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There are a few trails you can take while you are there. The scenery is extremely lovely.

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5 days ago

good little hike. Breathtaking views.

7 days ago

Backpacked/snowshoed on 3/14/18. Trail was easy to follow even with a few feet of snow on it. Easy hike in, bridge was covered up to the railing with snow. The snow-capped boulders in free creek were beautiful. Falls are a 1/4 mile to the left after the bridge. Once there, pretty much slid down to the bottom. The climb back up was sapping, resulting in a pretty exhausting hike back to the trailhead. The hike is basically downhill on the way in and uphill on the way out. Really nice hike though.

Good trail. Amazing view and hot springs at the top.

We figured (3 of is) that it is closer to a 7 me round trip, but absolutely beautiful and worth the hike!

It was a really beautiful hike! The hot springs are absolutely surreal. It was snowing when we went, so it was pretty magical. On our way back, it got pretty dark, but the moonlight and stars illuminated the mountain range - it was incredible!

18 days ago

Great snowshoeing trail. Really pretty along the creek. Trail is pretty well groomed for snowshoeing.


1 month ago

Great views, best hiking in the area

Completed this hike last June of 2017. Because of the wild Idaho winter of 2016/2017 Goat Lake was well over half frozen. Absolutely amazing hike.

I did this hike in June of 2016 with my wife and son. Like that of previous reviews, this is a 10 mile out and back hike. This hike is also more on the difficult side as well. We ran into a number of people that were struggling on this trail that felt it was far harder than the moderate app rating. Personally, my family and I thought it was a beautiful hike with a lot of beautiful scenery. We will definitely hike this trail again if I’m ever in the neighborhood again.

This was a lovely hike next to a mountian creek. We saw some wildlife and lots of other hikers. Watch out for bicyclists, most of the time we didn't have to worry but be cautious around corners and blind spots.

Great hike with amazing views! Some muddy spots, but do-able with boots.

off road driving
2 months ago

We enjoy jeepn in this area. Great views and fun in the snow.

Beautifully set

Unless you're carrying a full pack for overnight, it's a pretty easy hike. I made the hike at a quick pace without stopping. At the top you are rewarded with the most scenic soak of your life, and if you're feeling adventurous, you can make your own trail and continue up for an even better view. Many people camp on this trail and it's a good spot for it, though camping is banned in the near vicinity of the hot springs themselves.

I love this hike a lot.

We visited this area back in February 2015 but just found this so writing more history/info of the area. The Ranch before entering the no motorized zone coming from the dam is called the Priest Ranch. The old stone homestead in the no motorized zone not too far from the petroglyphs was the James Wees Homestead. He did some mining along the river, farming and was a stone mason. If you walk down along the river (or view in google earth) you can see some of the remnants of his mining. While a much longer drive to the top of the bluff, there is an old road upstream from Con Shea Basin which you can hike down and upstream to the stone cabin/petroglyph area. It would be quite a hike back up the trail to your vehicle though. The drive to the top of the bluff is difficult to navigate as you're on old primitive roads generally heading north from Murphy Flat. Again, maps and google earth show this way but be aware it's a non-motorized area from the top of the bluff down on the trail.

great little walk down to a beautiful waterfall. very kid friendly. worth the trip.

Not really a trail, but the concrete path does lead to the falls which are fun to check out at different times of the year.

3 months ago


3 months ago

Beautiful hike. Has a nice cable rail down into canyon.

One of our absolute favorites. We have gone in the summer, spring, and fall. It's gorgeous in the spring/summer with all the flowers

Used for marathon training. I wouldn't consider it a hike, but it's good for running.

Wouldn't consider it a hike. It's more like something you drive up to and get a few pictures then go back home. Still beautiful though

This is a fun little trail and it's a pretty good workout. There are a few things you should look out for though. It gets MUDDY, so don't go for a few days after it rains, and the trail is pretty hard to distinguish in places because of washout and fallen trees so make sure you really know where you are.

3 months ago

This trail does offer a loop but you have to do some steep up hill climbing. Best hiking in the fall, because you don’t run into a lot of poison ivy and there is no shade for the most part. The first part is a little boring but the views that come later are worth it.

3 months ago

Beautiful hike with a surprise waterfall.

3 months ago

Last Saturday (11/18) a few friends and I️ headed to the Stevens Lakes trailhead in the Subaru. Lucky for us we were able to park at the trailhead. The snow was deep and fresh with powder. We snapped on our snowshoes and hit the trail. There was no one else up there and we set fresh tracks. Beyond taking a wrong turn (or not turning at all) at a few points we were able to make it to the lake just fine. At one point we decided to head straight up the mountain rather than scout around for the actual trail as it was no where to be seen and we were losing time fast. At the lake it was cold and windy, but the way up and down was mild and easy to hike without a jacket. Definitely worth checking out for your winter snowshoeing. Just make sure to have your GPS if you don’t already know the trail.

3 months ago

today is 11/21/17. we did this trail about a week ago. with only front wheel drive, and no snow tires on yet, my car made it about 1 mile from the trailhead before the snow/slush became too much. we parked and walked the rest of the way. the trail was covered in 4-6in of powder the entire way up. we've done the trail before, but also relied on others' footprints in the snow to navigate. it was steep and slick. i was grateful to have decent traction on my shoes and trekking poles. even so we each slipped at least once. crossing the little stream proved challenging. i think it took us abut 2 hours to get up to the lake, and around an hour to make it back down to the car. the lake was beautiful as ever, and well worth the effort, but i don't think this trail is safe for beginners in the winter.

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