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Beautiful all year round!

Great for a relaxing walk...even with kids. Love the view of the lake...peaceful.

Really lovely trail all along the way. Easy to follow except at the stream crossings. There are no bridges so if the water is up like it was for us you will need to wade. I built a rocky causeway to pass the first crossing upstream but the downstream crossing was much too deep and we had to get our feet wet. The spring is not visible from the trail and appears on the map to source several miles away which may be visible from another road which passes through that way(just by visual inspection on a map). The trail was easy to follow in most places though some spots we lost it due to sharp turns and lack of arrows indicating the proper path which caused us to do some unnecessary ledge crawling. The sentry bluff trail(Blue diamonds) travels along with part of the Natural bridge trail(Yellow Diamonds) close to the parking area where the natural bridge can be seen across the creek. However unless coming in a dry/low water season you will be getting your feet wet to see the natural bridge or to hike any trails on the other side of the stream. Both the entire length of the sentry trail we took and the finale of the natural bridge at the end were stunningly beautiful. A spraying water fall into the keyhole of the natural bridge gave rise to a small rainbow next to a a large snaking tree which climbed the height of the bridge into the canopy above.
Definitely well worth the visit. Better trail marking in places and bridges for stream crossings would make my 5 star review.

The trails are well marked and fun to hike. Lots of rolling hills and scenic quiet spots. In early spring it’s easy to see the river from the higher elevations. Nice little gift shop too. Well worth getting to know!

You know this is quite the jem for this area. If you didn’t know the area you could miss the trail. It is great for birding. Fairly easy, so ......decent for kids of walking age without to much monitoring or worry. There are some high cliffs and small caves to explore. Over all nice little trek.

A beautiful hidden little trail. I don’t know how I lived just 45 minutes away from this for most of my life and never knew it was there until the All Trails app pointed it out for me!

17 days ago

Hiked this loop multiple times, gone a couple of different routes. Favorite time so far was during a fresh snowfall and we were the first ones on the trail.

A little muddy, but always a good trail hike

fun hike that makes you Forget you are in an urban/ suburban area

It's actually in Glencoe, Illinois. Be sure to hike the prairie garden at the south end in the summer.

The only problem I see is that it's closed from December 1st to March 31st. I love this place and miss it on the rare warm winter days.

Time it to catch the sunset over looking the Mississippi River

1 month ago

Beautiful short trail. A hidden gem in the Shawnee Forest.

Quick trail that is very easy to walk/run.

Amazing scenery and good
Place for fishing and running too! Love the geese!

Close to home

1 month ago

Mostly flat and wide enough for a snow machine, but there are obstacles due to maintenance lapses. No features or views, just a nice easy loop for a walk in the woods.

Surrounded by houses. Trails muddy and full of dog poop.

clean swiggity

2 months ago

This is an old favorite and can be hiked year-round. Always something new to see

I love this trail all seasons. Walking and jogging it is a breath of fresh air. Could only be better if dogs were allowed.

sink holes,amphibian pond, class A forest. ..go

Properly named trail as it was an amazing view at the top. Being able to see the swamp below and watch the train go by in the far distance and knowing how far that span was gives you perspective. I drove 5.5 hrs from Davenport Iowa to do this hike and photo snake road. Can’t imagine being on snake road during the peak of the migration.

The road to the Nature Institute offices and The Mississippi Sanctuary we're closed, so I parked at the Olin Nature Preserve parking lot and hiked in. I took the outer perimeter, plus a couple of the longer inside trails. There are a few other shorter inside trails as well. Rather hilly and rocky in places. Several stream crossings we're missing bridges, but it was rather dry so it was not much of an issue to cross and keep my feet dry. A small two tier waterfall just had a trickle going over it. The trail ends up going along the edge of Mississippi River bluffs. If you have an issue with heights be aware. Also, keep close track of any children, as it could be dangerous. I hiked in late fall, so all the leaves had fallen, but it was still a pleasant, pretty hike that I enjoyed very much.

3 months ago

I would call the Botanic Gardens more of a stroll than a hike or walk, but a definitely beautiful stroll. The most well maintained Botanic Gardens I've been to nationwide.

4 months ago

the hills are challenging but the view is worth it. seems well maintained. I went right at dawn, the parking was easy and the sunrise was beautiful.

excellent hike, lots of beautiful trails, history, creek beds, waterfalls

4 months ago

Great view

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