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Really enjoyed this solo morning hike.

The main trail is pretty wide, so this one is great for groups. Grab a snack to enjoy by the river :)

Nice little hiking trail if you're looking for something close to town. Easy path for dog walking.

Unexpectedly beautiful scenery, lots of places to swim, paved trail to Spokane River, several other dirt trails.Loved it!

Nice trail with good views

2 months ago

Great trail that leads down to some very nice, secluded swimming spots on the Spokane River. Wore our swimwear the 2nd time we hiked this trail & swam & explored the river a bit.

This is a trail you can’t miss! Beautiful scenery, plants, and wildflowers. I plan on coming back to run it next time. It’s such a peaceful walk. You can hear the river for most of the walk.

July - Summer

This short trail is an easy hike down to the river.

At the top of the trail there are some pretty nice overlooks of the valley and Post Falls.

Once at the bottom of the trail you can go down to the river, or follow several other little trails and offshoots, some of which connect back into Q'emiln Park.

The trail itself is very wide, so it is easy for people to walk abreast. There is little water on the trail for dogs, but it can get a bit hot so best come prepared.

Parking area is large and can fit multiple cars. No parking or entrance fees.

Overall makes a nice evening walk for those in the area, but not something I’d go out of my way for.

This trail is a perfect start for those getting there taste for hiking. It's a road but designated for hikers, bikers, and horse back. It starts off with a fantastic view overseeing Western Post Falls and the Percell Trench Valley. It continues through thick forest surroundings and a spring creek. There is multiple trails leading off from the main path that can lead you from Q'emiln Park to the other side if Corbin Park. Maps can be found online. If you stay on the road it will lead you to the Spokane River. Easy peaceful hike.

Good hike for my dog, not too much climbing. It is a gradual decline on the way out and gradual incline on the way back. Not much shade so take plenty of water.

Trailhead starts a few miles out of Post Falls as Spokane Street turns into Riverview Drive take a right on West Riverview Drive go approximately 2 miles to the trailhead on the right. It sneaks up on you so be sure when you see the 20 mile-an-hour curve sign to slow down it's right after these curves. the trail is a gently downhill dirt road that wind's back and forth through the forest and beautiful open areas. this is a great time to go as there are many spring wildflowers blossoming along the trail! You will pass over a small little runoff creek as the trail winds downhill. After about a mile or mile and a half you will come to the Spokane River. there are many off trails you can take to explore the area or you can wind back around to the left on the lower trail that will eventually go up and lead you back to the main road to the parking lot. parking lot has 10 to 12 parking spaces including a handicap space next to the restrooms. Overall this is a great family trail. It only took an hour and a half round trip. you could stretch it out by having a picnic lunch down by the river. There are a few small beach areas, or large rock areas along the river to sit and enjoy the fantastic views. A great trail to take your dog for a nice leisurely walk. no poop bags provided so be sure to bring your own doggy bag to help keep the trail pristine.

Beautiful little trail down to the river! My daughter and I often putter around the Old Wagon Loop trail at Q’emiln, but hadn’t yet checked out this trail. I’m very glad we did. The views and terrain were varied and beautiful. We enjoyed views of the city and of the river. We also enjoyed all the streams along the way and the open forests and the great little beach at the end of the trail. We will definitely be adding this to our rotation of close-in, easy to get to trails that still make us feel like we were able to escape to the wilderness.

Peaceful trail with great views

4 months ago

Beautiful walking trail and not overly crowded.

fun! great with dogs! be careful because it DOES loop into the old wagon trail hike from the park down the road. we ended up going almost 6 miles!

5 months ago

This a new park to the city of Post Falls with the path being an old dirt road which leads to the Spokane River a bit over 1 mile downhill. The road is well used by hikers, families and Mountain bikers. Its a gradual downhill slope that even my 4 year old was able to accomplish without any struggle. At the bottom lies the Spokane River which in the winter and spring runs really rough and wild, also keep in mind this location is below the dams in Post falls which can cause the water levels to fluctuate. Its a great overall family hiking location, no motorized vehicles allowed despite one jerk on a dirt bike ignoring the signs and tearing down the road. Several miles of inner trails can make this a worthwhile day hike.

Nice paced walk and view of Spokane River

6 months ago

There is no real hiking path. Also, I would rate the hiking here at moderate not easy.

Not really a trail, more of a path for people to walk on to get to the next disc golf "hole"

9 months ago

Very easy trail for all levels of fitness.. dog friendly too.

My mom has MS so we were in search of a hiking spot that could accommodate her and we found one! This park was perfect for her! I love hiking here and I think it beautiful!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

When we got here we couldn't find the hiking trail. We talked to someone that was there and they said that there is disc golf but no hiking trail. So we just roughed it. It was fun! But difficult and I wouldn't suggest doing this with kids!

Friday, June 30, 2017

As far as parks in the city go, Corbin is way above average. There are not tons of trails to explore, but the short extensions climbing up to Corbin Ditch on either end afford wonderful views of the river below. If I had anyone to hang out with, the park would make a good place for that too. Like others have mentioned, kids should be constantly attended both near the water and up on the breakaway gravel ledges.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

This park has a LOT more to offer than the sub-mile paved path to the water. Hunt a little, and you will find a substantial network of dirt hiking trails. I did my best to find every single one. You can spend a number of hours exploring as I did. The proximity to nice water access is simply icing on the cake.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

This is a paved, well-maintained trail that leads down to the waters edge on Spokane River. There is an excellent parking lot at the trailhead, and some limited restroom facilities. There are numerous places to picnic. This looks like a very pleasant place to take your poochie for a walk. There are lovely views of the water, and a mansion once owned by Amway.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Black Bay Park trail can be accessed from E 3rd Ave in Post falls for the longer walk or from N. Bay St for a shorter walk. Either way, the walk is short, easy but very pleasant. In the summer time, Black Bay is filled with swimmers and boaters. The bay itself is deep and clear and a short distance later is the Spokane River, which is also good for swimming, fishing and boating.

Friday, October 14, 2016

If you are after a hike, where you shoulder your backpack, grab your hiking sticks, and head off for the wilderness, then this is not what you are looking for. This is a nice spot to roam around the shore of the Spokane River, not too far from residential areas or major roads. It is a good spot to have a picnic in Corbin Park, throw a Frisbee, and wander around, looking at some rock formations and the scenic Spokane River.

The trail is not a trail in the linear sort of way. It is more an area where one can wander about the shore of the river. There are a few places where the trail is clearly defined, but if you are after a hike on a trail that you may clearly follow from one point to another, this is not it. It is a fun place to spend 30 minutes hiking around a bit.

Please be advised that although this is a nice place for a family adventure, parents would be well advised to keep an eye on their little ones. The currents in this area are scary, even in the autumn, when the water level is low.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

You get off I-90 go East on w river bend ave turn right on Corbin rd stay on main rd it will take you straight (well the road is curvy) into Corbin park.

Sunday, April 03, 2016

I drove all over trying to figure out how to get here. .. I was on private roads and private property. ... not sure how to get to this destination

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