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Warren, Idaho Map
horseback riding
Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Dad took me and the other kids here in the early 90's. I don't think we started at Warren, though... We took a boat down the river and a raft for part. Then we rode up on horseback. I remember shooting his .44 magnum when we got to the lookout.

I also recall fishing (quite successfully!) at a decent sized lake somewhere out here. I was too young to be able to tell you where, though! I'd love to retrace these steps someday!

I think anyone would have considered my dad a real mountain man out here at some point (he was a hunting guide around 1970).

off road driving
Wednesday, September 07, 2016

This trail is not accessible anytime until July at the earliest due to annual snowfall and snowpack.

Stumbled across your Warren write up. Wow! I see your other guides, some places of which I've been too, and others I intend too. Great posts. In regards to one of the hunters you ran into, several years ago my father-in-law traveled on the trail from the Hettinger Ranch into the Frank. He almost lost a mule when the pack hit the side and pushed the mule over...almost. Luckily, the mule saved itself. Father-in-law took a different way out and will never ride that trail again. Thanks for your detail and efforts here and your other guides! Great Stuff.


As you know, I am a fair weather rider. Maybe we will have decent weather for next year. It would really be nice to have a smoke free ride. Most of the photos and videos in the guide are hazy due to the forest fires smoke.

Thanks for the kind words.

Ed, great review, too bad I didn't see it before we made the trip a couple years ago, we missed so much stuff we didn't know about until seeing this, maybe next year!!! Sorry we missed seeing you this fall, we were a few days late I quess...Wiz

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Some friends and I ATV'd to the Hettinger Ranch and hiked to the pictoglyphs. It was very warm along the river.

I added videos and photographs to this guide and did an ET Trip on the ride.

The "Rattlesnake" video was made in this area, but not on this ride.

Friends and I ATV'd to the Hettinger Ranch. The weather was good and the conditions for photos were great. I added several photos to this guide. I also did an ET Trip on the ride.

The foot/horse trail downriver doesn't seem to get much use as grass is thick in the middle of the trail.

The road to the ranch is in good condition.