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Short, but sweet. A nice, heavy-cover, natural trail, with plenty of wildlife. It's fairly well maintained by IDNR. A word of caution though... the trail is lined (right and left), with Poisoin Ivy and Poison Oak. Strongly recommend wearing long pants! Again, this is a heavy-cover trail with very dense foliage. It traps the heat/humidity in like sauna. Be sure to hit yourself with insect repellent. If you stop to take a pic, the bugs will swoop! Also, do a good tick-check once you emerge from the woods. Had none, but with that amount of cover, you can't be too safe!
Okay, the trail has a very slight drop and rise. Nothing too difficult, but the trail has some swampy areas, that I imagine after a good rain, would turn this trail into a serious mess! My last comment is in regard to finding the trailhead... it is just off the road, and sign-marked. But if you blink, you will pass it. Once I was close (after passing it twice), I needed to switch to the AllTrails map, to zero in on it. There is just enough room for two cars to park roadside.