Looking for a great trail near Palos, Illinois? AllTrails has 9 great hiking trails, trail running trails, walking trails and more, with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you. If you're looking for the best trails around Illinois & Michigan Canal or Warrenville Grove Forest Preserve, we've got you covered. Ready for some activity? There are 8 moderate trails in Palos ranging from 2.1 to 5.2 miles and from 597 to 738 feet above sea level. Start checking them out and you'll be out on the trail in no time!



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Palos, Illinois Map

Trail was completely froze. Over. Decided to climb stairs. Did 10 flights. 25 degrees and overcast.

12 days ago

Great trail, good for trail running. Definitely an easy level

Loved this new spot! I got 20 full laps in, very demanding, but that’s what I came for. I’ll be back.

Accurately rated as moderate. Lots of small ups and downs. Beautiful trail, with several interesting views - from ravines to man-made structures

Beautiful woodsy trail. Wide unpaved path. Tall trees all around. Very easy walk with a couple hilly parts to keep it interesting. Birds everywhere. Took us an hour on a Saturday afternoon.

Exceptionally beautiful trail that is well maintained featuring small hills and plenty of shade. Cannot recommend this loop enough.

Not as strenuous as I thought it would be. I go to a place in Michigan called Palisades Park, they have a set of steps that are killer.

Great workout, fun environment with people of varying fitness levels using the space provided to cross-train and socialize. New additions to the stairs include abacus beads for keeping track of laps/flights, another set of stairs for better traffic flow, bathrooms, and a warming shelter.

What a great workout. Still feeling the burn on Friday. Did the stairs twice and hiked 5 miles. It was very beautiful.

9 months ago

Loved this area and will be going back!

Overall, light traffic, good tree coverage for shade, peaceful, marked well, and beautiful.

The main trail is marked well, but there are many other trails off the main trail which are also marked well (red dots on trees).

The main trail is pressed gravel and is a nice wide path making it easy to share. If it just rained you could still use this trail.

The other trails are more narrow and more difficult to share but you have good visibility to see others coming. I took my dog on these trails and simply just stepped off and allowed others to pass without issue (including sharing these paths with mountain bikers). If it just rained you wouldn’t want to use these trails because it’s all dirt/mud.

Be sure to watch for horse poop too as it’s shared with an equestrian barn near by :)

Great Easter hike

Messy. Couldn’t find the marked path

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mostly wide gravel trail, nice loop for a walk in the woods. More than half of the trail is under trees. Parking available at the trailhead at Spears Woods. Picnic tables only at trailhead. A nice pond about halfway through.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Nice 11k run!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I'm no runner or fitness buff, in fact i'm old, over weight and have too many injuries to list, but i still like a challenge. My personal best climbing stairs was 802 @ Matthiessen State Park last year (along with 4.5 miles). I read about Swallow Cliff earlier this year, thought if there was a good weather day, i'd check it out. Well, that day came (6/19/17) so i drove the 25 miles to get there and try my luck.
There were more people there than i would have thought for a Monday, even so i didn't have any problems with anyone there. Just walking, no racing for me, really didn't being lapped by so many, maybe cause so many were very nice.
Up one set of stairs, down the other will give you 293 Stairs. I wanted 2 "Laps", but hoped for 3....I did 4. But then decided to do a half lap up the longer side (168 stairs) and like a fool, i went to the top and back down with a day total of 1,508 Stairs.
Today is the 20th & I hurt; getting out of a chair hurts, going up and down stairs in house hurt, but I'm damn glad i did 5 trips up and down.
2017 i did go back, on 7/14 i returned and did 2,016 stairs.
2018, not a good year with bad knee, feet and a fall in late 2017 that helped to pack lbs back on. With a daily average walking about 60% of previous years, i wanted to get back to those stairs. 7/23/18 i made it back.
I have to say a HUGE Thanks to the people that are on those stairs. I easily outweighed the next heavy person by 100+ lbs. With my increased pain and anxiety of weight and pain, i wasn't sure how i would do there. But the more i was on the stairs, the more people that said Good Job, Keep It Up or just gave me thumbs up. A few stopped and talked to me, which allowed me a nice little break. I have found on some trails, i get the same response and it helps. I can be so self defeating, having people that are so fit be so supportive is awesome. Bad Knee and all, i did 1,622 stairs; beat one of my trips last year and i was in pain for a week plus, but it was worth it.
I'll be back, i want to beat that 2016!! Thank You Swallow Cliffs

28 days ago

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on Sag Valley Trail

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