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Short but very nice.

trail running
1 month ago

The only issue with this trail is parking. You do have to park on a Rentcher Road, almost in someone's front yard. Also, if you're not looking really hard, you'll miss the entrance. Otherwise it's a really nice, quick hike. We hiked it with our 3 y/o and dog and both did just fine. Great little trail!

Love this little trail! Is very buggy because a stream/river runs through but it is nice and shaded by canopy. There are also picnic areas at the beginning of the trail and benches along the way!

This place is large. As mentioned by others, it is not an actual “path/hike”. There are a few spots with sidewalks but otherwise it is paved roads or grassy areas. Cars do drive slow but still be aware of your surroundings. There is plenty of shade. There are picnic tables and other seating areas scattered through out the place. Areas around where service is held have water fountains and restrooms. I went with a small group walking our dogs. It is a quiet place with plenty of room to spread out BUT know that there are water fountains but bring your own dog bowl. Also, there are not a lot of places to toss trash so be kind and carry with you until you come across one! There is also a playground if you happen to have kids that need an outlet. The road loops around (like a large circle) with smaller loops in different areas. They do have a map on their website which includes pictures of their buildings. Finally, there are a few hilly spots- nothing terrible but just know it is not completely flat.

2 months ago

Nice little trail in town! It is pretty shaded and quite buggy so I would recommend wearing a long sleeve and some bug spray to keep the bugs at bay. The trail was pretty well maintained and easy to follow. We definitely plan on doing this hike again.

over grown
4 months ago

Good trail. Horrible parking situation. Fun log crossing. Not dangerous but the kids will love it.

Please be aware, this is not a trail. It’s a road. The app gives an indication that this is s trail. It’s not. That being said, it’s a beautiful setting and a nice walk, with a few hills.

Short, but sweet. A nice, heavy-cover, natural trail, with plenty of wildlife. It's fairly well maintained by IDNR. A word of caution though... the trail is lined (right and left), with Poisoin Ivy and Poison Oak. Strongly recommend wearing long pants! Again, this is a heavy-cover trail with very dense foliage. It traps the heat/humidity in like sauna. Be sure to hit yourself with insect repellent. If you stop to take a pic, the bugs will swoop! Also, do a good tick-check once you emerge from the woods. Had none, but with that amount of cover, you can't be too safe! Okay, the trail has a very slight drop and rise. Nothing too difficult, but the trail has some swampy areas, that I imagine after a good rain, would turn this trail into a serious mess! My last comment is in regard to finding the trailhead... it is just off the road, and sign-marked. But if you blink, you will pass it. Once I was close (after passing it twice), I needed to switch to the AllTrails map, to zero in on it. There is just enough room for two cars to park roadside.

We enjoyed it. Our first hike with kids.

Nice little walk with the kids for their first hike. Went in late winter/early spring so new growth and animal tracks to point out. Very limited parking and a couple trucks flew by when were getting out.

We went in the winter. Nice little walk in the woods. Don't use Google maps to get you there. It kept sending us through a subdivision. Pay attention. There's a sign and you'll have to park along the road.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

For bein' in flat ole Illinois, this trail's got some ups and downs to it. I enjoyed it very much. Quiet, peaceful, tree breathing! I clocked it at .75 mile.

Saturday, November 25, 2017


Not an easy place to find, if you're not paying attention. I think "nature preserve" is the Illinois Department of Natural Resources says "park without parking." If you're using Google Maps, be sure to use the address in AllTrails rather than the address that Google tells you. Not a bad little hike if you're in the area and looking for something quick and easy, but really nothing to particularly recommend it. Perhaps there are usually wildflowers, but we didn't see any at all. Of course, we didn't see all the poison ivy that was reported below either, so I guess we broke even.

This trail is covered with Poison Ivy! I took my grandsons and turned back when we reached the loop. The Poison Ivy is so thick, it is impossible to avoid.

Lovely walk under huge white oaks in karst unndelayment. Trail skirts a couple of sink holes. Wish I was a birder to identify all the calls. Phenomenal in early spring with ephemerals, especially bluebells. Wonderful for a short day hike until late spring when the poison ivy encroaches on the trail.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Short loop through the woods. The trail curves downhill toward a creek and pond, crosses the creek (muddy after recent rain), then back up hill to the start. My GPS maps the loop just shy of .75 mile. Only major downfall to this hike is parking. Roadside parking only has room for two vehicles.

An enjoyable woodsy hike, but can have lots of poison ivy in season. Recommend this trail in early Spring before it gets too thick.

Monday, January 04, 2016

It is a beautiful setting. Great for small groups looking for spiritual walk in nature.

Monday, January 04, 2016

I couldn't find trailhead or trails. I did walk the streets and found the outdoor Stations of the Cross to be a very pretty area conducive to a thought provoking walk.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Easy walk with slight elevation. Nothing bad. Lovely scenery and safe to walk alone. Paved surface

Friday, August 01, 2014

Easy, prayerful path. Paved the whole way.

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