9 hours ago

I’m sure this hike deserves a higher rating, but as an out-of-stater, I’m standing at a firm 3-Stars. The trailhead itself isn’t hard to find, but easy to miss if you’re not looking for it. Just a random, small parking lot off the side of the road. When we started our hike/walk, we were greeted by a neighbor horsedog that was definitely not messing around with people stepping off the path. Just don’t make eye contact. The trail stops about halfway to a spot to overlook the canyon, which is beautiful. Walk a little further and you’ll see a sign that says “unimproved trail”. Just to that immediate right, the trail starts to descend down the lava rocks. From there, you’ll have to dodge the creeping poison oak that comes from all angles. We didn’t make it to the platform near the water, but only because of all the poison oak. It seemed to overtake the trail towards the end of it.