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11 days ago

Did this trail as an overnight. Saw a few other hikers and Hunters. Everyone was very polite and had great trail etiquette.
The hike itself is a constant incline so if anyone you are going with isn't in decent shape it will be strenuous and potentially slow going. The views are totally worth it a highly recommend. There is a bear box provided which was very appreciated. At the lake there are limited options for pitching a tent so get there first if it's a popular weekend.

horseback riding
17 days ago

Awesone trail for horses. Made it into Snow Lake in just under 2 hours. Nice trail all the way in.

Such a fun hike! Beautiful views and well maintained trail. Rocky terrain, uphill the entire climb. 2.5 miles one way.

18 days ago


I couldn't help myself, the last review was a little dramatic, to say the least.

Hunt Lake is an "easy" hike in for an alpine lake. I've backpacked this spot four times now and I love it. The road is a little rough and you do need a truck or jeep to get up the last mile of washed out road.

The trail in is hard to follow as people have created multiple trails over the mix of bouldering and dirt trails. When you start out the more trail version to the lake is more north of the boulders and the "red dot" trail is right through the middle. If you do follow the red dots on the rocks be sure to head a little north when you reach the incline as the trail takes you up. I'm not sure the last review by Joshua might have been because he got lost and off trail. It really isn't that hard. I see kids out there all the time and we had a 13-year-old with us on this trip who loved it.


We camped Friday and Saturday. The wind was bad Friday night but not Saturday. Saturday night was clear and the stars were amazing but it was cold at night and there was frost in the AM.

At this point, I think it could snow up there anytime. I've gone in October and woke up to snow.

Take a real axe if you want to have a fire as all the small stuff has been picked over. Good fishing but only really at Golden hour.

Have fun and be safe!

19 days ago

Great hike very scenic. Trail was nice easy to navigate. Only wish I had brought gear to stay the night as it would be a good overnight spot.

trail running
22 days ago

Steady grade up. Take a dip in the river at the bottom.

23 days ago

Love this trail. Very easy walk or run. People are courteous if biking or running.

26 days ago

Great trail, moderate hike but long

A beautiful trail for the whole family. The views are spectacular. In late spring there are many little waterfalls along the path. Early summer has wildflowers: lupine, beargrass, monkshood. Later in summer you'll find thimbleberries and huckleberries. The description of this trail states "November through April." That's if you'll be Nordic skiing or snowshoeing. For hiking, late May through October.

29 days ago

great hike and very gradual elevation gain. there are excellent place to camp and the snow is pretty much gone. I would recommend a fly pole because there is plenty of good fishing.

Excellent well kept trail, we clocked 11.2 miles round trip, trail is only steep in a very few spots, still a couple of streams out of the two lakes with pretty good flows even in late August. Snow Lake was beautiful and high up huckleberries were tasty! A fantastic day.

1 month ago

Just hiked this weekend. very smoky unfortunately, but still a great hike. Cairns were helpful once you get to the rock slabs on top. the trail was very well maintained, and we were able to find a beautiful camping spot with a gorgeous view of the lake. the lake was refreshingly ice cold, and felt amazing after the trek up.

Just completed a few days ago with a 12-year old and a dog...nice hike. Distance is short, but completely uphill...nearly zero flat portions. Basically walking 2.5 miles uphill to a mountain lake. It was worth it. No need to pack in days worth of water, as the lake itself is crystal clear. Would recommend this to anyone for an overnight hike. Simple down and back. Took 2 hours up, just over an hour down. The single lane dirt road is a lot easier to navigate in a pickup/SUV.

Road is still closed. They have equipment blocking the road. It’s also torn up on the other side.

1 month ago


One star for App accuracy! 5 stars for beauty!

To begin with, do not follow Google Maps to the trailhead. The road you want is the same road as the “Willow Bay Restaurant”. As of today (8/18/18) logging operations have the normal road totally closed off or dead ended. Take the road past the Willow Bay Restaurant and stay right until you see the first post labeled “Hunt Lake” and an arrow for direction. From that point you will need a fairly high clearance vehicle. (There was a Ford Escape SUV with broken rocker panels because of the depth of the washouts)

As far as this app is concerned; it’s useless. The starting point and end point for this trail is correct, but everything in between is off. Ignore the “trail line” in the app completely and just follow the markers (flags and paint marks).

The trail itself should really be updated to “hard” or “difficult”. I’ve hiked many trails in the Northwest and done my fair share of rock climbing, and this trail is tough. The ENTIRE trail is on boulders. Okay.... 90% of the “trail”. I use the term “trail” loosely here because what you’re doing is looking ahead to the next marker, and then playing a high stakes game of hopscotch for 1.5 miles.

The lake is beautiful and well worth the trip, and know you will never do another hike like this. Just read this and hopefully you won’t get misdirected and burn up most of your day looking for an actual trail.

Hiked it in June 26, 2018. Still some snow in the trail, but the views were spectacular! This will be a once a year hike for us.

1 month ago

Just completed my first time to Beehive Lake and I can tell you...beautiful lake. It was almost exactly 4.5 miles into the lake and the same out. Trail is good, some spots narrow with brush and last half mile up a rock face...but well marked with cairns. I will tell you...moderate is a little forgiving for this hike. I am 47 and in average shape, and this was a tough hike in...but swimming in the lake made it worth the hard work. Not a lot of camp sites, but worth making it an overnight trip...star gazing was incredible and so was the fishing! Highly recommend for those in decent shape, looking for high mountain swimming, fishing and star gazing!

