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Idaho Map

5.3 miles is actually pretty accurate. I did this as a side trip on the way back down from Fossil Mountain and my roundtrip was just over 10 miles. I measured using a GPS watch Suunto Ambit3 Peak. Great trail, did it on a monday and still ran into well over 20 groups of people on the way out.

We did this hike with our two little ones(5 and 7) and it was amazing. The last half mile was challenging for the little ones , but coming up to the lake changed their attitude big time. The water was warm enought that they decided to swim for a bit. Even though the trail was a bit busy, ut was fun all around. Recommend this hike to all.

Breathtaking scenery, easy trail. Not a lot of shade. Glacier lake at the end with a rope swing if you dare!

This was an awesome hike and fairly easy, in my opinion. Be careful not to trip on rocks downhill on the way back to the trailhead like I did ;)

This was a great hike with nice views. We ran out of water on the way up but refilled our bottles from the falls at the top. Only giving 4 stars because we went too early in order to access the caves (too much snow at the top - June 10th, 2018)

great trail for a ATV or side by side, although the trail is big enough for a full size truck or SUV.

Hiked it in June 26, 2018. Still some snow in the trail, but the views were spectacular! This will be a once a year hike for us.

Really easy, nice trail for both hiking and trail running.

1 day ago

The first 6 Miles were not bad but the last mile and a half to the hot springs had me wishing for death! You gain about 1000 feet in elevation in under a mile. I would suggest making it in two separate stints. Do the 6 Miles in and camp at the base of the mountain one night and do the steep portion the next morning. It’s nice because you follow the creek the whole time, make sure to bring a water filter.

Beautiful trail that gives you a great sense of what the Sawtooths are all about. I'm an experienced hiker but this was my husband's first alpine lake hike. We both thought it was a moderate workout, but very easy and enjoyable. The elevation gain is at the very beginning of the trail and then again once you get near the lake. The middle of the trail levels out, where you will find lush scenes of Hell Roaring Creek and lots of tall trees for shade along the way.

Pros: exquisite scenery the whole way, easily accessible trailhead, great hike for beginners, iconic Sawtooth imagery.

Cons: limited trailhead parking, very dusty trail, lots of horse poop on the trail (we didn't mind, easy to step over. We dubbed them "trail brownies" and "Sawtooth Surprises".

good hike, the trail is narrow so watch for bikers before going around corners.

gorgeous hike!

It was a fun hike! it's a gradual incline most of the way up. the directions will have you park in a dirt parking lot but the hike is acrossed the street. it starts out as a different trail then turns into skyline.

hiked and fished,both were great. Very scenic views of the surrounding mountains.

This was a wonderful hike and a beautiful lake. I think the other reviewers who wrote about the uphill climbs went in from the Tin Cup trailhead by the campground of Pettit.

If you use the trailhead from this app is is a very easy hike that matches the elevation gain of the post. I wouldn't classify this exact hike as a loop because the other side of it is a road. I also wouldn't classify this side of it as Moderate. It is very easy and would be great for children or beginners.

If you access Yellow Belly from the Tin Cup trailhead it has much more of a climb (900 ish feet elevation gain) and would be more like a moderate-ish hike.

Hiked to goat lake with my wife and kids 11 and 13 yrs old. This was an excellent hike that challenged each of us. We were rewarded with stunning views of the surrounding mountains and crystal clear goat lake. The trail up had a moderate slope for much of the way except for the last mile or so which was fairly steep and loaded with gravely rock. Picking a path across this section was difficult even following some other AllTrails reviews. Definitely not a hike for the faint of heart as there were a number traverses with steep falloffs to the side of the trail.. Once at the lake my son jumped in for a nice cool off and I caught some trout on dry flies. All in all, a really great day.

Beautiful views! Very dusty, and a lot of bees. There are a couple places where the trail splits, but just stayed on the widest trail and made it to the top no problem. The trail is basically all uphill, but not too steep.

Gorgeous trail!!! One of my favorites. Blankets of wildflowers and lush greenery in July.

Great variety - lush meadows, bubbling creeks, great views all around. Lots of wild flowers!

1 day ago

Great trail, well kept, cool amongst the trees, great views of the big lake. Downhill all the way in, uphill all the way out. Pretty quick hike, we were done by mid morning

good fishing

camped at Alpine lake, and day hiked up to Sawtooth lake. The beauty of this place feels like a national park. spent the afternoon at Sawtooth lake swimming (cold), and "sledding" on a snow field in our bathing suits. Most beautiful place I have ever backpacked.

Nice hike and was able to hike up to lower ball lake with a 1 year old and 2 month old. when we went there was a little bit of snow once we got past pyramid lake but it was easy to get by. it was a bit chilly, definitely not warm enough to jump in and swim though I can see how ball lake would be a great spot if the weather is right. saw a few backpackers that were hiking in to camp. looked like a lot of fun!!

Great Hike, smoky this time of year, definitely a decent uphill grade almost all the way in. Be sure you take the last 1/4 mile up the riprap to the summit to the old lookout location for the best views. Too bad we haven’t had much moisture the past month, the huckleberry bushes are extensive but the berries never grew enough.

I did this in one day and really better to do as a backpack. It kicked my butt. I thought the views amazing and coming in from Baron made it easier. Some of the trails are really overgrown or trees in the way.

Hike had it all (other than a waterfall). Ended up on a different trail that brought us to the smallest, most beautiful lake first. Hubby and I were the only ones there. From there we went to the other 2 lakes. Feel like it was more than 4.6 mi & hubby didn’t believe me that it was “only a moderate.” Beautiful flowers, trees, views and lakes. Not crowded at all.

I had such an amazing afternoon at Pine Flats Hot Springs. I first walk the upper trail and found a perfect little pool. The view of the river was stunning and I relaxed in the warm water for a time. Then I ventured down the trail and walked through the river, holding against the rocks. The river current was strong in some areas and this was a little tricky and COLD! Once around the rock wall, I passed through a small portion of river again and on the other side found three lovely pools. The top pool had a small warm waterfall and was lovely. On my way back I climbed up some rocks (I still can't believe that I did that, a bit dangerous and higher than I thought. I shouldn't have looked behind me.) instead of walking through the river. On the way down from the rocks there was another pool! Amazing! A fun adventure!

2 days ago

I struggled on the uphill portion of this hike. Before I left I didn't consider the change in altitude with the elevation gain. It was a challenging uphill hike for me and I huffed and puffed my way all the way to the lake. Despite my huffing and puffing, this was a fantastic hike. Scenery was so beautiful and varied. Lots of wild flowers, butterflies, and the view of the lake was worth the climb. I would definitely make the trek again!

Well maintained trail with great views.
I wish people wouldn’t cut the switchbacks though, sad!

2 days ago

Only a third of this trail is a hiking trail; the rest is a ATV trail/road. This means you’re sharing space and dust with trucks and buggies. It’s a steep up with some good views of granite cliffs. The lake is pretty and gives this another star but it’s man-made and warm so muddy. BOULDER LAKE ROAD IS CLOSED BEFORE YOU REACH THE TRAIL HEAD. YOU WILL NEED TO MAKE A MORE CIRCUITOUS ROUTE THAN GOOGLE MAPS OUT. On the AllTrails app these roads are marked as Jeep trails. They’re a bit rutted but okay. Use the satellite map to see what is truly roads. When at the bottom of the hill the trailhead is to the right.

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