9 days ago

Really great day and evening trip with a friend. We started at the entrance and hikes through to the second camp. Set out around 1:15 on September 15th and got to the East Camp Site around 4:30.

The trail was pretty tough at parts for the first half. We ended up getting of route a few times and needed to the use the app to get back on track. It gets especially confusing in the first 3 miles because of the overlaps with the road and poor markings.

After that it was a lot better but pretty tough at parts. Our packs were fairly heavy (around 20 pounds for an overnight, but we wanted luxuries, haha) so there was some slipping and sliding at parts.

We set up at East Camp and had to go back down the hill leading up to it to get water to purify and treat. We used a filter + iodine to filter it. Set up a nice fire ring and kept a fire going for 4 or 5 hours.

Sleeping was great as the temps dropped to around 65 degrees and without a cloud in the sky we were able to go without rain flys which is always a treat.

The last 3.5 out of the woods was pretty grueling. It was quite tough a parts, especially where the trail is clearly very difficult to maintain due to the hills, brooks and streams.

Overall, it was a really wonderful trip and we had a blast! Also the cows mooed all night, and I frankly couldn't stop giggling about that.