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paved the whole way, and interacts with major roads in several places. granted, that’s about as woodsy as it gets this deep into the suburbs. can be somewhat busy but never too crowded. excellent for biking. can also be supplemented by the very pretty trail around the lagoon, which also passes by the botanic gardens if you want to make a day trip out of it

Hiked here for the first time today. It's a pretty neat little trail, I had fun climbing on some of the rocks

8 hours ago

Didn't walk the full trail but this is an amazing way to get around outside of the city streets if you don't mind walking.

8 hours ago

Another fantastic trail in Chicago. This is a bit of nature set outside the city, offering a breath of fresh air with some epic views.

9 hours ago

Nice trail , short if you are a long distance runner , I had to go around twice to get 4 miles, but is a super nice place for a nice walk , the lake to the right of the parking is beautiful with lots of trees and benches to see the water and relax ! Well taken care of. I recommend

The water crossings make it fun. Make sure to hike the Sleepy Hollow Trail while here.

Off the beaten path but a nice change for those used to the relatively flat trails of Illinois'. Trail is not kept up very well and had tall vegetative growth when we hiked it. Very cool Tunnel entrance at the end and other abandoned railroad remnants can be found along the way.

There's a very good chance that the creek won't be running, as it only flows after a period of prolonged rain. However, I walk the trail on a pretty regular basis, and find it to be a pretty charming walk through a really beautiful forest regardless. One definite perk is that throughout the hike you can see cliffs rising through the trees on either side of the trail; these cliffs become more prominent as the gorge narrows. When the water is flowing, there is a really unique waterfall that tumbles into a deep cleft in the cliff to the right of the trail.

Good time...

Nice, super easy.

1 day ago

Nice trails and a lot of wildlife. Not much tree coverage

Nice trail but would of like to see some of the waterfalls, must be much better in early spring. Got to see deer and lots of mushrooms, lol. Would of liked to of gotten rid of the horsefly that decided to travel with me for the entire length of the trail and all the way back to the car.

Whenever I’m in the area (or @ #CampingWorld to dump the rv) i make a point to spend some time here. It is very peaceful with a variety of trails and numerous parking areas throughout. It never feels crowded, but then I often go during the week. It’s open later than most parks which tend close right at “sunset” which is my favorite time to be in/at a park.

The trail needs more markers. And I left covered in seed ticks. But the terrain was beautiful. Excellent workout.

Only did 2 1/2 miles but very beautiful and very shaded

3 days ago

Pretty easy walk. Love the water fall.

I absolutely love hiking here, but the people are absolute slobs. I’ve been going here since I was a kid and I brought my kids there yesterday and they were quite upset about the MASSIVE amount of garbage everywhere. They need to implement some serious litter prevention. Ban all disposable water bottles being the first, I’ve never seen so much trash at a park like this. It’s depressing.

3 days ago

This is an easy hike to an awesome spot. Definitely off the beaten path, but the trail is easy to follow. When you get to the natural area sign just follow the bluff line past the power line clearing to the cave.
Make sure to keep following the bluff for a little way after the cave, as it is very spectacular. Definitely one of the coolest places in the Shawnee National Forest. Also be prepared to be accompanied on your hike by a friendly black lab.

3 days ago

I went in the summer and there was alot of growth on the trail east of Hutchins creek. I was the only one on the trail and there were alot of spider webs on the trail. it was not easy finding a good place to make camp due to all the growth. It would probably be much better in the sping or fall. I did see a deer at the creek crossing.

Good trail to test out pack load/equipment. Bring a hat or sunblock for there isn’t much shading. It’s a pretty busy loop, but everyone is polite and there’s room for everyone.

4 days ago

Pretty clear and well marked. Parking areas are clean and well kept. We enjoyed the trail and will definitely hike it again.

on Round Bluff Trail

4 days ago

We did this trail yesterday and it's beautiful. Can't wait to see it in Spring and Fall.

4 days ago

Hiked this trail this morning with my pup. We passed other groups every 5-10 minutes. The hike was scenic and not too strenuous minus the stairs going back up to the trailhead/parking lot. Sad to say that water was not flowing in Lasalle Canyon, but it was still beautiful scenery.

deep, wide canyon with steam crossings, made for a fun hike. plenty of places to wade, read, relax.

As with the other trails in the area, the Hawk’s Cave Trail features some really impressive rock formations and massive cliffs. Fun place to explore. I would suggest hiking it clockwise from the trailhead, as this will save the cliffs for the latter half of the trail. The cliffs will seem really imposing when you approach them from this direction.

trail running
5 days ago

Awesome running trail

Lots of bang for your buck on this hike: two nice-sized and very different waterfalls, unique rock formations, and a really scenic section hugging cliffs above a creek.

Great bicycle patch

Really nice trails with some benches that have lake views. It’s fairly easy and I could see this place getting lots of visitors.

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