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The trail is very well maintained and relativly easy to climb. My 4 and 6 yr old had no issues. There are some geocahes and letterboxes on the hike to make it more fun.

Great midday stop for brief walk with dog on a road trip across country. Off leash time for dog was nice. Had lunch on the sandy beach. Very few people in mid week.

Tried doing this hike in October 13th but the snow covered the trail and I was not able to find the path nor my footing so I gave up. I ended up doing the very easy hike around Blue lake close by. The view on that lake was gorgeous.
Setting the hike to 3 stars since I cannot leave this empty to post a review.

One of the most scenic walks you can take. It's an easy trail, but when you are lucky enough to be the only humans out there (before & after the summer tourist season), it is peaceful, and so beautiful! We enjoy watching for eagles.

awesome..has everything for good hike

5 days ago

Beautiful fall hike! The trail is a bit overgrown and there is a downed tree. Just so you’re aware the trail is deceptively easy going down to the lake. The way back is 95% uphill. GPS put this hike at just over 5.5 miles. The lake was beautiful and there wasn’t a soul in sight.

7 days ago

It’s nice trail, not too long, not too short, and easy to follow. The middle part of trail has small elevation which is perfect to combine hiking and running. If you go back the same way in, it will be around 8 miles total, but if you decide to take different path back as a loop, then it will be 11 miles and up, there are many paths ranched out from this trail.

Great trail! I was surprised how narrow and steep the cliff side trail was. It’s beautiful and has some unbeatable views, but heads up, you are literally on the cliff side, with short portions covered by large boulders or eroded away so be prepared to climb over/hold on the vegetation to make sure you don’t slip down the edge. While the second half of this loop would be great for dogs, I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable bringing a dog along the first half.

12 days ago

Relaxing trail, especially on Mondays. Few people with friendly dogs.

Easy trail. No indication whatsoever but the path to follow is very clear. Trail head is just after crossing the bridge at the camp site, on the left. Once reaching the end, instead of doing a loop, I continued straight to follow the steps of a hiker who left a recording on the app 4 years ago. I reached a fence and couldn’t continue (not sure whether it was a private land or not). Instead, I followed the fence in the right (no more trail there) and reached a canyon that I couldn’t cross (too steep) to reach the road on the other side. I ended up going back to the trail thankfully without crossing any snake in the way. Note that the part of the loop going back in the initial trail of as not visible at all.

15 days ago

Half day hike that consists of service roads & clean trails. Great mountain biking trails also.

23 days ago

Excellent hike and great scenery. The trail is well kept, well marked, and clean. The mountain bikers seemed to follow the yield rules so that was nice. Great bit of exercise up in the hills.

23 days ago

Visited on 9/12/18. Had a hard time finding the “trail” so we didn’t actually do the loop. We just walked around near the lake. The sand is a great workout but gets hot easily. I think the high that day was 70 but the dogs’ paws seemed to bother them pretty quickly so we weren’t out long. We picnicked at a table near the lake and it was nice and quiet. Bring bug spray!

24 days ago

Beautiful scenery the entire trail...fall colors beginning to appear. Mostly shaded as you wind through the tall trees. Nice variety of elevation change! One long rather relentless uphill stretch close to the top, but the views make it all worthwhile! The last bit up toward the road on the way out is all uphill...I really felt it after 7 miles! Trail is easy to see, well marked. My whippet loved it, too.

25 days ago

This was a beautiful and unexpected hike! You could even wade through the water a bit to get over to a cool picnic/camping area. Still quite a few bees but a nice and challenging hike!

Nice little hike.

Tough mainly for lack of switchbacks (!) on this trail

Wouldn’t go back, nothing special about this spot and there’s so many others nearby. Nice view at top but you can smell the dump nearby.

Beautiful. Amazing. Friendly people on the trail. We loved it and plan on doing it again. Bring a sandwich and have a picnic with your friends and loved ones when you reach stack rock

Went in September, it was such a site to see. There is two ways in from bogus basin, left is a dirt road (faster) the other was a paved road. 4x4s can go left and don't recommend cars going left. App says kid friendly, my daughter who is 4 couldn't finish. If going in September bring cold weather clothes. Boise can be 90 and up there can be in the 5Os. 5 bucks to park your vehicle up there. Enjoy the amazing views to the north. Have fun

29 days ago

This was my first time out into the trails around Boise besides Table Rock. Loved this hike! It was shorter than I thought and might have to explore the expansion next time, but man the views at the top are unbeatable. It’s mid September so no flowers for now, but the fall colors and peaking through here and there and the weather is perfect.

Definitely should try it if in the area. Sand was a great workout. Can get very hot

1 month ago

A sublime autumn hike! Had the trail to ourselves and relished the stunning views. Previous reviewers referenced downed trees across the trail but we encountered none (evidence of recently cut trees; thx USFS). An excellent workout. Still a few wasps and of course I was stung but that didn't detract from the trail's beauty. My only complaint is the abundance of trash on the beach. Utterly disappointing that people would leave this otherwise pristine place with their mess.

I gave it 4 stars because if the historical guide signs, but overall I would not rate this as a very difficult trail.

This was easily accessed from highpoint trail. Scout trail goes out an opposite direction adding unnecessary length. Just a note scout trail is Bernard peak trail. This was lengthy. Clocking in at 17.4 miles. Little steep at first then a easily done moderate gain after that. Several nice views along the way. About 2/3 the way you hit your final view point then turn back to start some switch backs. After this final view point there is nothing to see. At the very top are the remnants of the old fire tower. But nothing else. Trees obstruct all views at the top. I’d stop at the last view point unless you need a work out. Do note you can easily drive to the peak as well. The road has been cleared for vehicle travel. With
Easy accessibility comes the broken glass, trash, and shell casings at the top. Highly disappointing.

1 month ago

We went too late in the day, in August, and it was HOT. It's a pretty exposed trail as well. Kind of steep near the end, but it's fun.

on Round Lake Trail

1 month ago

Nice flat trail! Very quiet!

1 month ago

Pretty awesome trail.

Great trail, mostly in the trees.

Nice hike! Not too tough but totally exhausted my dog, so that's awesome!

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