Beautiful hike! Beautiful lake. Nice mix of of up hill and some nice flat spots too. We thought it was about 8 miles round trip even though it says it’s 5.7 my body says it was longer.

1 month ago

great hike! highly recommend for hikers!

I've been wanting to hike this a while and it did not disappoint. Moderate or Difficult is a relative thing. It was my first hike in a while and that last mile up was not easy for me. However, my wife and son breezed right up. Good wake up call to get my endurance back and start running again. Anyway, it's a very nice hike with great views of Chimney Rock and then Harrison Lake at the top. You'll scale some flat rock face so I'd highly recommend good "grippy" trail shoes. No tennis shoes or open toed hikers.

1 month ago

We clocked 7 miles even round trip. Beautiful hike with an abundance of views! Not overly crowded. In fact mid-afternoon on a Sunday and we only shared the lake with two other hikers. Bring a suit and jump in and stay awhile, you've earned a swim after that elevation gain. We weren't sure how to get to the second lake but heard/read it was a scramble over the ridge so we opted to save that experience for a day we had more time. My only advice is to watch for the cairns and follow them when granite takes over trail. They are there for a reason and will lead you right to the lake.

1 month ago

If youre looking for a nice day hike this is definitely one to consider. There was a lot of people there and the t rails lead through everyone's campsites so expect people to walk by you if you're camping. The trail, as mentioned before, has a lot of loose rock. Just pay attention on the way back down. The hike was easy up, nothing too crazy.

The most popular trail in Bonner County to walk, run, or excercise, this trail is flat, scenic, well-marked, lakeside, and a very short drive from downtown.

During rain or snow there are muddy or wet portions, since it is an actual dirt trail, not asphalt. If you're looking for asphalt, go to Sand Creek Trail. If you want something more bike-centric, Syringa (Greta's Segway), and for a hike, Mckinnick or Scotchman's.

This trail immediately goes into brush and trees. Historic ruins rise up from the waters, left to remind you of what built this city. Though it's a single-track, people pass easily and the meandering path allows for private conversations and reflection. Frequent train whistles may interupt your reverie, if the gnats and mosquitos don't first.

Directions: drive to Trinity Restaurant and turn left. Drive past the Seasons Hotel going north. Drive until the road stops.

1 month ago

This trail certainly earns it high rating, but as previous commenters have mentioned, it is not for those that may be out of shape or injured. It is roughly 5.7 miles up, and the same distance down, and while the ascent is , for the most part, gradual, there are some long rock faces you have to cover, and the trail was marked by cairns (rock piles) when we went up. Aside from this section, the trail is mostly shaded, but can be hot in summer time , so bring water, and a filter if you want to fill up at the lake. Beehive Lake itself has some amazing vantage points, as there are some impressive sheer rock faces creating a backdrop to the water, and then where the creek flows out are some lookouts that give expansive views of the valley of Pack River, and the Roman Nose peak area. There are campsites by the lake, but some of the ground may be swampy certain times of year, and we did encounter some mosquitoes, so bug repellent may be warranted. The access road is very drivable, even for a generic car, though poor weather may affect this scenario. In late Sep. of this year I did an overnight backpacking excursion to Beehive Lake, and I camped in a spot on the West shore, which was more exposed to air coming off the mountain, and had less overall tree coverage. The ground was a bit wetter and swampy, and the water sources, both still and moving, appeared to have the potential for natural contamination. I advise camping on the East shore if possible, and always seek out deadfall first when building a fire, as the trees become limited on the West side of the lake.

Beautiful hike up to Snow Lake. The hike wasnt too difficult but was fairly long and time consuming. We encountered a few hikers on the way up but otherwise had the lake to ourselves.

1 month ago

Incredible hike.

trail was well maintained and well marked. Impossible to get lost. The road was accessible with any vehicle.

There are 5+ unoccupied camp spots at the top of the lake right now.

Just so you are clear-- the route is 5.7 miles up, and also 5.7 back for a total of 12 miles. Also-- if it is raining this hike would be entirely impassable because of the glaciated rockfaces.

1 month ago

This is a kayak/canoe/float - NOT A HIKE! Accessible May - Mid/Late July. At end of July expect to walk your raft through shallow/sandbar spots.

Definitely not a hike for beginners, and I wouldn’t bring kids either. Gorgeous views all the way up. There’s loose boulders almost the entire way- I’m thankful I decided not to wear tennis shoes. Some boots with nice traction saved me from a couple ankle twists. About the last mile or so has a steep incline and isn’t marked well but the app was helpful and accurate for us. The lake and views are gorgeous at the end.

horseback riding
1 month ago

We took horses into Harrison Lake on a day trip a few years back. It was a bit of a grueling ride but very enjoyable for experienced riders or hikers. We used this route as it is closer to home than the pack river road route.
Harrison is one of the best lakes I’ve been to. It’s big, it’s beautiful, loved the rocks and trees around the lake , they are spectacular. Saw a big moose.

My husband, my 2 boys, ages 13 and 7, and I hiked to Bottleneck on Saturday July 21,2018. I was pleasantly surprised that the trail was quite easy with very few, if any, steep pitches. I had to rest a few times about 1/2 way through in the middle section. But otherwise it was very moderate. It took aprox 2 hours up and 1 hour down. It’s 3 miles to Bottleneck, exactly, according to my fitmax watch.
The lake was quite charming. We liked the first camp spot off to the left. Very nice spot with open views of Lake. Fishing was mediocre. Huckleberries weren’t ripe yet.
I usually ride horse and have been to Snowlake that way a few years ago. That is a nice trail as well, with similar views.
I would recommend Bottleneck for afternoon hikers, families, horses, and mt bikes.

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