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This walk started out with great trail markings but somehow got confusing. The blue trail crossed a street then the trail seemed to diminish. I turned around and followed orange and ended up at a private driveway.... then had to bushwhack to get back to the parking lot. not my best adventure

I absolutely loved this trail! it was gorgeous the whole way and not too steep. Still a good work out with a steady incline! I was afraid there would be snakes because of the tall grass, but I didn't see any.

5 days ago

Beautiful falls

Weather was cold, but the sun finally came out.

Great family mini hike. Pack a picnic!

This was the best trail/hike I have done in a long time! absolutely beautiful!! the fall colors, waterfalls, and the lake at the end was breathtaking!!

Excellent hike, very few people on the trail. Single track trail, but this is ped only (no bikes). Views were great, cool boulder piles, trickle of water in the creek below. Perfect weather in late October.

17 days ago

Great hike. moderate is a fair rating based on a regular hiker. Good elevation gain but short distance. Good payoff for moderate effort. Both lower and and upper seemed to have nice campsites. No snow as of 10/24. Noticed the time changed to Mountain on our phones between lower and upper. Bringing the fishing pole next year.

17 days ago

Moderate wouldn't be the best way to describe this hike. There is a lot of different terrain which keeps it fun but theres a large area of rocky terrain that can be challenging to walk up (even though there is a slight path created) especially after fast incline with shakey legs! it is beautiful but bring spikes just in case anytime after October as it can get icy on a very narrow trail just at the top. One of the most beautiful and serene hikes I've done. Dogs should be leashed ALWAYS but on this trail we saw some un leashed dogs and it could be very dangerous for even well behaved pups.

Loved this hot spring!! I thought I was gonna die on the trail, especially towards the end, lol but I made it and it was totally worth it. My boyfriend and I did this in August- watched the sunset and hiked back with our flashlights. The stars were amazing.

18 days ago

10/27 - no snow on the trail or surrounding peaks. Well maintained and no obstructions on main route. Circumnavigation of the lake is possible but not well marked; steep, muddy and poor footing in places. The drive out through Murray and along the river was beautiful. Plan enough time for breakfast at Snake Pit or lunch and beers in Wallace.

Longer than 2 miles! I recorded 4 the day I did this hike. It was beautiful! I highly recommend this for anyone looking for some waterfalls near Pullman/Moscow. So pretty!

19 days ago

Beautiful autumnal colors! The stream isn't there now, but a small waterfall emerges from the boulders at the top of the loop. GPS took me to the 8th street parking...look for signs saying Hulls Gulch National Recreation Trail.. it's a footpath only (#0). Easy inclines, especially if you do the loop counter clockwise (go to the right). Not much shade so bring lots of water, especially for the doggies (no stream right now)... Trail is marked well, maintained well. Sometimes you'll hear the ATVs on the nearby trail (bummer) but only toward the top.

Great views.
I did it to unwind at the end of a busy work day and in that context it was excellent.
Beautiful scenery in the fall in the late afternoon.

Beautiful autumn colors along the shore. I wish the trail (which is more like a dirt road big enough for a car) were closer to the river overall. Petroglyphs neat but perhaps underwhelming after all that hiking. Unless you're looking, you might miss them. The first clue is a smaller rock to the right... then several on the left. Most drawings face away from the trail, so spotting the rock on the right is important! The trail offers no shade and it's not marked. I saw no waterfall...maybe it's seasonal?
Bring a lunch and lots of water...and be prepared to pee behind a bush if you need to go... No facilities except at the parking lot. Be familiar with the map before you leave. Must cross the dam to start the hike...go to the left. Beautiful scenery, but I probably won't do this one again.

23 days ago

We backpacked in and camped at Upper Stevens Lake. Their were a couple very nice camping sites at both lakes. I would not consider myself an avid hiker and it was challenging but the moderate was accurate due to the short distance. I would highly recommend and on my top five places I've hiked.

This is a great trail. Easy directions to drive to the trailhead. Bathroom there. Plenty of parking. However...I would not consider it MODERATE. Any trail that you traverse a large rock shale slide should be hard. And should be mentioned. People hiking with dogs need to know this as well. There are also a lot of large root steps. I found this hike challenging and would definitely do it again but for my companion who does not hike a lot, it was not enjoyable. Beautiful lake at the top and gorgeous tamaracks in yellow right now.

25 days ago

Nice area with plenty of parking. The start of the trailhead was well marked but about a half mile into the hike we came to a clear landing. There was a logging road on our right side and a poorly marked path straight ahead. The actual trail is straight ahead (not on the right side where the logging road is). We ended up turning around because the trail was overgrown and hard to follow. If you do go on this trail, just make sure to follow the map AllTrails provides and not go on the logging road like we accidentally did.
Still made for a beautiful fall day and still worth while.

Flat for the first two miles and then a gradual elevation gain for the next mile or so. Then very steep toward the end and mostly a scramble up to the top with loose gravel and rock.

Easy paved path along the river

this is one of my favorite hikes. Theres stunning views even just a mile or two in. My family hikes here every year. You can go inside the windcave, but be cautious, there are currents inside the cave where you can't tell how deep they are, make sure you stay out of the water as much as you can, and take a reliable headlamp.

Hands down the best hot spring on public lands we have been. Made a short video of the hike if anyone is interested. https://practicalvagabonds.com/goldbug-hot-springs/

Kids loved it.

1 month ago

Gorgeous views but you have to work for it! The fall colors are in full effect & we were surprised to be greeted by snow along certain sections of the trail.

The start of the trail is quite steep & definitely gets your heart pumping & calves burning. The scenery is beautiful & the lake at the end is worth the work. Certain parts of the trail weren't marked as well as others but there were several groups of hikers so we followed the footprints in the snow higher up.

Wonderful day hike!

Did this last Saturday. Could not believe there was snow on the trail. Beautiful hike. Great reflections on the lake

1 month ago

October - Early Fall

Lone Lake offers easy access to some beautiful views of a lower alpine lake.

Much like Stevens Lake, what makes this lake appealing is it’s location. Near the freeway and requiring only about 5 minutes of mild service road driving makes this a great hike for people that aren’t equipped to hit more treacherous mountain roads.

The trail itself is relatively easy, about 2.5 miles to the lake, and the elevation gain isn’t too steep. Should be able to reach the lake in about an hour and a half.

I wouldn’t recommend backpacking for this lake. We only saw one decent campsite around the entire lake. Definitely stick to Stevens lake for that.

Finding the trail can be a little difficult however. We were actually stopped by a group informing us that we were going the wrong way, and that they hiked 2 or more miles without finding the lake. On further investigation, the trail listed on AllTrails starts on a road, and then exits onto a more abandoned looking ATV trail, before the actual trail is marked and starts. The only marking to indicate it is the trail is a small little sign that reads “Trail” that isn’t completely visible from the road.

Aside from that, would definitely recommend this one.

1 month ago

Really enjoyed this hike the history made it even more enjoyable, the scenery was fantastic

I love trails that end in water. climb the Rock!

Lots of fun. A bit muddy around October but was very enjoyable. It’s sometime hard to see the trail when you hit the forest and lost of trees toppled over on the trail don’t help either but well worth it to get to the bottom. The waterfall is beautiful and fun to walk around if you get get down next to them.
Defiantly would recommend for a fun time.

1 month ago

amazing hiking with a very rewarding scene of the bluest water ever! Just all out amazing!

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