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I plan on doing a section hike of the AT in about 18 months. I would like to do the River to River all the way through to prepare. It's close to where I live. I wouldn't mind others tagging along.

great local trail for a few hours hike

Beautiful scenery, perfect for families & various fitness levels.

9 days ago

Pushed myself and hiked the entirety in 6 days. Waking up on a misty morning in Panther's Den with no one else around was the highlight. Hiked it in late March, so the weather was perfect and I enjoyed and nice cigar before heading down to the Mississippi. I'd definitely do it again, but there are many more trails to hike.

very pretty walk. great for kids.

Nice peaceful lake trail

Very flat, kinda boring. I wish there were more views of the lake. Also don’t go alone, I didn’t feel completely safe. Extremely muddy patches

In my opinion, the best trails in the preserve are through the maple and oak forest north of the entrance. Great hiking throughout the year on these trails. You can also ride your bike through the forest north all the way to Blackwell Forest Preserve.

We hiked this trail on a very warm winter day, so it was very muddy. The wooded area was a loop, but we did repeat the middle section of the trail. I enjoyed the lake views in the first part of the trail, and the hilly, wooded area at the end of the trail. We hiked up the road for the last portion. Lots of opportunities for photo taking!

Fantastic trail!

15 days ago

I was surprised that this trail was so busy on a chilly winter day. There was too much jostling for trail space with so many runners, bikers, roller-bladers, roller-skiers and dog walkers. The nearby highway is loud, especially with all the motorcycles racing around. Not relaxing, at all.

The route shown in the map follows along the lake. it isn't really a trail; it's a 'road'. There are no trees along the trail, and your view will be mostly the highway and a coal plant. I'd rate this hike easy as it's completely flat. More of an easy walk around the lake than a hike. Dogs and 6 year old had fun, though.

We had great loop hike yesterday.
Trail need more toilets than one for wintertime

Happy New Year

Some great views but the trail is not well maintained. Easily get lost. I took my dog with me and ended up removing at least a dozen of ticks.

So beautiful, a few tricky moments but that might just be because the water level was high while I was there. I had to cross two biggish creeks by just walking through the water but my hiking boots kept my feet dry. Gorgeous, lots of mushroom variety and there are a few patches of coniferous forest that make for magical transitions.

This is a very flat trail along the river and to the dam. After the snow melts there are sections that are pretty muddy. The dam is okay, but not a great scenic view. The asphalt trail over it is used by runners and cyclists. I used the steps for a lunch stop. This was a great practice loop for a hike with my heavy backpack. I can do loops back to the parking lot - to add or subtract gear. My dog, a cavalier King Charles was covered in mud from her chest down - she’s low to the ground. Lol. Spa time for miss Sadie. Beautiful day outside.

great park for running and family activities

One of my favorite forest preserves in Lake County. Quiet and very peaceful. Great place to relax and have a casual morning/afternoon on Lake Michigan

Even though the grassy trails are still closed, the views of the lake are fantastic.

It’s flat and basic, but that’s not necessarily bad. The corn has been harvested so I imagine the views are nicer now that you can see a little more skyline. It was a bit tricky to find the trailhead. Pull into the park and take the road to the left, go across the levy and park at shelter 3. The road is a loop where you park and you want to go to the opposite side of the parking where they’ve mowed a wide patch of path. Keep walking ~0.2 mi and you’ll see a sign marking the trail. There are two loops. The first loop (~1 mi, I didn’t actually check) you’ll end up where you parked, but shortly before that you’ll see the second loop head off to the right. Today the second loop was SO muddy 1/2 mi in and at one point the whole path was water. I was with my short legged dog who was already getting too messy so we had to turn around. It was still a nice day and an easy walk outside with decent views and a faint sighting of the downtown STL skyline.

From what I can see on the map here, it definitely doesn't follow the trail markers. Mainly after Goreville to the Mississippi. Im sure there is a more accurate map somewhere else to be found.

Apparently there are time restrictions. 9am we showed up and a sign prevented us getting to path until 12:30. Not publicized anywhere.

The Arrowhead trail appears to be open year-round, but the Tomahawk trail is closed Oct 1-Jan 20 for hunting, so you have to do an out-and-back hike rather than a loop. The trails are 2.5mi each.

Easy, scenic soft trails
Downfall was west side you could hear the cement trucks backing up beep beep

Otherwise a nice stroll in fall with the dog

2 months ago

Would love to do this trail from start to finish or possibly in two sections. Would anyone be interesting informing a group and going?

3 months ago

Nice pleasant Central Illinois trail. Upland woods and a restored prairie with views of the Sangamon River. Was a great blustery October afternoon and so windy I could hear large tree branches falling in the woods.

Beautiful trail! I got lost several times as the trail is not marked much if at all, and freshly fallen leaves covered what remains of the trail. Camped in the cave/overhang and really enjoyed the views of the lake. I had company as one of the local dogs came sniffing around and joined me for dinner, then came back in the morning and seriously led me back to my car. Sweet sweet dog, it must belong to one of the locals as it had a bright orange collar on it that said “I live here, Cove hollow.” Definitely will be back, next time with a compass!

Only hiked a few miles on easy terrain. Good easy hike with plenty of markings.

Hiked in 1.5 miles from cedar lake trailhead then back. (3 total). Trail was not groomed but still easy to follow. Very wooded. Bugs were not bad. No others hikers or bikers were there on a cool Oct afternoon.

3 months ago

I greatly enjoy a time of quiet and natural reflection. excellent trail and a lot to see if you are quiet and alert.

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