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2 days ago

This is a great hike with lots of amazing views of the water. Plenty of places to stop and take pictures. The reason for the four stars is that the entire second half is on a very skinny trail with not much to see. Again, this is a wonderful hike that I truly enjoy. There is also a point on the second half where you walk on a sidewalk for .1 or .2 miles. Definitely worth exploring and will be back.

I gave this one because we could not get the trail because the road leading to the trail is impassable. We got our car stuck about 100 yards into the drive. Thankfully a local gentleman pulled us out. The scenery we did see on the outskirts were beautiful but unless you have snow shoes. we spent some time in Tom's Tavern in town while the car was being pulled out, wonderful people. Don't try to tackle this trail until spring.

3 days ago

Awesome hike to do during sunrise/sunset! The peaks offer an awesome view. A lot harder than I expected but a welcome challenge.

3 days ago

Great trail and fun for dogs. If you go during the winter, I definitely suggest wearing yak traks on your shoes. I went during mid January and it was very icy!

Just went with our dog. plenty of foot traffic and a bit muddy but still a lovely walk.

Great hike with a bit of an incline. Awesome views at the top! The swing that used to be there is gone, but has since been replaced. It is very high up though and I didn’t attempt to get on it. Some icy patches on the road up to parking.

Excellent trail advice.

trail running
4 days ago

Awesome trail! The scenery is beautiful and great for training tough terrain.

Very steep climb, but spectacular views are your reward at the top.

Even with the up hill it's lots of fun in the winter. Awesome place to go snowshoeing and skiing. Have even seen snowboarders. Excited to see it in the summer. I'm sure it will be just as fun.

Awesome hike, although it has been a warm winter the last couple miles are still under snow. The knee deep snow definitely made it a struggle. There were plenty of deer and elk to be seen.

Took the family on a snow hike. Nice trail, good views. Nothing overly difficult (at least for as far as we went (maybe 1.5 before turning around)

Beautiful day for taking the dog on a hike to Big Tree! Yak-traks, or any spikes/crampons would be recommend as some spots are pure ice. (going up is easy it’s the way down that traction becomes a little tricky!)

Wonderful hike. Trails are endless and you can go so much farther than the actual loop. Went and took three kids who all loved it. Would definitely go back again and explore even more.

this trail hikes up on a ridge. you can smell the wild flowers! amazing views. not entirely difficult, just a few breaks. end is great view!

on Stevens Lakes

10 days ago

This is my favorite quick getaway! We snowshoed in on New Years Day 2019. Had to park just south of the freeway bridge due to snow. Broke trail around 10:30. Both switch backs where lost in the snow so we we straight up. It was a good workout, but do-able. There was over 5.5 feet of snow at the lower lake and °14. Got back to the truck at 3:00. Awesome hike ♡

Great early morning hike. Not a soul on the trail from 8 to about 10:30 am. The trail started to get icy at about at about a half mile in, so micro spikes were clutch to get to the top without slipping. Didn't see any critters, just deer tracks along the path.

11 days ago

January - Mid Winter

Snow: None - Medium

This trail offers pleasant hike down to the shoreline with some beautiful views of lake Pend Oreille.

Along the trail you will find forested groves with cedars and some nice views of jutting rock faces including the final Maidens Rock at the end of the trail.

The trail is mostly flat, and has a steady incline down to the lake, making for a little bit of climb on the return trip. Nothing too strenuous or technical.

The beginning part of the trail was covered in ankle deep snow which eventually turned to ice, making navigating the trail difficult. Nearer the lake the snow\ice disappeared completely.

The main road is very accessible, even a small car could make it during the summer months. This time of year however the road is either covered in snow or ice making passage very risky.

Overall would definitely do again, look forward to giving it a try in the summer.

Highly trafficked, but a nice hike.

Very muddy and a lot of people, but beautiful view.

Beautiful hike, just not in the heat of the summer.

14 days ago

Had a great time

Fun easy hike. Lots of signs to tell you about the wildlife and foliage in the area. A short portion of the hike takes you down by the water and a giant house. Looks like there are some smaller trails to explore as well.

17 days ago

Easy paved trail that takes you down to a river. Not a lot to see and very short.

Dec. 31 2018, 22 degrees, sunny and no wind at all. Beautiful day to be out on this trail with about 14 inches of powder. There are some really wonderful views along this trail.

17 days ago

I hiked Evans Landing trail today, on the last day of 2018. The trail had about 3-6 inches of snow. I used cleats on my snow boots. There were several small trees that had fallen across the trail, and required a bit of crawling to get around / under. This was a fine way to spend the last day of the year. Happy New Year!

Good hike with some elevation. Hike to the river is a bit lackluster but still a decent hike.

Not for "serious" hikers, but if you want to climb around some cool rock formations and wear out your doggo with fun landscape to explore, it's definitely a good time.

19 days ago

Did this trail at the end of December. There was a lot of snow and with about .3 miles left on the trail there was a steep narrow incline with a lot of snow that I just couldnt climb up so I called it for another time. That being said, the people who were snowshoeing were able to get across, with a little difficultly in that one spot but still made it farther than I did with snowboots and crampons (not really necessary). The trail is gorgeous. There were a few other people out on snowmobiles in other areas that you can hear nearby and I saw a few back country ski and snowboarders. It is a beautiful trail, just dress in warm, waterproof clothes. I will definitely go back to this trail again soon.

19 days ago

Amazing trail and amazing view! The scenery on this trail changes so dramatically each mile its phenomenal! We completed this hike in 5 hours and 20 mins, my husband, 9 year old son and I.

We did see a single white mountain goat.

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