it was flooded (it was raining days prior), but rather than that it was a nice loop as well. Just watch out for horse poop. Especially if you walk with a dog.

easy short trails. some were partially flooded due to the season

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washed out
18 days ago

The trail is nice but Lake Michigan reclaimed a nice section of the bike trail down there so we had to trench our bikes through a pretty long section of sand and also some spots on the trail were flooded anywhere from 2”-4” in most flooded sections but one was Atleast 8-10” deep.

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18 days ago

lots of trails at different levels but it’s not a very big place. There’s a jumps section and some fun obstacles. There was glass in one section though so use caution. Trails we’re pretty nice though I will be back

Mostly flat, easy going trail. Definitely do the offshoot into the woods. Way fewer people and the big trees on both sides was nice. Arrived on a Saturday around noon and the park was open, though only one entrance was open— so don’t be discouraged if you turn into the other one and see the road closed. It was getting much more crowded when we left, but the trail is wide enough to keep 6ft between you and others. Dog friendly too!

was pretty good due to hard rains lately there were some swampy areas but if you stayed on the path it was fine

highly manicured trails that is easy, fun and very accessible. watch out for horse poo!

The trail is OPEN. Walked around the lake which was dry, however it’s pretty beat up from horses using it when wet, so I wouldn’t recommend running it. If you go inside the woods towards the back of the lake, it’s much better. The trails are mostly dry with some areas that have collected water but you can avoid it easily since the trails are so wide. The woods are awesome too, if it’s too windy around the lake. One of my favorite spots for sure.

Trailhead was closed maybe for the season?

Great flat trail with good connector trail ( yellow ) that’s easy to walk . Tons of parking and views. Great for biking !

I've hiked and biked this trail. Superb sights to see and the lake, too! Wood areas to sand dunes to paved trails. This is a must see trail!

Beautiful lake scenery, wonderful native grasses and flowers, wooded hiking areas. One of my favorite places to bike, hike and canoe at.

IBSP does a nice job here! I find this trail good for all seasons. The sand dunes nearby are also a sight for those interested in native plants and geology.

Be aware!!!!! Poison oak on the trail!!! My son wound up with it all over his face and he didn’t leave the trail. He played with a few sticks that were in the road!!!!!! Hard to get to a good access point on the trail. And bikers ride way to fast for walkers to be there as well...

short and clean trail. great place to bring kids for a walk

pretty tall, a little overgrown. saw a woodpecker, frogs and a turtle. it has been raining about here so the path was submerged in one part and didn't bring my Merrill's so we turned around.

11 months ago

This is my favorite trail in northeastern Illinois. Easy, flat trials that run right along Lake Michigan, so the views are spectacular. The trails are clean and usually not crowded if you stay away from the beach areas. Make sure to bring bug spray! Great place! Highly recommend.

washed out
Wed May 08 2019

Great trail! many birds. however, nearly quarter way through, the trail is washed out. You'll need to back track about 50 feet and find another makeshift trail that will lead you to a series of boulders that you can scramble across to get across the marsh and then return back to the original trail.

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Sun May 05 2019

Sun Sep 23 2018

Very pretty. The hike takes you north along Lake Michigan. The area seems very well managed for invasive plant removal. The trail connects to the trails in Illinois a State Beach for an extended hike. The southwest trail is a foot path through vegetation.

Beautiful vibe!!

Nice wide, well-groomed trails. Plenty of wildflowers, birds, and frogs. Lots of bicyclists since it's a bike trail.

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Fri Aug 03 2018

Started out as a pretty cool place. Unfortunately, there was broken glass on several locations of the trails. It’s not worth a punctured tire or falling and landing on the glass.

Lots to look at. Not much shade .. I was dying on a 97 degree day but I would go back

Fri May 25 2018

The pups and I loved this hike. You can walk the perimeter or walk the trails. There’s some incline and decline, lots of wildlife, plenty of shade from the tall trees throughout. Also saw a pretty doe frolicking through the woods about 20 feet away. We will definitely have to come back and explore some more.

It was bit overgrown in places but it was a beautiful trail.

Trail has sandy parts and dirt/stone parts. Nice mix of sun and shade with benches located throughout for rest stops. A beautiful array of insects but surprisingly I didn't see or get bitten by a single mosquito. Nice variety of flowers in all areas. Public restrooms are located at both trailheads and there is access to the beach from Dunes trail. I loved both of these trails and will definitely be back!

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