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Well kept trail and easy to get to.

This trail was spectacular! Well marked and great scenic views. Although, you have to hike the full loop to enjoy the views but it is worth it.

Love the trail. Well maintained trails through woods, waterways and prairies. They are doing some major clean up (June 2018) so some areas close to the trail have been stripped.

1 day ago

Well maintained gravel loop trails. Has a little of everything—lakes, prairie, woods. Plenty of foot traffic but it’s a gem that’s close to home.

2 days ago

Great trail, I bring my toddler in our stroller with our two dogs almost every week! So beautiful

4 days ago

The main path is a paved bike trail. You can get off the main trail on foot. There is a creek to follow but the paths are overgrown and the next turn isn’t obvious. Go out seeking adventure

Love taking my husky to this awesome little gem. He thoroughly enjoys jumping in the creek and running up and down the various hills. This one could burn up the legs of someone not expecting elevation changes. Maybe the rating should be raised a bit.

Garmin plotted it at 5.83 miles. Pretty easy on foot and well marked. Trail was a lot of fun and good elevation changes for the area. There was an expected mix of courteous bikers and douchewaffles, but overall the baddies didn’t ruin the hike. I want to come back and try to run this trail.

First time here. Picked one of the hottest days to be out. Really liked the trail.

The depicted route, going counterclockwise starts on hickory south, then continuing on fern hollow, leaving fern hollow onto rattlesnake, then a short road walk to continue on fern hollow trail, then hickory north, onto hickory, a stop at the overlook and then down ravine. I live directly behind the park and hike some section of this daily. (Lucky boy)

Not bad hiking for central Illinois. Fairly kid friendly too. There are some creek crossings but at times the creek is barely a trickle so it isn't that big of a deal. Just wear some rainboots if possible.

Very scenic and connects to Millennium Trail. One of my favorites!

Good trail. Good for kids. Best features are on backside of loop. Spend some time and read the names carved into the stone. There is a sign at trailhead warning of falling sandstone. Made us a little weary to explore many of the breakout trails. Overall, very pleased. Note: it was extremely humid at the Park on the day we were there (June 14, 2018). Not sure if this was a unique day, but wow, it was thick. We’re from southwest NC and are very familiar with humidity. This isn’t a knock on the trail or the park, but more of a geographical enlightenment from someone new to the southern Illinois area.

horseback riding
8 days ago

the trails are like riding a roller coaster, fun trails to horseback ride but not safe trails to share with bikes. to many blind curves and hills, an accident waiting to happen with speeding bikes and horses.

Mediocrity. Flat marshlands. The herons are nice to look at and the lake view is stunning but the trail itself is average at best.

LOTS of mosquitos this summer! My sister came out of the hike with at least 20+ bites. I️ only have a few! Otherwise the hike was amazing and beautiful

BUG SPRAY -- USE IT! I wish I'd remembered before my last visit. More than once I was attacked by a cloud of aggressive mosquitos.

With some DEET, it's the best hike in the area, mostly thanks to the river: cliffs, crossings, and the waterfall. The gravel holds up well even when it's been raining. I've almost always seen something interesting -- a skunk, or turtles, once I was surprised by a young deer that was invisible in tall grass just feet off the trail, until it bolted.

great place! the first part of the hike is pretty easy, it goes along a nice shallow rockey creak and you eventually get to a little water fall called Beaver Falls. After that it geta a little steep, it was wet the day we went so it was a littlw rough, but all the kids that were with us made it with a little help.

This trail is beautiful and easily walked. There is a nice balance of sun/shade from spring-fall. I really like this trail.

trail running
11 days ago

Great for a run!!

This is a lovely hike through a wooded grove and some open prairie. Hilly enough to provide exercise.

We love hiking with our dog here.
Trials allow hikers, runners, cyclists, and horses
Plenty of room to explore !
My pup loves the creeks, the woods, and fields.
Highly recommend!!

Beautiful BEAUTIFUL!!! spot at an convenient location

Nice easy trail to train for a 5K (if you don’t do the small loop at the creek). It does have a tendency to flood if there are heavy rains. I wound up running with fish one time (totally misjudged the amount of water on the trail).

Currently, it’s my favorite trail to run.

14 days ago

My favorite of the Starved Rock trails

15 days ago

My Wife and I hiked this a few days ago. Very beautiful scenery and for the most part a well maintained trail. Disclaimer to those afraid of getting off the beaten path: there were a few areas where trees had fallen across the trail, one that required you to walk about 30 yards through thick woods to get around. That wasn’t an issue for us as we hunt and are used to that but for those that may not be crazy about it, that is a possibility. That being said, they could’ve fell the night before and no one had a chance to clear them. All in all very beautiful we would definitely hike it again. FYI our GPS said it was 3.3 mi. This rates it at I believe 2.2 and their website says 1.7.

15 days ago

Crowd is the only reason to avoid. Excellent for recreation.

Wouldn’t really consider this hiking, most trails are built into the landscape with wooden platforms and stairs. It’s a nice shady hike though that is not very challenging. There are some good spots for scenery and photos. Also lots of trash throughout, people need to learn to pick up after themselves.

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